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Incoming Transmission

Posted on Sun Dec 10th, 2017 @ 7:36am by Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Lieutenant Christine Descharmes & Lieutenant Theodore Adams

Mission: Shakedown Mark II
Location: Seppala Station / Golovin Colony
Timeline: During First Dinner


Adams sat idly at the main ops station, basically staring out into space. As fun as exploration was, no one had prepared him for the tedium of setting up an outpost on the fringe of the known galaxy. So here he sat with nothing to do but watch stars and wait for updates on his console. The rest of his team at least had things to do. For instance, science was cataloging the information coming in from the Euclid, tactical was helping set up defenses, engineering the replicators. He was just looking at reports. Chief of Ops might not have been so bad if it hadn't been for the sudden need to be in command as well. Then his day turned from boring to awful.

The doors hissed open, and the sections "second in command" strolled in like he owned the place. The Rigellian took two quick glances around the room, and seemed annoyed when no one gave him any response. He had noticed that Adams had seen him as well.

"Adams," The Rigelian barked.

"Can I help you, Commander?" Adams said quietly, barely moving his hand from his chin as he watched a scroll of text move along his station.

"You can follow basic protocol for once," The Rigelian growled, moving over towards Ops.

"I'm not announcing you everytime you come up to Operations, Commander." Adams sighed.

"I'm the ranking officer, you will treat me as such."

"Of course, Commander Tiruk." Adams added with a smirk, "As soon as I find a Bosun and a whistle - wait," He held out a finger. "Computer play a Bosun's Whistle,"

"This isn't officer-like conduct," Tiruk said as the bosun's whistle blew over the Operations deck computer consoles.

"You don't want me to say Officer on Deck now?" Adam's asked with a smile.

"Keep mouthing off and you'll end up in the Brig." Tiruk crossed his arms. His tone was incredibly serious. It almost stopped Adam's.

"Yeah, until five minutes later when Captain Sun or Foxwell hears about it." Adam's stood up straight and faced the Rigelian dead on. There was a reason Sun and Foxwell had chosen him over others for the position of Officer in Charge on the station. He wasn't afraid of anything. That apathy seemed like a good quality around here, where power could corrupt pretty quickly. "Sorry sir, but I have a job to do. If you need something from Seppala, you'll have to put in a request."

"Can I get a report on Seppala's status?" Tiruk growled.

"When I have one."

"Adams' we're out here, a long way from home - do you really want to be an ass?"

"Lieutenant Adams."

"Hold that thought," Adams' said holding a hand out to Tiruk and glancing to the communications officer. "What is it?"


"Shush, Commander." Adams' nodded to the junior officer. "Go ahead."

"We're getting a Quantum Communication Signal from Togo."

"Put it through." Adams and Tiruk both said in close succession.

There was nothing for a moment. Then a sudden, somewhat louder than they expected beep, followed by about one hundred more. The crew sat quietly for a moment. "Morse code." The communications officer said quickly.

"Why?" Tiruk said.

"More suitable for short bursts. They may have had..."

The Communications Officer translated as the beeps repeated. "Code One Alpha. Stop. Trap. Stop. Expect hostiles. Stop."

Tiruk didn't wait, slapping his comm badge. "Tiruk to Hippogriff. Recall all crew, and prepare to go to warp."

"Commander, wait, we should..."

"One to beam aboard." Tiruk said before a shimmer engulfed him and he disappeared.

"...wait for Sun or Foxwell." Adams' said quickly. "Damnit. Send all ships Togo's last known position."

"Yes sir."

"Adams' to Captains Foxwell and Sun." Adams' said quietly.

----- Golovin Colony -----

"No, that isn't how I remember it at all." Sun said with a light blush as the conversation turned over the last little bit of their meal. "I wouldn't admit it even if it did." She said softly before grinning over the food. It was nice to know that the people they shared a meal with were just like the ones back home. It was awkward at times, but all in all, she enjoyed herself. Despite not having wanted to be in the situation to some degree. Then her comm-badge buzzed. She had it set to a privacy mode to keep from being interrupted, but it was odd timing. When it chimed again in rapid succession, she gave a quick bow and stood up. "Don't let me stop you." She said before taking a few steps away from the table.

Lyn watched her fiance step away, looking concerned before returning her attention to Kirkland's son-in-law who chose that moment to regale them with the tale of an incident from the first week the colony had been on the planet.

Christine, seated a short distance away, was engaged in a conversation with Councillor Raine. A rather deep one concerning the psychological impact long-term colonization had on growth and development of a variety of species. The talk had taken an anthropological turn when Christine heard the captain speak. She turned towards her, curious.

Sun got far enough away from colonists and crew to have some privacy, just in case. She tapped her badge then and gave a quick. "Sun here."

"Captain Sun," Adams voice chimed through. "Captain Foxwell is also on the line."

That immediately set off an alarm in her head. "Go ahead," She said calmly.

"Togo sent a one alpha. They're in distress. Said it was a trap, and to expect hostiles." Adams said.

"Vauban is in no shape to leave the station." Foxwell's voice chimed in. "Half our damn energy systems are tied in still."

"Tiruk was here when we got it. He beamed to Hippogriff and is powering up warp engines." Adams added.

Foxwell groaned, "I'll hail him. Vauban, and Euclid will stay here."

"Shune too." Sun added. "If its a trap they may be trying to draw our combat ships out of position."

"Right." Foxwell said. "I'll give the orders. Foxwell out."

"Adams, get me any data from any probes or buoys Togo had out. I'm going to have Shanghai send her civilian personnel to the station or colony." Sun said, "We'll be back on Shanghai soon."

"Aye ma'am, understood."

"Sun out." Mei said quietly. She took a breath and then turned back around to the dining hall. She stepped back over to the table and gave a warm smile and a bow. "Apologies. We're going to have to cut this short."

Karsel'lyn looked up, "What's going on, Captain?"

Erick Kirkland looked over to Sun. He gave a smile and a quick nod of his head. "Of course, Captain," he said. "It has been a lovely evening but duty calls. I understand. If there is anything we may do to assist, please let us know."

"Togo is in trouble." Sun explained. "Shanghai should be beaming off civilians now." She paused for a moment, trying to keep her voice quiet enough that only the core group and the colony leadership might hear. "I need everyone back at the makeshift transport pad A-S-A-P." She took a breath, "Except the girls," She directed that more towards Lyn and Bayushi than the others. "They get to stick here."

Kachiko nodded, "Cai-chan, could you keep an eye on your cousins, please?"

Cai nodded, "I will, kaa-san." The young woman nodded, taking a few steps over towards the others.

Then Kachiko touched the side of her jaw, "Bayushi to Charlie platoon. Mobilize and transport to the colony. You have five mikes." Then the diminutive Marine turned her attention to the Captain, "I organized Charlie platoon to get down here quick in case we and the colony had trouble while we're down here. I will organize them into defensive positions until our return. I will beam aboard once they have their orders."

"Understood," Sun said with a quiet nod.

Erick nodded in response to Sun. "I'll send Delgado and some more of my people to help direct the ones coming from the transporter." He turned around and gestured to Delgado, who nodded and immediately left the building to greet the newcomers. Kirkland focused back on the captain, "We can house them for as long as necessary. They will be very welcome here."

Charlotte's mother, with a confirming look from her husband, spoke up, "The girls can stay with us. We don't mind and Charlotte would love the company."

Christine excused herself from her conversation with Raine and stood up. She straightened her uniform as she did so, preparing to follow Sun.

"Thank you," Sun said with a nod, "Cai will be able to give you any assistance you need with the younger members of our group, and can likely help out where you need elsewhere." Mei didn't wait for a response after that, just waving for the other Starfleet personnel to follow her back towards the transporter pad.

Mei's commbadge chirped as they approached the transporter pad. She reached up and gave a tap of her badge. "Sun here, go ahead."

"Foxwell," Foxwell's voice chimed in. "Captain, Tiruk just took the Hippogriff to warp."

"I thought we agreed Shanghai and..." Sun started, but she was interrupted.

"We did. Tiruk didn't take wait as an option. Argued the Hippogriff is our scout, and Shanghai will need the information they can give as soon as possible." Foxwell added.

"Noted," Sun said with a shake of her head and sigh. "I appreciate the heads up, Captain. Sun out." Sun tapped her commbadge and shook her head. She glanced around to the crew. "Christine, you wanted bridge experience. As soon as we beam up, head to the bridge, coordinate civilian evac and as soon as the last civilian is off we go to warp. O'Shae, that means I need you on the bridge too." Sun took up position in the center of the transport enhancers. "Lyn, I want my Valkyries on Deck and ready five ASAP. Put someone you trust on Escort with the McCalls, and have them prepped. But I want Dragon fangs out." She glanced to her engineer, "Nikolas, pull external draws and prep damage control teams. Get an away team ready. Togo might need an extra hand." She paused, "Anything else?"

"I will have a platoon prepared to board the Togo, in case they're in need of the manpower," Kachiko remarked. "I will deploy the rest of my people aboard to key sections of the ship like Engineering."

Lyn spoke now, "I'm going to leave my runabout here. Cai, you can use it if it's needed. If things get hairy here, get the girls aboard and get off the ground. I don't authorize using the weapons at all, sweetie."

"Lyn" Sun said with a light tap of her partner's back. "They'll be fine." Her statement was almost echoed by Cai, but the girl decided it was better just to be quiet for the time, and just give a nod and a bow in response. Mei turned to the Colonel and added, "Colonel, thank you. Draft up an extra plan just in case we need to offer help to Hippogriff as well. It's hard to say what we're getting in to."

Lyn just frowned. She appreciated the optimism, but knowing that the Syndicate was active nearby had her far more concerned than she would have been otherwise. She hugged her daughter and sauntered off with the Captain, leaving the girls behind.

The Colonel just looked at Reiko, a quick telepathic communication taking place, no words, just feelings of trust and concern passing between the pair. Turning her attention back to Sun as they parted from the girls, "I still have three platoons. The Hippogriff won't need more than a squad or two, since she's so small. The rest will be prepared to board the Togo as well as assisting Security with guarding key sections of the Shanghai."

Lyn preceded the Captain and Counselor onto the transporter pad, before she offered Cai and Hiroko a last little wave and smile before the transporter operator activated the system, beaming all of the officers save for the Lieutenant Colonel back to the Shanghai.

The Lieutenant Colonel stalked back over to her niece, Cai along with Hiroko and Reiko, "Cai, sweetie. Thank you for watching over your cousins while we're off."

She reached down to her hip and drew up the ever-present phaser, "I'm entrusting you to do what you can to defend yourself and the girls." Handing the phaser over, "ONLY if your lives are threatened."

Before the taller green girl could respond, the transporter behind Kachiko activated audibly, leading to the Marine Officer turning to begin directing the arriving Marines to where she wanted them.



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