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Waiting for Shanghai

Posted on Thu Jan 18th, 2018 @ 11:31pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Touri Arquas'Neveh

Mission: Shakedown Mark II
Location: Bridge of the Tira'Dashir
Timeline: Just before Never Alone


A young, ebon-haired orion woman stood in front of the view screen aboard the lavish bridge of the vessel. Her arms were outstretched, her hands cradling the image of the Togo floating through space. She stood nearly perfectly still, her eyes darting across the ship for a few moments as her crew stood about the room and watched her. Her head tilted and her hands fell suddenly. She hopped backwards, landing on one foot and spinning around to her crew with a little flair.

"It is smaller than I thought it would be. I like the shape of it though." Her high voice called out, her eyes falling on the large orion man behind the console nearest her.

"A saber class vessel, Tabadi. Barely a frigate. No match for us." He explained.

"Well, yes. And their power is out." She smiled and sighed. She tossed her head back and gave a groan. "Where are they now?" She began back across the bridge, to the opulent central seat, which she threw herself into. She pulled herself up onto the chair, sitting with her legs under her, and watching the room for a moment as her crew worked. Her eyes widened and she leaned forward. "Do I have to repeat myself?"

"No, mistress," Another orion said. "Starfleet vessels are on their way. Two of them, looks like."

"Two of them?" She tilted her head to one side. "I only have gifts for one..." She bit her lip and looked down beside her chair where a small locked box sat. She leaned over the edge of the chair to stretch down to pull up and touch the small box. "I need another gift now..." She ran her hands along the lockbox and then sat back up, pointing a finger at one of the bridge crew. "You."

"Me, Tabadi?" The young orion woman said, looking up from her console.

"Yes. What gifts do you have?" The commander said with a wide smile, setting the box back down on the ground next to her seat.

"I... have a talent with..." The woman started.

"No, material gifts." The commander spoke with a little laugh, "Starfleet doesn't take slaves. I think." She put a finger to her temple and shrugged, "Or maybe they call them something else." Then she seemed to think for a moment before snapping back to the conversation. "What material gifts do you have?"

"None... specifically."

"Think... I can't show up empty handed."

"I have a tholian silk dress," The young woman was a bit confused, as the commander made a unimpressed noise and shook her head, "Some art pieces from the capital," Again a shake of her head, "Some herbs in planters..."

"Oh, that... culinary?" She corrected suddenly. She gave a wide shake of her head. "Doesn't matter. Get that, we'll offer the second ship that. Have to look prepared." She barely gave a second for the woman to realize what had just been ordered before dismissively waving her hand. The woman raised up and left the bridge, as the commander dropped lazily back into her seat. Laying about as the bridge buzzed around her, she just seemed to wait. The wait lasted a few minutes before the large orion man near the view screen turned toward her. His movement caught her eye, but she didn't say anything.

"Tabadi," He said quickly. "Detecting a warp signature coming from near the systems outer planets."

"Consortium?" The commander sat up in her seat quickly.

"Not reading any familiar signals. But the computer does have a partial match."

She sighed, and bounded from her seat to stand, "Open a hailing frequency." She said simply, waiting for a hand motion. When she received it, she responded quickly, "This is Tabadi Touri of Caj Arquas and Caj Neveh, aboard the Tira'Dashir. We are responding to a ship in distress; one that fell into an old spatial distortion trap. A similar fate befell one of our own ships just days ago. Starfleet Vessels are en route to help as well. Identify yourself, or you will be treated as a hostile entity and met with the full force of both the Orion Syndicate and Starfleet." She said quickly.

Then there was silence.

"Repeat the message, all channels." She ordered. The young woman paced for a moment.

"Tabadi, we're are not receiving a response."

"Damn it." She said coldly, her attitude changing quickly. "Adjust our heading, put us between the trap and the unidentified ship. And bring our weapons and shields online."

"Yes, Tabadi," Her crew snapped into action, buzzing around the young woman as she crossed her arms.

"And someone prepare my gifts." She bit her lip. "I wanted to see the look on their Captain's face..." She laughed, a grin stretching across the young woman's face, "Oh well. At least I get to see who has been laying traps around this area of space." She smoothed out her lavish clothing and glanced down to the man she had been speaking to. "Still no response?"

"None..." He said.

"Prepare to hail the Shanghai, as soon as they are in range for minimal delay."

"Would you like me to take the role of commander for that communication?" The man asked with a nod.

"No. We're being friendly as a favor," She all but growled. "And they know our tricks. So... instead, gifts. We treat them as their own house." She smiled, a wry thought, "Actually, I like that. Caj Shanghai. We'll pass that along to the rest of the leaders in the region." She moved back to her seat, climbing into it once again and plucking her gift up and into her lap. "Let me know when they are in range."


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