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Never Alone - Part Two

Posted on Sun Feb 11th, 2018 @ 7:31pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias

Mission: Shakedown Mark II


The Shanghai and Hippogriff had arrived in the sector not long after, and made their way to the stranded Togo. In truth, the trap was not terribly effective against multiple ships. The dispersion field had a generator, a finite range - and one that either ship could likely pull the Togo free of. For now, though, the Shanghai was setting up, and the Hippogriff was tasked with keeping a watchful eye on the Tira'Dashir.

On the old Intrepid style bridge, Tiruk looked over the shoulder of his science officer, an older man, who read over some detailed reading. Both watched carefully for a moment. The science officer glanced up. "It's not a direct match..." His fingers lined up with two readings. "It's very similar."

"How similar?" Tiruk asked.

"If I took a reading of our phasers and the Shune's..." He sighed, "I'd wager the difference would be roughly the same..."

"And you're sure?" Tiruk asked coldly. The science officer only nodded. The commander signed, "Open a channel to Shanghai."

On the Shanghai, there was a bit of a buzz. The ship had maneuvered just out of range of the trap, and was preparing its rescue mission. "Bayushi, have a few teams ready. As soon as we can safely beam marines aboard I'd like to start securing Togo. Lyn, an escort flight just outside the trap to help us guide them in or clear the way for evac shuttles would be best. Christine, make sure medical teams are prepared, and have members of the counseling department join the evac teams just in case. Then I'll need you..."

"Captain, the Hippogriff is hailing us." The tellarite ops officer barked.

Normally, that wouldn't have stopped Sun from finishing her orders, but she paused suddenly, and gave a nod, "On screen." And then turned towards the screen just as Tiruk prepared. "Report."

"He's sure, sir." Was all Tiruk replied. "Readings are too similar to be ignored. Orders?"

"Plan B, then." Sun spoke softly.

"Yes sir," Tiruk said, turning away from the screen with a quick motion that had his officers cut off the screen.

Sun didn't pause for more than a second, looking at the floor for only a moment. "Belay all previous orders." She said softly, before twisting around on her heel. Sun took a breath. "The Hippogriff's science officer recognized the warp signature coming towards us. It matches Borg signatures. We can't get an exact reading on scanners for some reason. It isn't an exact match - but we aren't taking any chances." She held up a hand before anyone could say anything. "And I mean any chances... We can't pull the Togo free at Red Alert, but Hippogriff wouldn't stand a chance against even a small Borg vessel alone." She took a breath. "Shanghai would." She said quickly. "Any suggestions?"

"I recommend beaming the Togo crew off the ship and moving away. Remain at the edge of the system and see what happens while the Hippogrif and the Tira'Dashir retreat. If it is the Borg, either of them would be a hindrance and liability," Kachiko spoke up after noticing Karsel'lyn freeze up at the mention of the Borg.

"Agreed." Sun spoke with a little nod. "Operations can test beaming safety. If we can beam a test canister over and back, we can start beaming any personnel from there to the another ship." She said simply, before looking up to the tellarite operations officer on the bridge, "Go. Let me know as soon as you are able to start beaming personnel." She paused for a moment while the Tellarite hurried off the bridge. "I'd also like to start getting non-essential personnel off Shanghai." She glanced to the remaining officers on the bridge and then took a breath. "Logistics and administrative officers, junior counselors, diplomats, the like." Mei didn't say it out loud, but if it was the Borg, numbers was an advantage they wouldn't have, and wouldn't want to help grow. "Thoughts? Nothing is off the table."

"I can have the Wyverns operated remotely and function as a bridge between the Togo and the Shanghai? It could help speed the process of evacuation along and also lend their transporters to the effort?" Kachiko offered. "We are likely going to lose the Togo, but it's the crew that matters, not the ship or the Wyverns."

"Qu zuo," Sun said, giving the simple order to do it. She seemed to have a thought shortly after. "Arm them, and we'll target Togo after everyone is off. I'd rather not let a computer core fall into anyone's hands. Borg or otherwise."

"And if it isn't the Borg, Captain?" Kachiko intoned. "I don't like the idea of destroying the only other decent Starfleet vessel out here if we must not."

"I can see about getting some kind of remote system set up, in case it is the Borg?" the Spritely Marine offered. "Perhaps even have the Wyverns warp into the ship?"

"If it isn't..." Sun paused, and then shook her head. "Hard to say. If they're the trappers, we might have a fight on our hands anyway." She sighed, "Lets plan for the worst. Starfleet protocol is that we cannot let the ship fall into enemy hands. Auto destruct is not an option currently. If we determine it isn't the Borg, we'll cancel and try to recover the ship." She took a breath. "Lets break out ballistic weapons as well, just in case. And order the Hippogriff to begin to fall back to the edge of the system. A Saber class vessel only has forty crew, so lets see if we can't get them off that ship quick. Any questions?"

Without any questions or concerns, Sun gave a quick nod and glanced back to the marine. "Colonel, Commander - begin preparations. Lets get that bridge built and get their crew to Hippogriff. Have engineering meet you at the shuttlebay if you need any extra hands. Counselor, you're in charge of coordinating with the other ships. The rest of us will be here." Sun said with a nod, before stepping over towards the Conn. "O'Shae, put us on the otherside of that trap until the bridge is built. Operations, Tactical - keep long range scans going. Once the Colonel's plan is done, we'll begin moving back to cover the other ships."


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