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Out of Time - Part One

Posted on Thu Mar 22nd, 2018 @ 8:13pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Lieutenant Commander Azumi Morganna & Lieutenant Christine Descharmes

Mission: Of Persephone
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current


Marines and engineers had secured Deck Seventeen after the explosion in lower engineering, and brought the injured up to the main sickbay of the Shanghai. There they were well taken care of. After what felt like hours of explanations thrown at her for what 'might' have happened, she was still no closer to understanding exactly what was going on. As soon as Togo was docked she sent a message to Descharmes, saying simply that they were going to need her as a counselor soon, and that she should get rest when she could. Then, unlike so many times, Mei took the time to follow her own orders - sleeping in a private room off of medical where Lyn was recovering.

Eventually, a Risian nurse came to wake her, with a quiet smile.

"Commander Morganna seems to be recovering - she'll be waking up soon. You wanted to be alerted ma'am," The young man said with a quick nod.

Mei yawned and stretched on the small couch like bed in the room and gave a quick nod back. "Thank you, petty officer." She said before rolling up to a seated position. "Can you call Lieutenant Descharmes and have her come up here?"

"Of course, Ma'am," The petty officer said softly, before stepping out of the room. "Petty Officer Ui'ani to Lieutenant Descharmes..."

Sun couldn't hear the rest of what he said as he left. She took a moment to steady herself and wake up. She found her jacket, checking the pockets a time or two, and then headed to the sickbay area. She found where they had Azumi resting and chose a seat nearby to wait for her to wake up, knowing it would be best to have at least one familiar face nearby.

No sooner had Christine returned to the Shanghai from dealing with the Togo when the petty officer called her. Sun had already warned her about the coming days, but it seemed she was needed now. She was on route to what had probably remained of her office but when the call came over the comm, she diverted her path. The counselor stepped through the sliding doors into the chaos that currently enveloped the sickbay. After Christine glanced around, the nurse that had called her motioned her over to the room. The counselor smiled as she stepped through. She saw Sun sitting in a chair in the room.

"Captain," she said, acknowledging Sun as she sat next to her. "It seems my work has begun already." Christine gestured to Azumi in the bed.

"No rest for the weary," Sun said softly, with a small smile. "Just as a refresher," She spoke as she adjusted a bit in her seat, setting aside the padd she had been working on. "Azumi transferred to the..." She closed her eyes and shook her head. "I don't remember... honestly." The captain admitted, her eyes blinking back open, "Anyway, she was not part of the Initiative." She sighed, "Chroniton explosion on deck seventeen happened. Nikolas is recovering, but we lost Liza, and a couple engineering crewmen will take a long while to recover." She brushed a bit of hair out of her eyes as she leaned forward. "Azumi didn't recognize them, but she knew I was Captain, so. I can't imagine she won't be confused when she comes to - but she isn't from this timeline." Mei sighed again, "I'm worried that's going to stop surprising me when I say it."

An ensign entered and approached the Sun "Sir, we've been able to contact Commander Morganna on the Apollo" he glanced at the bed and did a double take. "Uhhh she's standing by on Comms" he added looking confused, handed Sun a PADD.

As he dismissed him he threw another confused glace at the figure on the biobed before departing.

Sun didn't say anything to the Ensign, instead feeling a moment of confusion and uncertainty with where or when she was. It was impossible to explain, except that they had been shifted backwards a bit, and that while everything felt relatively right. Something was also clearly off, wrong.

The Federation logo was replaced by a familiar face, older... wiser... but in all other ways identical to the one lying on the bed behind them except for the extra pip on the collar.

"Captain Sun! This is unexpected. To what do I owe the pleasure?" Commander Azumi Morganna first officer on the USS Apollo greeted her old CO.

"Commander, looks like life on the Apollo is suiting you," Mei said. As much as she wanted to chat, she knew she couldn't given the situation. She shook off the urge and snapped back to business, "I'm sorry I can't give you a lot of details. Lets just leave the official notes as a personal request, if we can." She took a breath, and then exhaled slowly. "We're in a situation. And I'll need you to send your medical records from the last... decade to Shanghai before this conversation is over." Sun adjusted the screen to show Christine, "You remember Lieutenant Descharmes?" She said quietly. "She's here if you need her." She swallowed, and gave a calm smile. She twisted the screen to show the younger Azumi on the Shanghai. "We've encountered something - in that event we've hit some temporal turbulence." She admitted, and turned the screen back to herself and Christine. "In that... you appeared, still remembering yourself as the Chief Engineer. You're - this you, is in shock. Any help you can offer would be... essential."

Azumi stared at the pair of them, shocked.

She blinked rapidly as she tried to order her thoughts. "So she's some sort of clone?" She eventually managed to ask.

"We aren't sure yet. Science is running tests, but she temporal signature indicates shes the real thing - but out of time. With you still on Apollo, and not remembering this... she's sort of an echo." Sun said with a shake of her head, "A science officer could explain better."

"What's the matter with her? Why is she unconscious?" Azumi replied. "Will she eventually just fade away?"

"Medically induced," Sun fielded that too. "Chroniton weapon explosion, general trauma, and shock. So we decided to get more information before letting her wake up. As for fading, we honestly don't know. Scans don't seem to indicated she is, though."

She swallowed awkwardly, 'Another younger version of herself running around... not a clone...not a sister... not a mirror universe doppelganger..something else...' She swallowed hard.

"Ladies knowing myself as I do..." she paused. This was weird.

"You're going to have to explain everything to uhhh.. 'me' in great detail when you bring me around." She turned her attention to Captain Sun. "I also don't think I should see uhh... myself for a while at least until uhhh... 'I' am ready, it can't possibly be good to see a potential future version of yourself that will not actually be you..." She felt like she was starting to make less and less sense...

"I just think it's better for both of us... for now at least...." her voice trailed off... Azumi was starting to look a little distressed.

"I agree, but we had to check to see that you were, well, still there." Sun admitted. "Azumi, I think it goes without saying that you should keep this a bit of a secret." Mei said. "We'll keep you up to date, but information will be sparse for a while. This isn't the only temporal anomaly we are dealing with." She sighed, "Sorry to put that on you." There was a beeping that drew her eyes away from the comm panel, one that brought a medical team member over to the area quickly.

"Ma'am, she's waking up." The ensign said softly, "Maybe a few more minutes before she's aware."

Azumi nodded, "I think that's for the best, Captain I...." she paused, "Six years ago I was going through a lot of ... well let's just say jumping six years into the future is going to be traumatic for me." Her eye's flashed desperately between the two of them. "Be patient with me please "

Christine quietly sat as Sun explained the situation, listening to the interaction between the captain and the older Azumi. She didn't pretend to understand any of the technicalities of what they were talking about. "We will take care of her..of you," Christine said, with a warm smile that reached her tired eyes.

"Good luck ladies, please try and keep me informed" She gave the figure behind them one last look. "Azumi out."

Christine nodded, glancing at Sun in the meantime. "Take care, Azumi."

"Bao zhong, yi lu shun feng, Commander" Sun said with a quick bow in her seat. The computer translated it directly as 'take care, may the wind be with you'. Contextually, it was more of a 'safe journeys'. It wasn't the first time Mei had said it, and not the first time to the Commander.

They were interrupted by a moan coming from the bio bed behind them.

At the sound, Christine uncrossed her legs and moved to sit beside Azumi on the bio-bed. She put a gentle smile on her face, but she was wondering herself if this Azumi would remember her at all. The counselor waited a few seconds before she spoke in her usual quiet voice. "Hello, Azumi."

"Welcome back, Commander," That should have been more confusing to Sun, but it was something she knew she had to get used to it. She leaned forward a bit and gave a little smile. She didn't add anything else, just scanning the scene and watching for any signs of how Azumi might have been handling the situation - physically and otherwise.

"Back?" Azumi murmured.. "Back from where? Christine? Captain? you two look.... different. What's going on?"

"I just meant..." Sun paused and couldn't help but smile. "'Zumi, I'm going to need you to trust me. Just take a deep breath and listen." She blushed, though it wasn't readily apparent as to why. "This isn't a dream, or anything similar. Try to take everything in, listen closely... before I start." She reached into her uniform jacket pocket and offered up a small wrapped chocolate. "Though this might help. Trust me?"



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