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Out of Time - Part Two

Posted on Wed Apr 18th, 2018 @ 6:24pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Lieutenant Commander Azumi Morganna & Lieutenant Christine Descharmes

Mission: Of Persephone
Location: Shanghai - Sickbay
Timeline: Current


"Aiya, where to start..." Sun said rubbing her neck lightly. She took a breath. "Okay, I guess our angle first. A few weeks ago we arrived in an area of the galaxy known as Auriga-Perseus. It's three months across dark space at warp eight, to give you a little taste of where we are physically. It was 2391 when we left." She smiled. "That is why we look different. We're older. We met a group called the Protectorate. They use similar tech to the Borg, and chroniton weapons. They attacked. We were able to destroy them, but their weapons created some sort of cascade effect. It seems to have shunted us off our timeline, or back along it. We're trying to figure it out still. And the chroniton torpedoes and pulse wave have been causing additional rips and tears in space time." She sighed. "I'll give you more details about all of that when you're more adjusted..."

"For you, Ensign Reign and Lieutenant Pater aren't exactly sure. There was an explosion on deck seventeen. A few engineers were injured, including our chief engineer. The assistant chief was killed. That's when and where you appeared. But, you - or the Azumi Morganna of our timeline transferred to the USS Apollo, and is Executive Officer there." Sun said softly. "I know it is a lot to take in." Mei admitted, "We're lost out here at the moment. So I'm sorry, but I hope you understand why I needed to dump that information on you." She nodded, "Take a minute if you need. Ask what you want. We'll answer the best we can."

Azumi had been nibbling on he chocolate, now she stopped, her brow furrowed.

She swallowed.

"So the Chief Enginner... who was not me... is injured... and I just appeared? Out or Nowhere?" She asked slowly.

"That's the simple version, yes." Sun said quietly, knowing it was a bit more complicated, but not having the expertise to begin to explain it.

"Take a few deep breaths," Christine said. "What was the last thing you remember?"

Azumi nodded slowly, "The last thing I remember was inspecting the upgraded relays on Deck seventeen... something weird happend and I woke up in hearing screams... then I woke up again here, feeling the weirdest deja vu type stuff."

"That feeling may be going around. We've noticed a lot of odd little changes and effects from the event..." Sun said with a shrug. "Though, I'd wager Christine would have a much better idea on how to handle it than I would."

Christine nodded at Sun's comment, and smiled at the engineer, "Take your time Azumi, this is a lot to take in all at once."

"So everyone else has aged.... but I haven't" She shook her head. "It's like Ive jumped into the future." She sat stunned.
"I think I need more of that chocolate"

"You might have, a bit. But we really aren't exactly sure..." Mei said with a shrug. She pulled out another piece of chocolate, and gave a smile as she set it down for Azumi, "Not much more on me, but I have plenty in my quarters, given Cai and Hiroko haven't found it."

"And I can't explain any of it," Christine said, "But I can help you adjust. It will definitely take awhile, but we will take it one day at a time. For now, Azumi, I would like you to rest, take some time to process what the Captain told you. I can bring you something to read if you like. And I'm always available."

Azumi slumped back... "I think I have a lot to catch up on" she replied, looking somewhere between stunned and thoughtful..

"Yes. You probably do. Take your time." Sun said softly. "To be safe, we'll keep you here for a little observation, and then in a day or two you can have a set of quarters. Just... explore Shanghai... once your comfortable here. You can move on to Seppala and Golovin. Then, we'll figure out how to get you home or where to set you up here." Mei added. "But mostly, relax. Feel better. Catch up with old friends. I'm sure Lyn would love to see you and catch you up on everything. And I'll be here if you need me."

Azumi nodded lying back on the bed... "That's probably a good idea..Can I please get a PADD to catch up on the seven years I missed?" She asked.

"Also maybe leave the rest of that chocolate." Azumi managed a smile.

"Fair enough." Mei said softly, "I'll have Ops bring you a private padd so you can use it how you want." She gave a little nod, and then smiled back. "And I'll bring you what chocolate I have left of that batch tonight."

"Thank you," replied Azumi, stifling a yawn.

"Any time. You know where to find me if you need me." Sun said standing and stepping out without much more conversation to give. She didn't envy the adjustment this Azumi would need to make to wrap her head around the situation, even, but there was some part of her happy to have her back.

Christine followed the captain's lead. "Likewise," she said as she also stood up from the bed. "I will schedule you for weekly visits. It is going to be a bit overwhelming, so if at any time you need to, I'm always available." She smiled reassuringly at Azumi as she left the room behind, following Sun out.



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