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Reinforcements from the Fleet

Posted on Fri Mar 16th, 2018 @ 9:11pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Lieutenant Marcus Anvers

Mission: Of Persephone
Location: USS Shanghai, Transporter Room One
Timeline: Current


Reinforcements. Finally. This was more than overdue, and though it had come with restrictions. It had been months since Sun had been able to meet a new crewmember, so when she got the profile for a new Chief Medical Officer, she had to admit she was excited. So there she stood in the transporter room waiting for the officer. She smoothed out the command vest she wore and took a breath as she heard the familiar chime of the transporter signal.

"Signal locked. Energizing." The Xindi behind the transporter console said.

"Thank you, Chief." Sun spoke and then waited. Watching as the transporter sparkled to life.

Doctor Anvers appeared in the transporter beam the man had an old fashioned doctor bag over his shoulder. His bright green eyes taking in his surroundings.

"Welcome aboard the USS Shanghai-A, Lieutenant. I'm..." It took a moment for Sun to correct herself in her mind, "Commander Sun Mei Xiang." She gave a quick bow to the newly arrived medical officer. "This is our Transporter Chief, Chief Petty Officer Devha." She added quickly, causing the Xindi to give a quick nod. "How was the trip?"

Marcus smiled and returned the Commander's bow "Doctor Marcus Anvers. My trip went well. It was longer then expected. It gave me a great deal of time to study the personnel files you were kind enough to send me. Which reminds me." Marcus reached into the canvas bag and pulled forth a Medical Tricorder scanning both the Commander and the Transporter Chief.

"Straight to work," She gave a little smile. "Well, now that you're here, I suppose I should catch you up. The personnel files you received were slightly redacted." She said. "You should read a few little trace amounts of chroniton radiation and similar oddities - but we've gotten most of those under control now." She took a breath, "I'll fill in the blanks for you once you've had a chance to get a feel for the ship. As fair warning, until such a time as we can get the supplies, Shanghai has the most advanced medical facilities in Auriga-Perseus. So, you'll likely have your work cut out for you." She gave a little pause as she watched him scan. "Finding anything?"

Marcus smiled and pulled out a hypo giving the Chief then the Commander a quck injection "Nothing more then I expected to find, just checking to see if you had both received your newest inoculations." He said "As far as supplies go, I do believe my shuttle was transferred along with me?" He asked

"Yes," Sun said with a little bit of a confused tone as she looked at the hypo that had just been used. She shook off the action and gave a quick nod. "Our flight deck is working to get the shuttle transferred. Though, you will likely want to touch base with Commander Lylyl'Llytherraias, our Aerospace Group Commander. Shanghai has a few custom shuttles... she'll want the specs and have to find a place for it. We'll get a space for her, though."

"Good she is a converted cargo shuttle, she is filled to the brim with supplies. I had presumed your ship might need some restocking. Its why i didn't fly her straight here." Marcus gave a small knowing smile and reached into his med bag "I nearly forgot it is very rude for me to give injections without offering a treat." He reached into his bag and produced 2 lollipops handing a grape one to the Chief and a cherry one to the Commander.

"You presumed right," Sun gave a curious look at the item - but there was a flash of a memory. "I thought you were from Betazed, Lieutenant. This is an earth tradition." She said with a grin, "Though I'll admit, I haven't had a doctor give me a lollipop since... well, I was a preteen."

Anvers smiled "I am from Betazed, a higher percentage of my patients have always been Terrans, in studying old earth Doctor customs, I came across the giving of sweets. We Betazoids have sweet tooths, so it was a naturally wonderful idea. I work on combinations based on species as well. Sometimes based on locality and region, if I can find a recipe that works. I have found them to be well received across a multitude of races. I instill them with vitamins and minerals as well. You won't even realize that though." He chuckled warmly "It did bring back a warm memory for you so it surely took your mind off me giving you the shot, you didn't even bother to ask what vaccines you had needed." Marcus winked

"True," She said softly with a little grin, "Part of that is being a marine too, though." She gave a glance over to the confused Xindi chief, "Its sugar, and flavoring. Try it." She encouraged the woman, "But don't get the console sticky." She said with a smile, though she tucked her own into her jacket for the time being. "Well, then Lieutenant. I suppose I should ask what you injected me with. Then we can show you around the Shanghai, and go over a few things."

"A vaccine for a new strain of Andorian flu, a vaccine for a new disease lovingly named 'the maddog' syndrome, and an a base of a special vitamin blend of my design. Strengthens your immune system, metabolism, and general health." Marcus smiled "Let us get to the tour Commander, I am eager to get aquanted with my new home."

"Good to hear. We can start on the medical deck, and work our way around from there." Sun said softly, with a light bow. "Chief, thank you." She turned back to the doctor as the doors hissed open. "I hope you'll take to it quickly. An experienced CMO is something we'll likely need out here."



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