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Posted on Thu Mar 15th, 2018 @ 8:44pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang

Mission: Of Persephone
Location: Golovin Colony and Seppala Station
Timeline: Two Months after Never Alone

"Aune to Sun,"

Mei heard her commbadge go off. She had ignored the chime for the first message. She was wrist deep in tilled earth - or, tilled soil may have been more appropriate. There was a small, young, tea plant sitting next to her, which she took and placed in the open garden plot. The commbadge chimed again as she worked. She planned on ignoring that one as well, but then she was interrupted.

"Muqin," Her daughter poked her head out of the prefab home they had built up outside Golovin Colony. "Your commbadge is going off."

"I know, Cai..." Sun said softly. "I'll get to it."

"Aune to Sun. Captain, its urgent." The badge chimed again.

"He says its urgent." Cai intoned lightly, a bit of a bored tone in her voice.

Mei sighed and shook her head, working lightly to make sure the bush was set securely, and began to fill the hole back in with dirt.

"Want me to answer it?" Cai asked as she leaned back and picked up the device.

"No, you don't..." Mei started.

"Cai here." She heard her daughter say with the tell tale chirp.

"I... what? No, I'm looking for Captain Sun." The confused voice on the other end of the line said. He continued as Cai walked out of the home and to the garden plot. "I'm sorry... I guess I should have specified Captain..."

"Commander, I'm right here." Sun spoke as Cai stopped next to her. She kept working. "What do you need?"

"The USS Bellamy just dropped out of warp." There was a bit of silence as that sank in, broken when Aune finally asked, "Captain, did I lose connection?"

"No. The Bellamy is here? Already?" Sun asked quickly, dusting off her hands and standing rolling back up and onto her feet. "That's impossible. They would have had to of pushed here at maximum warp."

"Yes, Ma'am. It's just the Bellamy. She's not what I expected, either." She could almost hear the Trill swallow. "You're going to want to get up here ma'am."

"Agreed. One second." Sun said, taking the badge from Cai, and giving a quick point to the tea bush. "Finish planting this."

"What?" Cai protested.

"Cai." Sun spoke, before putting the badge on her shirt and stepping away. "And let her know I've beamed up to Seppala to greet the ship. I'm sure the staff will be assembled fast enough." Sun gave a smile.

Cai just gave an unconvincing nod and a bit of a shrug.

"Commander, have your team lock on and transport me to ops." Then there was a shimmer of light, and the captain was gone.

Moments later she re-materialized on the Operations deck of Seppala Station. It took her a moment, but she looked around and saw the others there. Lieutenant Commander Aune stepped aside from the transporter pad, as Sun stepped forward and dusted off her hands.

"Sorry to bother you ma'am." Aune said softly. "I thought you'd want to say hello." He turned "Chief, hail Bellamy."

The screen flickered on before Sun could get in front of it. She patted down the red undershirt she was wearing, realizing she should have grabbed her jacket. She looked up in time to see the incredibly wide smile of an older denobulan captain.

"Sun Mei Xiang, I presume." The Captain said softly. "I'm Captain Vellis, of the USS Bellamy. Bravo Fleet sends its regards, and reinforcements and supplies."

"Thank you, Captain. I'm glad to see you, but I'm sorry to drag you out all this way."

"Not at all. Bellamy is a Nebula class - most of my crew are scientists. They enjoyed the chance to chart dark energy eddies through dark space. Myself," He grinned, "I was originally a philosopher. So a month in deep space gave me time to study and meditate was more of a treat for me than most."

"A Nebula?" Sun spoke softly.

"Yes. With supplies, crew, colonists." He nodded. "I'd love to speak with you more about it. I have a guest who'd like to speak with you privately though, first. As I understand it, some special restrictions for you and your crew." As if on cue, a man stepped into frame aboard the Bellamy. "And he has a certain flare for the dramatic." The captain commented.

"Sa'di. It's good to see you." Sun spoke with a smile.

The man gave a quick bow, "When I got your message, I had to come and see for myself. Earth sends her regards. I'll admit," He grinned, "I thought it was a joke at first - but you do look older."

"I'm glad you understood it." Sun replied with a nod. "We're going to need your help, I think."

"It'll be my honor." He said with a deep breath. "We should speak privately, as soon as you are able." He nodded to Vellis, "Captains,"

The Denobulan smiled. "With your permission, we'd like to dock with Seppala and begin offloading."

"Of course. Our crews will be on standby to help as needed." She gave a grin. "And Captain, welcome to Auriga-Perseus."


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