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Gang Green

Posted on Thu Mar 22nd, 2018 @ 10:56pm by Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Captain Sun Mei Xiang

Mission: Of Persephone
Location: Seppala Station

Karsel'lyn felt intimidated, an unusual feeling for the spritely half-Orion.

She stood outside the docking hatch for the Syndicate ship Tira'Dashir. She had requested a meeting with Tabadi Touri, the young commander of the Syndicate ship, and had been invited to meet the woman at the Orion vessel's docking point.

She noted the stares she was getting from the Syndicate sentries standing watch at the hatch. Lyn sighed. She hated waiting.

Nothing had made the young orion commander as happy as hearing that she had a guest. One she didn't ever expect to actually come to her without some sort of incentive - but she couldn't complain. When she reached the hatch, her smile was wide and she gave a quick wave in. Though the welcoming tone of her actions was muted somewhat by the large orion guards behind her. "Hello there. You wanted a meeting with me?" Touri asked quickly.

Lyn smiled across at her Orion kind, "Hello. I imagine that you remember me from when our vessels first met?"

"I wanted to ask you about your immediate superior," Lyn felt hesitant before she decided to just go for it, "Beren Lylyl-Llytherraias, to be specific. I had heard that he too was trapped in this time disruption and was hoping that you could get in touch with him for me?"

"Oh. Yes. He is." Touri smiled and stepped back into her ship a bit, nodding for Lyn to follow. "That's a request to be sure. I have a questions, though." She said with a tap of a single finger against her chin. "Why would you want to see him?"

"He is my father, actually," Lyn stated. "When I was still little, father was supposedly killed and I was sold into slavery. Instead, he was being promoted to the Syndicate council."

"I know. That wasn't the plan." Touri said quietly. "Lylyl-Llytherraias isn't exactly a common name. Truth be told, I always thought it strange you kept it." She spoke as if she knew more than she should have. "I can set up the meeting, Karsel'lyn." Her voice was calm for a moment. "There is an interesting chance here, for our two organizations in this sector..." She smirked a bit. "You asked for this meeting, and I agreed. But, if you wish to speak about the matter, it would be best we do so in private. Family matters are not a topic to discuss in public." By this point she was walking back into her ship a bit. She paused and turned back. "If you aren't ready though, I would understand."

Lyn followed the pretty young Orion, "I can't speak for Starfleet, the Federation or even the Shanghai, Touri. This is entirely personal."

"Though something tells me that you have experienced much of the horrors that I endured?" Lyn asked as the pair stepped into what looked to be unusually opulent quarters. "How did you come to reconcile with your old life as someone else's plaything?"

"Reconcile?" The young orion said as she motioned around her quarters. They were easily twice as large as any Starfleet option, and filled with luxuries from across the quadrants - but all centered around a purely Orion aesthetic. She gave a shake of her head. "I was never anyone's plaything, though I let a few men think I was." She said before she found her way to the center of the room, which effectively an inset bed adorned by pillows and silks. "To be blunt, I used them and when they were spent and no longer of use, I ended them." She gave a pat to the soft place nearby. "Sit, if you would like. I'll have drinks and snacks brought if you would like." She added midway through the thought it seemed. "I'll admit, I thought you were on a similar path when I read your recent files first... a rising officer with the ear of an admiral..." She sighed, "But, I did read further back... and I'm sorry. Though I doubt that means much."

"Oh," Lyn looked bothered by the story of the girl's past. "You may not have been a slave, but that still was no way to live."

Back to her father in the discussion, Lyn sat down next to the other woman, "I know that my mother passed on after birthing me, but I don't know if my father ever had other children. Family is very important. Do you know anything?"

"It is, and I do." Touri said softly. She adjusted and reached into her tunic top, "I imagine he has more than I know of, if you count illegitimate sires." She pulled a knife from her clothes, holding it lightly and keeping her hand mostly open to make sure she didn't appear as a threat. It was one of the hidden plasma cutters that some 'slaves' and 'dancers' kept on them, a truly painful weapon used as last resort by some women in orion cultures. But, they were often ornate and always heirlooms. She sat the weapon between them, with an inscription face up. It was a house marking. Beren's house marking. "There is a reason he trusted me to bring his daughter gifts."

Lyn stared at the knife for a long moment, tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. "I..." she found herself choked up. "I haven't seen the House Crest in so long. I thought that it had died with father and when that collar was wrapped around my neck."

Now those sorrowful brown eyes turned up to what appeared to be her own kin, "You're my sister?"

"Half sister." Touri spoke softly. "Though, I never took his name. My mother was house Nevah."

"Well, father would like to know that his beloved slave and lover gave us more than just me," Lyn sighed. "A good number of her eggs were grown into women. One of whom is aboard the Shanghai."

"Oh!" Lyn gasped suddenly. "I don't know how it slipped my mind! You have a niece! Captain Sun and I have a daughter, which means that father is a grandfather now."

"Yes, well, I'm sure he'd love that." Her tone was a bit droll, almost prodding at their father despite the fact that he wasn't there.

"Do you think that father would come here and see us and his granddaughter?" Lyn asked. "He isn't wanted for any crimes, at least not by the Federation, so he has nothing to fear from Starfleet."

"Well, not directly." Touri said with a bit of a laugh. "He's kept the family away from Starfleet for the most part." She rolled over and crawled up to a nearby stash of items. "That reminds me," She said as she searched. "I said I had a gift for Captain Sun... but you might enjoy it just as much." She pulled a small box over. "I don't get it. But he always says that 'she'll know what it is'." She mimicked a deeper voice for a moment and then was back next to Lyn. "He'll come here for sure." The young orion said softly, setting the box down for her. "Before you open it... you should know, that..." She pointed at the box, tapping lightly on the lid. "That was a crime in the Federation and it cost us a fortune. If Starfleet Intelligence finds out we had that, you might be implicated."

"Wait, the gifts you brought us back when we encountered the Consortium ship? Those were for the Captain and I?" Lyn asked.

"He wanted me to give it to you and Sun." Touri gave a shrug. "To prove we still consider you family." She sighed, "And I hope you realize it. Because again..." She said, her tone changing back to a more chipper one, "It was incredibly costly. Like money and lives costly." She had switched topics almost before the final costly slipped out of her lips. "So, if you want. I can set up a meeting. Though, I doubt the other Fleet Captains are going to appreciate it. And I think you should really think on it. He's probably not the same person you remember."

"Realize it!?" Lyn exclaimed. The spritely half-Orion suddenly threw her arms around her half-sister! "You don't understand how long I have felt alone! I couldn't be happier! I have two sisters, one from each of my parents, a beautiful daughter, a fiance and my father is alive!"

"Even if he isn't the same, he is still my daddy!" Lyn was close to tears at this point. Holding on to her sibling, Karsel'lyn found that her formerly empty life was filling up with friends and family.

Touri seemed a little confused, sitting still and quiet for a few moments. "That... is not the response I expected." She smiled though, "I guess I will set it up then." She said. "Will you stay for a little meal, then? Some additional chatting? Catching up - I think is the Federation term, right?"

"I don't have anywhere to be," Lyn looked up at the taller woman. "I was pretty badly hurt in the Consortium attack. I remotely piloted a shuttlecraft and warped it into them. The shockwave from the ruptured chroniton wave generator caused some structural damage and some bulkhead panels fell on me and really hurt me. The doctor took me off duty until I heal completely."

"Well, I am here until such a time as my ship is repaired - and seeing as I am only on the waiting list..." Touri groaned, "I have plenty of time as well... and, we have a lot to catch up on so I'd be happy to keep you company while you heal. The question is, though..." She seemed to be getting more excited herself, "Where should we start?"

"Well, sister," Lyn grinned at the term. "Sorry, I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to not only have my daddy back, but two sisters as well. Both so very different sisters, at that."

"How about you come down and visit the Captain's and my home on the planet?" Lyn offered. "I would love to have you meet your niece, Cai. Cai is a quarter Orion, quarter Japanese human and half Chinese human. Like me, she has subtle pheromones and she hasn't quite yet learned how to control them. I would appreciate anything you could teach us about that?"

"I'd love to visit - though I'll be honest, I'm not sure how welcome Orions would be on the colony. I mean, Syndicate orions." She said softly. "Though I'd like to think there might be a willingness to open up trade options, given the situation." She mused lightly for a moment on that topic, then again, as if suddenly back on track. "Oh, I hadn't thought about that. You probably never got proper instruction on how to control pheromones and such..." She grinned a bit, "I can help you both with that... Once you learn how to use them they can be very useful. Or fun. Depending on how you look at it."

"I mostly aim to keep them from affecting other people, and I believe that Cai wants the same," Lyn. "As for trade, you would need speak with the Captain and the Colonists."

"I don't think that you would need worry about a stigma for being Syndicate. Few average Federation citizens know what the Syndicate is and I am rather certain that only Cai, the Captain, my sister Kachiko and I have much knowledge," Lyn informed her sister. "Besides, you can always work to earn their trust. Just because you're a part of a criminal organization doesn't mean that you have to conduct yourselves in a criminal fashion?"

"Like it or not, hon, " Lyn shrugged. "You're pretty much stuck out here and so are we. We might as well start acting like good neighbors and even friends."

"Who knows, maybe some pretty guy will catch your attention and make an honest woman out of you?" Lyn smirked. "Much like how Captain Sun is doing with me?"

"Don't bet on it," Touri with a bit of a laugh. "I have no intention of being made honest any time soon." She said with a nod, "But. But, I'll see about the options of setting up some trade options here. We can try to be good neighbors, I think."

"No pretty guy?" Lyn grinned wickedly. "Then perhaps a pretty gal?"

"Trust me, it's all so much better when you actually care about the person you're with,"Lyn told her younger sister."I have tried a bit of everything and that is the only thing that has left me feeling fulfilled. You're my sister, Touri. I just want you to find real happiness."

"Our definitions of happiness may differ somewhat, Karsel'lyn." Touri said softly, "The Caj comes first. I can't serve both House Lylyl'Llytheraias and the House of a partner. As much as you might like too, I doubt you'd now choose our House over House Sun." Again, she quickly changed the subject. "Tell me. Do you have a nicer home than the average Starfleet fare? Even our lower officers have more luxuries than I saw on the Seppala Station... it's like Starfleet officers are only allowed one piece of art per room." She said as she tapped something in her pocket. Seconds later another Orion stepped through the open door, a large guard by the looks of him. "Will you fetch me a bottle of mandisa? Unopened. And a snack and tea - whatever Evelle has prepared will be fine."

"Of course, tabadi," The guard said before turning around and heading out of the room.

"You know, I didn't want to take this assignment originally. When Beren found out you were alive, it was all he could talk about." Touri said quietly. "I always thought you were his favorite. And I kind of hate you for it." She didn't seem to mean the actual word hate. Then she had an idea and sat up quickly. "Wait. What are we doing?"

"Seppala is still very rudimentary," Lyn stated. "Given the circumstances, I imagine that Starfleet will be moving more assets to the region and building up the station. Remember, we are a very long way from home. You should see my sister's quarters," Lyn loved spending time with Kachiko in her quarters.

"At one point, hon, I was father's only child," Lyn frowned as a wave of sadness overcame her. "I thought he was dead and he thought I was dead. I used to be really close with daddy. Used to pilot his freighter for him when I was a little girl."

"Daddy really loved my mother and I really wish I could have known her," Lyn concluded. "I wish that I could have stayed with father after he was promoted, but apparently there's some weird thing where they destroy the new councilors past life."


"Computer," Touri sat up and rolled to her knees, sitting politely. "Open a communication channel. Usual encryption." There was a clear chime, though its tone was deeper and somewhat softer than the Starfleet variety. "Only accept a response from Beren or Zayim. Indicate private message, and ready the holo-screen." She smiled. "Sorry, my mind forgets the simplest ways sometimes." There was a screen of mist that appeared at the foot of the bed, the image of the house emblem spinning in the center as the request slipped through subspace to the Syndicate headquarters.

Lyn smiled and just kept leaning into her bigger sister.

Suddenly, there was a shimmer of light on the mist, a face coming into view. He was a young orion man not much older than Touri, but built like a mountain in contrast to her small frame. "Zayim here - what is it now, Touri?" He shook his head, noticing Lyn a second later.

"Get edri." Touri used a diminutive for patriarch, closer to 'dad' than anything else.

"Edri is busy, Ri," Zayim's tone was a bit hesitant. As he spoke, Touri leaned over and gave Lyn a soft nudge.

"Say hello."

Karsel'lyn leaned into a better view of the holoemitter, speaking Rigellian, "Bwael kre'tan, Zayim." (Good Morning, Zayim)

Zayim paused, though there was a surprisingly gregarious smile spreading across his face. "Bwael kre'tan," He said with a little pause. "I didn't expect Ri to actually succeed in finding our long lost sister." He gave a shake of his head. "There won't be much stopping edri from heading to... Seppala..." He seemed to struggle with the name for a moment. "I'm still not interrupting him," He pointed at Touri, who had seemed a bit less excited after the point. "But, is there a message I can pass along?"

"Tell papa that his daughters and granddaughter would be most happy to see him at his earliest convenience, brother," Karsel'lyn remarked.


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