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Posted on Sat Mar 31st, 2018 @ 8:37pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Major Dren Fyntar

Mission: Of Persephone
Location: Various
Timeline: Shortly after 'Bellamy'


[USS Bellamy]

Ten days after departure from Starbase 773, Fyntar and Delta Company, 1st Marine – Mobile Operations Battalion, cross-loaded from the USS Charger on to the USS Bellamy.

The Charger had been stripped down to chase after the Bellamy and had able to get them all aboard in relative comfort, even if that meant taking over her cargo holds.

The Bellamy did not have the same room. After a short meeting with the ship’s Executive Officer they had been given the number two cargo bay, which would hold about forty of the detachment, the rest would be sleeping in the corridors on Decks Six, Seven, Eight and Ten.

Still a warm dry and safe ship corridor was preferable to many places Fyntar had spent the night in his career.

One of the main problems had been keeping up the unit's fitness and training regime during the nearly three months it had taken to get to the Golovin system. They had managed it but by the time the ship arrived all aboard were anxious to get off.

Once they were along side the Shanghai the Marines were the first to disembark on to their new home.

"All personnel accounted for, sah" Sergeant Major Helen Bondi Shaw reported once they were formed up ready to leave the Bellamy via her two transporter rooms. "The cargo transport chief tells me they will get to our gear on to the barges within the next hour or so."

"Very good Sarn't Major" Fyntar acknowledged "Have the Platoon and Squad commanders report to me"

Shaw nodded, did a smart about face and jogged off. A few moments later Lieutenants Sonak; Curtis and W'Kola presented themselves, the commanders of Delta Company’s three platoons. The two senior NCOs from the Weapons and Sapper squads arrived with them.

Fyntar looked around at the Vulcan, Human males and Klingon female Officers. "Sarn't Major Shaw will need personnel to help with the moving our gear once it is beamed over from the cargo barges. Once we are on board the Shanghai get everyone moved down to Decks 17 and 18 assigned to a rack.

He checked his chronometer. "It's oh eight forty, I want everyone aboard and squared away in the barracks by eleven hundred hours. Arrange chow for noon.

I have a meeting with our new Captain in twenty minutes, I will see you in the barracks after that. Lieutenant Sonak is in charge. Any questions?"

There were none and his officers departed to get the detachment moving. Fyntar paused for a few moments to see that everything was happening as directed, even though he knew it would.

Satisfied, he nodded to the Transporter Technician and stepped onto the pad.

[USS Shanghai]

Sun was excited to hear that they were getting some additional marines and a new CO for the Company. It made her a lot more comfortable to have a veteran in charge, rather than having an inexperienced marine command team. Unfortunately, after the explosion on deck seventeen, the marines were still having to repair their barracks, and deal with the science teams working on the left over chroniton radiation. So, she had decided to meet the new Marine CO as soon as possible. So she stood waiting for the marine on the parade deck of her ship, quietly going over his history on a handheld padd.

Fyntar stepped off the pad on the Shanghai and was met by a Yeoman. "Major Fyntar?" She greeted the Marine. "Captain Xiang is expecting you, this way"

He followed the Yeoman to the ship's parade deck where the diminutive human female was waiting for him. He noticed immediately the woman's posture, her Marine heritage clear in the relaxed but not slouchy stance.

He came to attention and presented himself. "Marm, Major Dren Fyntar; Delta Company; 1st Marine Mobile Operations Battalion. Reporting as ordered, Mar'm"

Sun gave a quick, but polite bow. "Major, its good to have you aboard." She tucked the padd under one of her arms and gave a smile. "I have to say it is very good to have a more experienced Marine company coming aboard." She didn't wait for a response at all, though. With a new officer, especially one in this role, she needed to quickly get going on the issues at hand. "I'll wrap back around to pleasantries momentarily, if you don't mind." She took a breath. "I know you've been given the basics, but I need to get you up to speed."

Fyntar remained at attention, gave a brief nod and consciously focused on what he was about to hear next. A residual trait of his Angosian conditioning was the ability to quickly absorb and retain tractical briefings.

Sun straightened her uniform vest, and then without a moment of hesitation went straight into it. "A few months ago the USS Togo encountered a lost probe, which had been set up as a stasis trap. The Shanghai and Hippogriff set out to find and recover the ship. The Tira'Dashir, a Syndicate vessel, beat us there. They seem to be on our side for now, but..." She trailed off and then switched back to the topic at hand. "An unidentified vessel approached and engaged us. Likely that is where your briefing ended before you were shipped out here." She tilted her head to one side and sighed. "They called themselves the Protectorate. Our early scans mistook them for Borg, and residual testing on debris indicates that their technology is eerily similar to Borg tech. One important difference is that they use very chaotic weaponry - including chroniton based torpedoes and pulse wave generators."

"We were able to protect the Shanghai and destroy the Protectorate vessel, but the cascade effect crippled our ships in the region. Shanghai is still being repaired. Vauban is being repaired. Euclid is scrap. Shune protected Golovin colony but crash landed during the event. Hippogriff and Togo are queued up to be repaired, but they're damage is extensive." She paused, "The Initiative sent us here with a few hundred marines. Shanghai had a full company when we arrived. Most of those we've redistributed to the Colony, and they'll stay there." She paused, "Major, what I'm about to say is classified, and you are not to discuss the details with anyone below Senior level staff."

"Understood M'arm" Fyntar acknowledged.

"When the Protectorate attacked us, it was 2391." Sun said quickly. "They meant to erase us from history using Chroniton based weapons. We have been finding temporal distortions everywhere. From our short interaction, we are in a volatile region with a xenophobic species capable of incredible damage. No one on the original Initiative ships can return to Federation space until DTI is sure what damage that could do to the timeline. And, Golovin has the largest naturally occurring Dilithium veins of any planet I know off the top of my head."

She straightened up again, "I tell you this because I want you to understand exactly what to expect. I started my career as a marine. I will not treat the Corps as a back up to Starfleet Security. You will have your work cut out for you. You will be ordered to do the impossible, and I will always expect it to get done."

She shook her head. "But, with that in mind... I need you to be completely candid. We barely have a full Battalion between all the ships and colony. Can your marines pull it off?"

She held up a finger, wanting to point out one last thing, "And I was an instructor, don't just oorah me. I'll need details."

Fyntar nodded, remaining still at attention and letting he details of what he had been told sink in. The weaponry sounded advanced and highly effective. No wonder Task Force Ninety-Three was keeping it under wraps. "Marm, I can confirm that, as long as we are combat-effective, we will endeavor to carry out all orders we are given, to the best of our ability. M'arm"

He paused "Permission to speak candidly, Marm?"

"Always, Major." Mei replied with a bow.

Fyntar nodded "Thank you M'arm. You've given me a background to the current situation but I can not give you an accurate response, beyond that we will try, without detailed information on the strategic and tactical objectives you wish to achieve."

He continued "Strategically the aim is to develop and hold this system, the colony and station, I take it? But what is the tactical situation?"

"Are we on defense or offense, are we expecting and preparing for another attack, or are we going to go looking for battle with the Protectorate enemy?"

Or a combination of both - defend this system but begin patrolling the nearby sectors to scout out the Protectorate and gather intelligence for a future conflict?"

There are a lot of questions I know, but I need more information to give you better responses, M'arm" He concluded

Sun smiled. That may have been a better answer for her than he could have known. She brushed a strand of hair behind her ear and gave a quick nod. "Currently, we are in a defensive posture. Our original directive was to explore the region and develop a point of entry in Auriga-Perseus. Now. Strategically we cannot lose this system. The Dilithium here is an incredible asset to the Fleet, and worth the months it would take to transport it. On a personal note, there are hundreds of fleet personnel and families stuck out here for the foreseeable future. So this system must be defended."

"But we won't survive holding up here and hoping for the best. The Protectorate has not moved on us since our first conflict. Hell, with the temporal nonsense, I'm not sure they even know we're out here now. Once the system can hold its own, we'll move back out there... slowly but surely exploring the nearby systems first."

She sighed, "To directly answer your questions. We're on defense, and still hoping there is a diplomatic option. We are preparing for an attack, and expected one the first couple of months, but nothing has come yet. Once I'm sure that Shanghai isn't needed here to protect the colony we'll head out. We'll need any knowledge of the surrounding systems we can get. And any intel we can get on the Protectorate will be essential."

Fyntar nodded. "Very well. We can assist with planning the defense of the colony and station. Including training up a colony Militia.

We can also help with scouting out nearby systems. Setting up patrols will not just gather information of what is around us, but also give us advanced warning of any Protectorate incursions into those systems.

With our current situation, the more warning we have the better"

"Agreed." Sun spoke with a quick nod. "We have proximity sensors coming online around the colony, but we'll begin expanding them as soon as we can." She sighed and shook her head. There was a second where she didn't say anything, then she seemed to find her words again.

"We have our work cut out for us, but it has been very quiet lately. So get your marines situated and used to the area as best as you can." She waved a hand over the area. "Damage is being repaired, but most of the barracks is available to you. The Colony and Station are open to off duty personnel. S-O-P is usual for a Fleet ship. I run the Shanghai on a four shift schedule, so plan accordingly. I'd like to have marines along for any away missions we're sending for the foreseeable future."

She didn't have anything else to add to that for a moment. "I may, from time to time, slip down here to do PT or sparring." She then glanced over to the marine, "Do you have a preference on teas? And any questions you have about myself, Shanghai, or the crew?"

"Not much of a tea-drinker Mar'm" Fyntar replied "Prefer Raktajino. I think that covers most things for now. I'll get the company squared away and draw up duty rosters for your approval. Mar'm"

"Good. I'll make a note. Get the deck together, get your marines squared away. Have a teams ready to deploy A-S-A-P." She pushed off from the wall and took a breath. "Get to know the Starfleet crew. Staff meetings are weekly. 0700, first day of the week. And anytime something interesting happens." She gave a bow. "I won't take up any more of your time today. Welcome aboard, Major."

"Marm, Thank you M'arm" Fyntar saluted, did a smart about face and headed off.


Cmdr Sun Mei Xiang
CO USS Shanghai

Maj Dren Fyntar
SFMC USS Shanghai


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