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A whole long way away from anywhere.

Posted on Mon Mar 19th, 2018 @ 11:59pm by Major Dren Fyntar
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Mission: Of Persephone
Location: SFMC Motezuma Halls
Timeline: Eight Weeks Ago


[Starbase 773: SFMC Montezuma Halls 1st M - MOB Barracks]

Oh-seven hundred hours and Dren Fyntar strode down the corridor of the Operations level, 1st Marine – Mobile Operations Battalion. The unit had only been at Starbase 773 for six few weeks after rotating back from aide duty along the Romulan border. He acknowledged the crisp salute of the two marines on duty at the door into Battalion Headquarters and made his way to his company office suite.

“Morning sah!” Delta Company Sergeant Major Helen Bondi Shaw, welcomed him, standing up from her desk in the outer office. The woman looked like any other short cute blonde human, but as a decorated combat veteran, one of the Battalion’s unarmed combat instructors and an avid surfer, she was far tougher than she appeared at first glance. Her accent and nickname gave away her heritage, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia, Earth.

“At ease Bondi” Fyntar waved her down, “Bring the daily orders. I’ll get the raktajino” He continued on into his office and went over to the replicator “Raktajino, Hot, Two, Large” He told the machine and a few seconds later collected the large steaming mugs of the Klingon coffee, He set one down on the far side of his desk for Shaw, took his chair and sipped at his own.

Shaw entered carrying an armful of PaDDs and took a seat opposite the desk. “What’s first?” He asked her.

“Updated training schedules, sah” She passed over the first PaDD, “We’ve almost up to date for this quarter. Second Platoon is a bit behind, but they were the last ones back.”

Fyntar took the PaDD and gave it a quick look, “Send Lieutenant M’Tale my compliments, I want them caught up by Tuesday. Next?”

“Weapon upgrades” Shaw selected the next PaDD. “The last shipment of the new rifle chargers arrived, and once they are installed on Bravo Company’s weapons; that should be the latest upgrade complete, Battalion wide”

They went through the various schedules, reports, and routine matters that passed over Fyntar’s desk every day as Company commander.

“Okay and what’s on the schedule for the rest of the day?” He asked, as they finished going through the PaDDs.

“Intel briefing is a oh-nine hundred. Monthly Ordinance and munitions Meeting is at eleven hundred; As you’re Officer Of the Day, Provost asked if you could stop by the Brig this morning, they have four guys from Echo Company who ended up in brawl in one of the promenade bars last night. And finally, I just got this earlier, the Ce-Oh is calling a Company Commander’s meeting at 1430 hours.”

Fyntar looked up “That wasn’t scheduled until Friday, what changed?” He was surprised he had not heard of this from the Battalion Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell, he had a good relationship with her and normally she kept him fully informed.

Shaw shrugged her shoulders “I’m not sure sah, but there is a rumor they are going to deploy part of the battalion…”

Fyntar gave her a narrow look “You know I don’t approve of scuttlebutt, Bondi”

“Yes sah, sorry” She had the good manner to look embarrassed. “I’ll – “ She was interrupted by a chirp from Fyntar’s desk terminal. He activated the screen and the face of Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mitchell’s Administration Lieutenant appeared.

“Major Fyntar sir. The Colonel’s compliments, could you come down to her office” The man requested. Fyntar acknowledged and got up. “Guess I’ll go find out what’s going on. Carry on Bondi”

Four minutes later he presented himself at the Battalion Commander’s door, gave his uniform a quick visual check, tapped the chime and marched in when called.

“Good morning Dren, c’mon in” Mitchell was at her desk and waved him to chair. She was not alone, there was a Starfleet Captain, a Bajoran male, with her. This is Commander Trar Shenald, Starfleet Sector Operations for Task Force Ninty-Three. You want to tell the Major what you need from us Commander?”

The Bajoran nodded to Fyntar. “Major, Task Force-Ninety Three has become responsible for supporting the Rimwards Exploration Initiative. The USS Shanghai is leading a flotilla of ships to explore the Auriga section of the Perseus Arm. Basically it’s an area of space a whole long way away from anywhere Starfleet has been before!”

We have received an urgent request for reinforcements, following an encounter with an unknown hostile species.”

Fyntar felt his muscles twitch at the mention of an attack, deconditioning aside he still felt the rush when his implanted defensive instincts were triggered.

“The encounter ended as a draw. The flotilla took heavy damage, but inflicted the same and managed to withdraw in good order. Further details are scare, and… classified” The Commander continued. “Currently the Shanghai and flotilla is at Outpost Seppala in the Golovin System, awaiting reinforcements”

“How many ships are being sent?” Mitchell asked

The Bajoran looked a little uncomfortable for a moment. “Unfortunately not enough. Ninety-Three is currently dealing with the Gorn incursion. That has been designated the more immediate threat and so resources are being allocated on that basis –“

“So how many ships?” Fyntar asked now.

“One” Trar replied, dropping the horrid fact “The USS Bellamy, it’s a Nebula Class”

“One...: Fyntar confirmed, not sounding impressed. “Nebular, so it’s going to be carrying the Marine Operations pod?” While one ship did not sound enough, at least they could get five hundred Marines on one configured for Marine Ops.

“, it’s a scientific research vessel” Trar explained. “They’ve got a science pod on, specially configured for deep space exploration. Too complicated to change it now I’m afraid”

Fyntar and Mitchell shared a look. “So, back to my original question, what do you need from us Commander?” The Colonel asked.

“The Bellamy is towing two cargo barges, so we’ve got room for a hundred Marines” Trar explained. “The flotilla has elements of Sixth Battalion, Twenty-Fourth Marine Regiment aboard, mostly Recon Company specialists. We would like to increase the firepower somewhat and send a Marine Mobile Operations Battalion Company.

They would be stationed on the Shanghai and the current detachment would then replace losses on the other ships in the flotilla and a garrison at Outpost Seppala.

“How long until departure, when do you need our company aboard?” Mitchell asked, expecting a week or do.

“We need them today” Trar dropped his second surprise on the two Marines. “Well, by twenty–one thirty hours at least. You see the Bellamy is already underway, they left four days ago. But the Intrepid Class USS Charger will be here tonight, they will embark your company; catch up to the Bellamy and make the transfer. The Bellamy will then make the rest of the twelve week voyage.”

Mitchell and Fyntar shared another look. This situation was quickly going downhill fast. “Let me just recap Commander” Mitchell began, in a tone Fyntar knew meant she was not amused and keeping control of her temper. “Task Force Ninety-Three needs a company of my Marines, ready to go in -” She checked the time “- Thirteen hours forty three minutes. To go to the middle of nowhere, on a science research vessel and then be prepared to fight an unknown enemy which has already battered your flotilla. An enemy you cannot, or will not, give us any details about…”

“Yes” Trar replied.

Mitchell flicked her eyes to Fyntar, who met her gaze and gave the slightest nod.

“Very well, we will be ready” Mitchell replied. “Was there anything else you need Commander?”

“No, thank you, Colonel” The Commander replied. He stood up and moved towards the door, then stopped and turned. “Colonel, Major, I know what is being asked of you.

For what it’s worth I argued, strongly, to send an Ascension Class carrier group, with your whole battalion aboard. I was over ruled, the Gorn invasion has been given priority for resources. I am sorry”

“Don’t be Commander’ Mitchell replied “We will do what Marines do best. Improvise, adapt and overcome

Once the door closed on the departing Starfleet officer Mitchell chuckled softly. “Yes, we do that” She turned to Fyntar “What are you thinking Dren?” Mitchell asked “Most of a Rifle Company, with support from a Weapons squad and maybe an Engineers squad?”

Fyntar had a slightly different suggestion. ”Agreed on the support elements, a Weapons Squad, an Engineer Squad, plus a detachment command squad. But then I’d use Delta Company, Colonel” Delta was M-MOB’s Special operations and Scout Company. “They are the most adaptable to the mission profiles the Commander has set out.”

“He didn’t set anything out!” Mitchell protested


Mitchell thought the matter over, a Rifle Company could handle most things, but Fyntar was correct, Delta Company would be better, the special operations Marines were most adaptable and packed a surprisingly heavy punch. ”You’re right Dren, Delta Company it is. This is going to be your assignment, you get what you need.”

Fifteen minutes later Fyntar strode back into his office. "Pack your bags Bondi! We've got a new assignment"

To be continued…



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