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A Gift

Posted on Thu Apr 5th, 2018 @ 4:51pm by Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Captain Sun Mei Xiang

Mission: Of Persephone
Location: Meeting Room
Timeline: Immediately following the Staff Meeting

After the room had emptied out save for Karsel'lyn and Captain Sun, Lyn smiled and walked around the table, setting the beautifully hewn antique wood gift box in front of her seated fiance.

"Touri said that father knew that you will know what this is," Lyn sat to Mei's left. "He wants us to know that he considers the two of us family. Touri said that he went to great expense acquiring this."

Mei seemed a bit tense, perhaps even a bit uncomfortable. She took a breath as she looked across at the small box and then back up to Lyn, "You're handling this a bit better than I would, or would have expected you to, ai." She said softly. She gave a moment of caution before reaching out to the box, "So, this is one of the gifts she was talking about..." Her fingers found the edges of the box and slowly opened it. As soon as her eyes fell on the item in the box, her pupils dilated, the hair stood on the back of her neck. She didn't say anything. For a second, maybe, she wasn't sure. Her thumbs held the box open but she didn't reach for the item. She just took a breath, slow and methodical, before she asked, "Lyn, did you look to see what this was?"

"No, love," Lyn frowned, able to sense her fiance's sudden tension. "Though I did have the Computer scan it for poison or explosives."

Mei let her fingers fall on the item, a simple silver and gold commbadge - but one she recognized all to well. Chips of the metal had been flaked off, a gash against the soft gold under plating with blood staining the back of the item. It had clearly been pried open, taken apart over and over again, examined and used for something in the past. But all she could remember was that feeling of cold and watching the device torn from her uniform. She sat the device on the table and didn't say anything to Lyn for a moment, instead looking down to pull out a couple of small data chips out of the box as well.

Lyn arched an eyebrow, "I don't understand? A communicator?"

"My communicator. I think." Sun replied silently, before she stretched across the table and pulled over a padd. She softly added, "Computer, secure and disconnect this padd from the network." There was a little chime, then a second. She took one of the data chips out of the box, and slipped it into the disconnected padd to see what it held, and while that loaded she held up the badge to her chest; where it would have been all those years ago on Earth. "The one they never found after the knife attack..." She said softly. "Or a convincing fake." She said setting the device back down on the table. "If this has old personnel files," She mentioned the chips, "It might be the real thing. I was carrying a padd because performance reviews were coming up. If I remember correctly."

Lyn's eyes were wide as Mei recounted what she believed this to be. She reached across the desk and took her lover's empty hand, "Love, Touri said that our father went to extremes to acquire this. He may have had your attackers killed and retrieved this for you."

"Apparently, father knew I was alive some time ago and tasked Touri to come find me," Karsel'lyn told her beautiful fiance. "Turns out that father has a fair number of children besides me, including Touri. Which means that I have to recuse myself from negotiations with the Tira'Dashir and the Syndicate in general."

"Perhaps the Colonel would have more luck accessing the data on those chips and the communicator and confirm that they're yours?" Lyn asked. "She has computer access that make most Chief Engineers jealous."

"I should probably recuse myself too then," Sun said softly. Her eyes were scanning the padd for a moment, data had come up and she could read it to be sure. "This looks like my reports from back then... might be worth having Bayushi go over them for any subterfuge..." She said lightly. Then something seemed to draw her attention. For a moment she was silent, then a soft breath broke her concentration. "I don't know what to say about all of this, Lyn..." She gave a little shake of her head, "You know my history with the Syndicate..."

"And you know mine, a childhood as a sex slave," Lyn frowned. Lyn rose, moving around the desk, sliding into Mei's lap, "This is different. Remember, this is more than the Syndicate. These are the people who we have to get along with, because we're otherwise all on our own here. Not to mention, it's family. The Syndicate can change people, but it won't change the Orion cultural priority on family. Think of it as the way that the old Earth Mafia worked. I imagine that father is going to make people pay for what they did to him and to me."

"According to my brother, father will want to meet with you to find out what kind of woman his daughter is going to marry," Lyn murmured as she leaned in close, arms wrapping around behind Mei's neck. "I don't know if father plans on bringing any more of the family with him."

"I love you, my darling. I love your family so much as well, but this is my daddy," Lyn smiled, before kissing Mei's slender throat. "I want my daddy there to hand me to you at our wedding. He isn't even wanted by the Federation. But..."

"But. It is complicated." Mei said softly.

"How are we going to bring your parents in to the wedding if they are still in the past and we're not?" Lyn asked, leaning back to meet the Chinese Beauty's eyes.

"I'm still wrapping my head around that..." Mei groaned. She loved her family, and had held off the panic of not even being able to talk to them for a couple years so far. There was a glassy look in her eyes that showed that it was very heavy on her mind. "Don't take this the wrong way, ai, but I honestly hadn't thought about the wedding much. Not after the fight." She shook her head. "We might still be out there too... so." She didn't say anything, "Temporal mechanics is just beyond me." She shook her head, and changed the subject. "What about Cai? What do you think she'll think of suddenly having a lot of Syndicate family? She's never mentioned them before, so this might be a big surprise for her."

"From our discussions while you were gone on your command mission," Lyn said. "She thought father and my side of our family dead. As long as we are watchful and never leave her alone with them, everything should be okay."

"Okay..." Mei sighed softly. "Okay." She repeated, before letting out a soft, "Aiya..." She took a deep breath. "Set it up. I'll recuse myself from negotiations with them just to be safe. Foxwell or Vellis can handle the official parts... I should probably keep Tiruk doing jobs during the time." She tilted her head back to Lyn, "And where will we keep them during, hm?"

"I will make myself available to provide translation from Rigellian to Federation Standard," Lyn said. "Though I think that you should be there, even if you're not actively negotiating."

"As for where, well, father has his own ship and so does Touri," Karsel'lyn shrugged. "We have a lot of room at home in the colony, though we should probably seek to provide space between them, us and CaiCai. Don't want to overwhelm her."

"I'll let one of the other Captains make the call on translating. As far as family is concerned, I'm open to whatever is best for you and Cai," Sun sighed, "Fleet wise, we'll stay close to doing things by the books. As close as we can out here." She adjusted slightly. "Speaking of Cai," Mei shrugged, "I promised her and Hiroko I'd spend the next few nights with them. I've not been around enough since the new crew got here, and the alpha site came online." She gave a smile back at her fiance, "A couple nights in with them would be good for me, I think. Did she mention it to you yet?"

Lyn shook her head, "She hadn't, no."

"The girls need you, love. I'm glad you're taking a little time off to spend with them," Lyn smiled. "Speaking of, as your temporary yeoman, I know that your shift ended fifteen minutes ago. Why don't we head home for something to eat and a talk with Cai about her grandfather?"

Mei gave a quick shake of her head. "Sun to Shanghai," She said after tapping her bridge.

"Senior Chief Petty Officer Taige here. Go ahead, Captain." A man responded softly.

"Quartermaster, I'll be staying down at the colony for a couple of nights. Update the bridge notes." Mei spoke as she stood up.

"Already done, ma'am. Anything else we can do for you?"

"No, just keep the ship in one piece." She said softly. "I'll be aboard for alpha shift."

"Aye ma'am, we'll keep the lights on for you."

"Good. Enjoy the watch. Sun out." She clicked her commbadge off again and took a breath. "Alright, Commander," Sun dusted herself off, "Dinner sounds good. What about Haliian food? Taige always has the best snacks left in the lounge when he's on night watch." She explained where the random suggestion came from. "Not sure I've ever had an actual Haliian dish before, though."

"I have had Haliian and I'm not a fan," Karsel'lyn shrugged. "I think that CaiCai had something in the slow cooker. Shall we go discover what our little girl has concocted for us this eve? It smelled like something your mother would be making."

"That works," Mei gave a smile. "Maybe those skills skip a generation." She said softly, gathering up the items. "And if it turns out it taste like something I would make... we can always replicate something."

"Except that I know for a fact that you can cook, my love," Karsel'lyn picked up the ornate box. She imagined that Cai would love it and that Father would approve of the hand-carved receptacle going to his granddaughter. "For instance, you are great at cooking Youtiao. Karsel'lyn tested, Cai approved!"

Karsel'lyn then held out her free hand, "Come on. My runabout is outside."


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