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Posted on Tue Apr 3rd, 2018 @ 4:20pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Major Dren Fyntar & Lieutenant Marcus Anvers

Mission: Of Persephone
Location: Alpha Site
Timeline: 0315 Hours, Two Days after Along the River


Ensign Iga, a young Saurian science officer, sat quiet at her lab station at the Alpha Site. Her task tonight was a tedious one to be sure. She was in charge of the mapping drones. The Shanghai had helped set up an old wired relay down into the cave systems to a drone hub system, and the Alpha Site computers slowly but surely translated the scans, video, and images coming in to detailed maps. She watched the computer screens showing each drones point of view diligently, snacking quietly on pomegranate as she worked - something she'd picked up from another science officer after the explained the name chosen for the caverns by their team.

There was a chime at the entrance to the labs, which caused the Saurian to slip out of her seat and move over to the door. She hit the door panel to unlock the panel. The door hissed open and a small group of crew and officers stood carrying some small crates. "Ensign Iga?" The ops officer said offering a padd over to her. "Archaeological artifacts and a couple samples of dilithium from two new veins." When she didn't respond fast enough, he waved the padd at her.

"Oh." She said softly, taking the padd and approving the transfer of items to the Alpha Site. "Thank you." She said softly, nervously.

"My pleasure." The Ops officer sighed with a shake of his head. He and his team set the items in the lab and then he took back the padd from the standoffish saurian. Then the officers left, talking about finally being done for the day.

It took Iga a minute, but then she finally snapped into action. She hit the wall comms and cleared her throat. "Iga to Alpha Site night shift. We have another shipment from the caverns." She glanced across the boxes, "Artifacts and dilithium they said. Sorry, looks like we're back to it."

"And your delivery has arrived, Ensign," Karsel'lyn spoke. She wasn't cleared for full duty but she had managed to finagle some stick time transporting whatever they were bringing out of the caves that apparently some scientists and her daughter inadvertently found. "They're loaded in the back of the Argo outside."

"Deliveries, actually." Said the Doctor as he walked up behind the Commander and Ensign with the Colonel in tow. "Commander, you are a hard woman to get to keep an appointment." he smiled reaching into the canvas bag he had around his shoulder pulling out his Medical Tricorder starting to scan her over.

Kachiko reached out and grasped Karsel'lyn's hand, "I know you're going stir-crazy, Lynnie, but you gotta pace yourself coming back to duty."

Lyn looked sheepish at the man she presumed was the new Doctor aboard, "Sorry. I have been mostly unplugged down here in the colony. It's been rather relaxing, really, but you can only do so much reading and sleeping before you start getting antsy to do something." Her dark eyes turned to Kachiko, "Yet here you are. You had that stuff happen to you but you're still working?"

Kachiko laughed, "Lynnie, doll, I may be smaller than you, but I'm built of much sterner stuff." Which was as far as Kachiko would go on the subject, not before the Doctor had been read in and not in front of the poor Ensign.

"Besides the Colonel is under my direct supervision." Marcus said scanning one handed offering the other to the Commander "You are right however I am your new ships Doctor, Marcus Anvers. Shall we make our way to what passes for a medical facility here. So I can finish your examination? And you 2 can read me in." he smiled softly at the Saurian Ensign "Sorry for the intrusion Ensign."

"No, not an intrusion, sir... sirs." The Saurian was clearly nervous, with a few high ranking members interrupting her otherwise quiet night, she clearly didn't know how to respond. Or, at first at least. She chose the simplest path. "I'll begin unloading... Lieutenant... Commander... Colonel..." She said each rank a little quieter and then dropped back out of the way, slipping outside to help unload and get things squared away.

Marcus smiled after her finishing his scans of the Commander. Pulling out a hypospray and administering a shot to her. "That will help your pain and your electrolytes. As far as your hip and spine go. I can help, but on board. Not down here."

Karsel'lyn nodded, "I understand, Doctor. I was injured by collapsing bulkhead panels when we were attacked several months ago."

Iga had been gone for a little while, helping move some items back and forth and sort out where she could. Though on one trip, she noticed something - a shadow, or a cloud maybe, caught her eye. She had watched it for a second, and then gotten back to work. When she looked back though, it was gone. No sign of it. It was odd to her, but at first she didn't think anything of it. But then there was a sound that caught her off guard. Her eyes where drawn to the forests edge, where she stared for a moment. She was sure she saw something. Well, almost sure. It could have been an animal. She started to ignore it when there was a shimmer of light in the distance. She tapped her commbadge immediately.

"Iga to Alpha Site... is someone exploring the woods this time of night?" She asked softly, standing about half way between the site and the Argo nearby. When there was no response she backed up towards the Alpha Site, where the officers had been a bit earlier. She started to say something, but paused again when she saw movement. It was more than one thing in the woods, whatever it was. She tapped her commbadge again, but didn't receive a chime, so she stepped back into the Alpha Site to interrupt.

Kachiko looked over, "Yes, Ensign?"

"Sirs..." Iga added quietly. "I think there is something or someone in the woods... do we have any teams scouting this time of night?"

Kachiko shook her head. "Nobody should be in the area who isn't present now, not for another thirteen minutes."

Now Kachiko looked concerned, reaching into her uniform dickey, withdrawing a Type-I cricket phaser and handing it to Karsel'lyn, "I imagine that you remember how to use this, sis?"

Lyn smirked, "I imagine that I do." The small green woman took the weapon and checked its charge.

Kachiko nodded, "Doctor, Ensign, please stay here and keep the hatch shut until we get back."

The Doctor shook his head "No Colonel, of the three of us I am the only one cleared for full duty, and unless you forget its dark outside. I am a Betazoid, i can see what your lights can not." He tapped his head "So if you really want to scare the heck out of the young couple having a secret rondevous away from disapproving parents, be my guest. " he said walking up to the hatch "But I will let neither of you out of my sight."

Kachiko sighed, before the physician heard in his head, '~Doctor, I am both a Class-6 Telepath and a Marine Special Operations Infiltration Specialist. I live in the dark.~'

Marcus's green eyes shimmered as he chuckled softly looking at Kachiko saying almost cold. "You being a telepath, changes nothing Colonel. I knew you were a telepath." He said "Lets go and make sure that it is indeed just our young couple."

Kachiko smirked at the man's insinuation, before turning to Iga, "Ensign, secure a sidearm from the emergency locker and keep watch until we return."

Marcus smiled "I apologize if that came across as an insinuation Colonel." He slid a phaser out from his bag the colonel knew it was locked on stun it had no kill setting.

"Aye sir," Iga had said softly before scurrying off towards the weapons locker at the site.

Turning back to the Doctor, she accepted the phaser back from Karsel'lyn, "The Commander will stay here with the Ensign and we will go investigate whatever is going on outside."

Marcus nodded keeping his senses wide open focused on the task at hand "100 meters to the northwest." He said looking to Kachiko for her confirmation.

Kachiko simply nodded and handed him the small phaser that Karsel'lyn had relinquished back to her. Opening her hip pouch, she withdrew her IHADSS visor. Slipping it on over her head, she powered it up and started her scan.

Marcus handed back the phaser "Mine will do just fine." He said and they made their way out into the night.

There was a shimmer in the forest, the orange-ish tones of energy swirling about something, giving just enough of a view of some sort of container before it seemed to vanish. With the flash of light, there was for a split second the silhouette of a small group of humanoids. But, there was no real way to identify them, and the lack of empathic readings from some only added. They seemed to have known they were spotted though, huddled close to one another as if waiting for something to retrieve them as well. Then the silence of the night was shattered.

A shuttle above the forest took off quickly, rushing towards the atmosphere as two Valkyrie fighters hustled after it. Of course, at that sound and sight, the small group of figures in the forest opted for a second option. They decided the best course of action was to run.

Kachiko wasted no time, her phaser coming to hand and firing in a wide arc at full power in the area they had spied their spies.

The wide arc caught the spy group off guard. Not all of them though. While there seemed to be some of their group hit and stunned or injured by the blast, two turned about to return fire. Though they were hurried, the shots were surprisingly close to their mark, all the more worrying with the bluish tinted blasts leaving nearly explosive marks on the dirt and foliage near the Colonel and Doctor.

[Over head]

The two fighters dropped in above and behind the shuttle. They had been on orbital patrol when the Shanghai's CIC vectored them in to intercept an unidentified small craft in the vicinity of the colony.

"Dragon Five, get a weapons lock" The lead called to his wing man "I'm going to find out who these jokers are"

"Copy Six, lighting them up!"

"Unidentified shuttle, this is Dragon Six, Starfleet orbital patrol.
Identify yourself immediately!" The lead began transmitting on open channel. "We have a weapons lock on you. Do not make us disable you. Identify now!"

The shuttle did not respond, though at first it did seem to slow. Then the night sky lit up as the shuttle released a hail of chaffe and counter measures - bright flares and electronic countermeasures lighting up the sky. The shuttle suddenly seemed much less unprepared. And when the light began to fade, the craft had entered a defensive spiral. The little shuttle, spun towards the ground, using the gravity to boost its speed to try to gain an escape vector. More worrying though were the energy signatures of the shuttle's warp engines charging quickly.

The two fighters jinked to avoid the chaffe and flares but hung doggedly on to the shuttle's trail as it dodged and dived.

"Lead, they're getting ready to jump to warp!" Dragon Five called.

"Weapons free!" The Shanghai CIC controller broke in. "Dragon Flight, Weapons free! Stop that shuttle!"

"Copy weapons-free Shanghai! Take out the starboard engine!" Dragon Six replied to the CIC and his wingman. "I'll slow them down"

He raised the nose of his fighter, directing it just ahead of the shuttle's vector and let loose a burst of phaser fire, hopefully causing the craft to have to break it's flight path and delay it enough for his wingman to launch a torpedo.

The shuttle veered away as best it could, but while the pilot might have been skilled the shuttle couldn't outmatch Federation fighters.

"First torpedo away, solid lock!" Dragon Five reported as a micro torpedo screamed away from his port wing. "Second away, solid lock also" A second weapon charged after the first.

The two streaks of light tore across the night sky, closing rapidly with the shuttle as they easily overmatched it's speed.

There was a flash and the first exploded against he craft's shields. The explosion's bright flare lite the sky and ground below. The second torpedo punched through the weakened shield and embedded itself into the starboard nacelle where it detonated.

The shuttle rippled and its nacelle and portions of its outer starboard hull broke apart, shrapnel raining down in the forests below. The shuttle lost control seconds later, the lights aboard flickering and fading as its systems began to fail, and the smoke from its shattered nacelle darkened what was left as it plummeted towards the ground below. There were a few shimmers of light suddenly in the forest below - to trained pilots, clear indications of emergency transports as the ship ripped through the top of the forest before finally coming to an abrupt, and kinetic stop on the planet's surface.

"Shuttle is down! I say again, shuttle is down!" Dragon Six reported "Counting, five... make that six... transporter signatures. Grid reference is-" He read off the coordinates to the CIC. "Might want to get some boots on the ground. We're circling over head"

"Copy that Dragon lead" The controller acknowledged "Passing the coordinates along now"

[Colony outskirts]

The Doctor had sensed some of those in the landing party and managed to capture a Rigellian with Kachikos help. This Rigellian could not hide his thoughts from Marcus or likely Kachiko. They were here to sabotage the mining, planning to set devices to interupt communications. Also to set neural spikes they would block all psionics. Luckily the Rigellian had a few of these devices. Marcus pulled out a hypo and tranquilized the Rigellian. Looking up to Kachiko. "Call it in Colonel, I can sense a group of five, i can't sense any of their intentions. It means this one was the only one we can read the mind of. We will have to get him to a safer location to have you or someone else interogate him."

Kachiko gave the doctor a silent thumbs up before touching her jaw, activating the subdural communications implant, "Bayushi to Shanghai, beam three from this location up. Security detail required in the transporter room."

"Acknowledged," Transporter Chief Devha's voice chimed in, though unheard by most. "Energizing in ten seconds."


The Xindi Transporter Chief took a moment to lock onto the third party, and then began the process of energizing the group. As the shimmers of the transporter began to come into view on the ship, the doors hissed open and a couple of armed personnel rushed to take position in the room, with phasers ready just in case.

As soon as the two officers and captive appeared on the pad, Kachiko immediately forced the man to his knees, gesturing Security up to take the man into custody, "I will be along soon to interrogate him. The doctor as well."

Kachiko looked at Anvers,"Doctor, I will need you to check our guest out. I don't need him suddenly dropping dead and I need to ensure that he doesn't have anything dangerous on or in him."

Marcus took the disrupter of the mans waist and handed it to Kachiko, the slid up the mans pant leg and took a knife away. The Doctor took a spike out of the mans bag and pushed the rest of the bag to Kachiko "My team and I will also scan one of these." He said "in the meantime if they activate the spikes it will be very painful to any telepath or empath in their range." He looked at the Rigellian quietly for a moment.

She tapped the blackened communicator on her uniform jacket, "Bayushi to Captain Sun. Can you meet me and the Doctor in the brig?"

Marcus tapped his commbadge "Captain, actually meet us in sickbay"

The Doctor looked to Kachiko "Put him in one of the quarantine rooms, almost more secure then the brig anyway. I can keep a better eye on him if he tries anything stupid."

"Wo zài lùshàng," Sun's voice chimed in, the translator giving a quick translation of 'on my way'. She didn't give any additional orders, or say anything further. Though the tone of her message was clear that she was not pleased with the reports she had been getting from the surface.

Marcus and the security detail got the Rigellian into the quarantine rooms and a couple of the nurses helped reduce the man to just basic clothes. All armor and any other weapons the found gone. Marcus backed everyone out of the Quarantine room and secured it. "He is secure now."

Finally, once more activating her communicator, "Bayushi to Alpha platoon. Gear up! I need you to establish a perimeter and defensive positions at Alpha Site. Make it fast, ladies!"



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