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A nessesary appointment

Posted on Sat Apr 14th, 2018 @ 11:57pm by Major Dren Fyntar & Lieutenant Marcus Anvers

Mission: Of Persephone
Location: USS Shanghai - Medical


[Deck 7 - Medical]

A couple of hours after meeting with the Captain Fyntar rode the turbo lift up to Deck 7, which contained the majority of the Shanghai's medical facilities. The door slid open, but he hesitated before stepping off. He had come to dread what was coming.

For eighteen years he'd been required to take a monthly inoculation, a potent blend of bio-stabilizers, chemical therapy inhibitors; corticosteroids and a cocktail of psycho-mood tranquilizers. The drugs were the only way to maintain the de-conditioning process that had transformed him from an Angosian bio-engineered super-soldier into his current state.

The bitter truth was that the original conditioning had simply been too good, too involved, too complex and too poorly understood to be truly overcome. Even after years of study and the help of the Federation the Angosian scientists had not been able to completely undo their brutally efficient military handiwork. Fyntar and hundreds of his former comrades would require the inoculation for the rest of their lives.

Even then there were no guarantees, he knew of former soldiers whose bodies had simply stopped responding to the drugs, they had died, many painfully and following a decent into paranoia and madness.

He knew from personal experience that if he missed his inoculation due date by more than three or four days he began to feel tense, became easily irritated, overly defensive, developed physical symptoms like tremors and cold sweats and had horrible nightmares that kept him from sleeping. Even when he took the hypo on time he usually felt dizzy and nauseous for several hours and had a splitting headache for the rest of the day.

The drugs were only part of the counter-conditioning regime, he also needed regular counseling sessions. What he disliked, almost as much as the side-effects of the hypo, was having to go through the initial meetings whenever he had to deal with a new Doctor or Counselor.

Some were understanding and helpful, but too often he felt like they viewed him as some sort of bio-engineered curiosity to be prodded, examined and mentally dissected.

However, he had taken the last batch during the trip down here on the Belamy and he was now two day's overdue.

He took a deep breath and strode purposefully down the corridor to the Sickbay lobby. He'd made an appointment earlier and approached the Nurse at the desk

"Doctor Anver's just finishing up his rounds, Major, take a seat and I'll let him know you're here" The Nurse gave him a friendly smile and waved him to a chair in the waiting area.

Fyntar nodded, went and stood instead of sitting and tried not to fidget with the PaDD he'd brought that held his medical record, the drug dosage levels and chemical sequences for the more complex parts of his inoculation.

Marcus walked up and offered his hand "Welcome to Sickbay Major, Im Doctor Anvers."

Fyntar stepped over, gave the Doctor a nod and shook his hand. "Doctor"

Marcus lead him back to a biobed an had the Major sit "So i gather you are here for an initial meeting with me. Please do not be nervous. My job is to render aid. I'm not here to judge. Just don't lie when you need something, or when it hurts.

Fyntar nodded stiffly "That works for me Doctor". So far so good but he was still not sure.

Marcus chuckled "At ease Major. I can see you are nervous I don't need even my empathy to tell that." He chuckled and reached a hand forward "I see you have a PaDD for me?"

Fyntar handed over the PaDD. "As part of my deconditioning I require a monthly dosage of medications. I have the latest formula here Doctor, along with my medical record" He held out the PaDD. The formula was adjusted from time to time depending on the results a certain tests. "A stabilizer for a bio-engineered capacity for applying violence is not something on the shelf in most pharmacies." He gave Anver's a bitter smile.

"You can replicate it though Doctor, although as I understand it you have to specifically authorize the mix, otherwise the computer won't allow it"

He did not mention that one doctor told him there was enough tranquilizer in it to stun a full grown Horta.

Marcus read the mixture "With your permission Major, I would like to give a copy of your mixture to my biochemist. She is very talented, she may be able to make you a more effective mix." He said "either way I will authorize the replication myself so we can do this right away."

Fyntar nodded "No problem with the biochemist Doctor." He was not particularly worried about his condition being known.

Marcus nodded and walked over to the replicator making the mixture and loading it into a hypo walking over to the Major "All set Major, I have set refills into the replicator so any of my staff can make this current mix for you."

"Thank you Doctor" Fyntar relaxed a little, so far this physician had been professional and attentive. he hoped it would continue.

He slipped off his jacket and rolled up his undershirt sleeve, presenting a bicep for Anvers.

Marcus injected the Major with the Hypo. "There we go Major, you are all set." He smiled slipping a hand into his canvas bag and producing a cherry lollipop "Here you go Major." He grinned

Fyntar looked at the round red ball on a stick, wrapped in a clear seal. "What is it?" he asked. Wondering if it was some type of medication.

"It is candy, in times long ago physicians on Earth gave candy to patients who behaved well. Mostly children. But I have found that for many adults it triggers good memories and nostalgia." Marcus said "Try it or don't, just a small token of gratitude." He smiled

Fyntar took the offered candy. Well that was certainly novel, he thought. Most of his experiences with medicine and doctors was not really the sort of thing that a sugar confection would overcome but then again, he had never been offered one before.

He was not quite sure what to do with it. "er...Thank you Doctor" He waved the lollipop around for a moment, then stuck it in his tunic pocket. "I will er...try it later"

He put the jacket back on and secured the pocket. "I think that's it for now Doctor" He could feel the inoculation entering his system and soon his headache would arrive. He needed to get back to his quarters and lie down for a while. "Are we done?"

Marcus nodded "As long as you don't have any other complaints Major, you are good to go. If my bio chemist has any luck. I will let you know otherwise you have refills set as i told you."

"Thank you Doctor" Fyntar turned and left. Not do bad he thought as he made his way back to his quarters.



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