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Posted on Sun Apr 15th, 2018 @ 2:14pm by Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Major Dren Fyntar & Lieutenant Marcus Anvers & Lieutenant Christine Descharmes

Mission: Of Persephone
Location: USS Shanghai, Medical Deck Quarantine
Timeline: Immediately after Uninvited

OOC (Sun): Interrogation post following Uninvited. Feel free to jump in with an NPC.


[Corridors, Medical Deck]

Sun was at sickbay shortly after being summoned there, though at first she was a bit nervous coming to sickbay. This wasn't the first time she had done something like this, and she had a tendency to push a little too far in these things. It was not one of her strong suits, if she was honest. That was why she stopped for a moment outside the quarantine room and tapped her commbadge. "Sun to Lieutenant Descharmes."

"Descharmes here," she said and sat upright, the compilation of a report on hold. "What can I do for you, Captain?"

"We have an uninvited guest in Quarantine on the Medical deck. Would you please report here - to act as a sort of advocate for our guest?"

"I'm on my way." She set the PADD on a growing stack of reports and left her office, and headed out the door.

[Quarantine, Medical Deck]

Sun entered quietly, glancing across at those officers already there. There were a few signs that she was not particularly happy to be there. The tired look in her eyes, the disheveled uniform jacket she straightened as she stepped up to the doctor and Colonel, and then there was her tone. There was a curt and quick, "Report." She didn't move her gaze from the quarantined prisoner though, while she waited.

"Your beloved, the little green monster," Kachiko smirked briefly. "Was delivering some artifacts and dilithium samples to Alpha Site. While we were inside, Ensign Iga went out to start unloading the shuttle and thought she saw someone in the dark. The Doctor and I went to investigate."

"Outside, their cloaking technology faltered and exposed them to us. At this point, their shuttle began to climb out with a couple of Lynnie's Dragons giving chase. At this point, I fired on the intruders on stun," albeit she had the authorization to use deadly force, particularly when it involved the dilithium operation. "Several of their number fired back ineffectually. The stun only seemed to hit this little turd."

"From what the Doctor and I could glean from his mind, they're intending on sabotage and communications disruption," Kachiko then held up the spike. "This is called a Neuro-Telepathic Inhibitor and is highly illegal in the Federation. More commonly called a neuro-spike. They were expecting to use these to completely shut down communications out near the dig."

Marcus said "I have dealt with these spikes before they shut down telepaths, empaths, etc. Get to close and the effects can be permanent, even fatal. I highly recommend any telepaths or empaths be evacuated from the surface immediately." He looked at the Rigellian in Quarantine "As far as our guest I don't envy the headache he will have when he wakes up. But he is safest here. Quarantine rooms are better equipped for interrogation then the brig is." He frowned "We surprised him below I doubt we will find him a cooperative when he wakes." He picked up the spike he had taken for his people to study "They knew we had empaths and telepaths Captain. They are well prepared."

"Indeed, they inhibit the functionality of the paracortex in telepathic species," Kachiko frowned. "Active nearby, this would probably kill my daughter, Reiko. That said, I do not have said paracortex, as my ability is, for the lack of a better term, supernatural."

"If we're concerned about encountering more of these damned spikes, I recommend that I be sent in covertly to disable what I can get to, since I am unaffected by them. I also volunteer for any such ops," Kachiko looked up to her future sister-in-law. "That said, I can probably pick this Rigellian's mind apart enough to get what data we need without killing him? It won't be pleasant, for either of us and highly illegal for anyone outside of my line of work."

Sun tightened her crossed arms and shook her head. "I appreciate the enthusiasm, but no. On both, for now. I'm not risking empaths, if these are as dangerous as they seem. Even if you might be immune." She turned down the Colonel. She sighed. "We do this simple, safe, and by the book." She took a deep breath, and then nodded. "I'm more worried about what our friends are after, exactly. They know we have telepaths, but that may just be assuming we'd have Betazoid crew on one of the ship. Or Aenar." She tilted her head slightly and let her arms fall to her sides. "As he wakes up we'll find out what he knows as best we can, then go from there. Doctor, would you send out a bulletin to other CMOs in the Initiative and warn them in case their empathic crew members show any signs of being in contact with these." She glanced to the Colonel. "Work with Engineering. Find exactly where those spikes came from." She paused for a moment, "And get the Major up here. We need to get the marines updated and work on getting a covert team."

Marcus nodded "Permission to use priority 1 communication for that ma'am?" He said "Ill also arrange the evacuation of psionic personell from the surface. In order to protect them best they need to be up here. We can adjust or shielding to block the effects of the spikes. The colony can not."

"Granted." Sun said softly, with a nod to the doctor.

Kachiko frowned before tapping her communicator, "Bayushi to Fyntar, mobilize the company. Alpha platoon at Alpha site. Everyone else at the dig and colony. Full battle rattle, Major. Get the Wyverns and some Argos down there, heavy weapons, the whole shebang."

[USS Shanghai - CIC]

Fyntar had been called to the CIC by the duty officer after the first report of intruders on the ground. By the time the fighters had downed the shuttle he had already arranged for the Quick Reaction Force platoon to geared up and on their way to the hanger bay, where a transport craft was waiting for them.

"We're on it Colonel," He acknowledged "QRF will be on the ground in nine minutes. Rest of the Company in twenty."

[Quarantine, Medical Deck]

Kachiko returned her attention to the Captain, "I need to get Reiko off the ground. These damned spikes would kill her." She paused and thought a moment, "I recommend that we go about this real quietly. Don't tip our hand and let them know that we know about the spikes. The Federation hadn't yet encountered them at this point in the timeline, so these people may not know that we know."

Marcus said "That's not quite true Colonel, The spikes are known by the Federation, not well known but known." He said "I agree however, that keeping this a quiet as possible is good. Our friend wasn't able to tell them he was captured them may think he is in the caves or still on the run." Marcus smiled "We could disguise them in marine uniforms, beam them up.

"Good point, Colonel." Mei said, "Go get Reiko. Whatever works best in your mind..." She would have felt better with Cai and Hiroko on the Shanghai herself, but evacuating dependents could tip their hand pretty heavily. They were not likely in any danger, any more than any other person on the colony at least. "We'll stay quiet now. They'll expect us to act along standard Federation procedure." She paused for a split second before turning to the doctor. "As soon as Lieutenant Descharmes is here and you've sent a warning to the other CMOs, I want to wake him up." She said pointing towards the Rigellian.

Kachiko nodded, "I will be handling his interrogation personally, Captain. I will need the doctor present to ensure his health throughout the interrogation."

"One moment, Captain. I need to update the system defense notification." Kachiko turned and tapped on a wall panel, allowing it to scan her retina in order to gain access to the highly classified system. Then she began tapping out a message that would be broadcast to each Fleet vessel, an emergency message that would take priority over all other communications traffic.



With the message encrypted and enroute to the other vessels of the Fleet, Kachiko turned back to her soon-to-be sister-in-law, "Karsel'lyn is still down at Alpha Site. Would you like me to recover the Goblin while I'm dirtside picking up Reiko, Cai and Hiroko?"

One of the nurses ran up to the doctor with a PaDD Marcus reviewed it a deep frown. Handing the PaDD to the Captain. "We definitely surprised him Captain he has an implant in his brain. The stun must have deactivated it temporarily, its a very advanced one. It could be activated even by the Colonel's telepathy. When activated well his mind will literally be blown. I will have to remove it, but where it is in his brain is problematic. It will take me several hours, if i succeed it will be days maybe even a week before he is lucid enough to provide accurate intelligence, even telepathically. If I fail, he dies." Marcus sighed "I give surgery about a 70% chance "

"Sorry I'm late to the party." Christine had arrived in the middle of an intense discussion and greeted all the officers present. She looked to the Rigellian that Sun had mentioned. She stood for a moment at the edge of the group, arms crossed over her chest, half listening to the Doctor explain about the surgery but keeping a constant eye on the patient.

"Counselor," Sun nodded, before glancing back to the doctor. "Seventy percent chance of success..." She took a breath. "Despite the situation, I am not comfortable ordering a surgery on a patient." She paused, "If that device is a danger to our ship and crew, the situation might be different. But if it is basically a cyanide capsule..." She shook her head. "We need him alive. Even if he cannot be interrogated." She let a hand drift to her neck. "Any other ways to disable it? Or ideas?"

Marcus shook his head "Captain, I'm sorry its not able to be deactivated until its removed. I will do the operation in quarantine. It is shielded, so even if I fail no one will die. I can do it by the machines, if we lose a robot arm. Its not a big deal. I am always honest with my estimates 70 percent chance with the bot. If i did it by hand it'd be higher like a 90% chance of success. I have removed Borg implants by hand in the same location. But those won't possibly blow up."

"If he realizes he's captured, will the device go off? Or will it require an interrogation trigger?"

Marcus nodded "It is a suicide device, he can set it off. It can be remotely triggered as well thankfully Quarantine is fully shielded, no incoming or outgoing signals. I have also put up a bio shield. If the ship is scanned they won't detect his life signs. Captain, my people don't lie, if you want to know what he does. The device has to be removed, no interrogation or torture will occur today. For the safety of those involved, including his own." He sighed "because of the device I do not require his consent to operate. It is a danger to him as well."

"Counselor, opinions?" Sun asked quietly.

Christine stood there frowning, arms crossed. This wasn't her area of expertise. In truth, she didn't know. The captain had called her here as the advocate for this man they held prisoner. Advocate of what? In case someone crosses the line? After a while, she felt a headache coming on and rubbed her temples. "I have no medical knowledge about this," she said in a quiet voice and turned back to the group. "The good doctor does have a point about removing it. However, I'm more interested in the psychological effects an interrogation could have."

"Good." Sun could see the situation had the counselor a bit out of sorts, but she was glad to hear the last part. "Doctor, go ahead with the procedure, as needed." She nodded, "Counselor, lets take a few minutes to go over those effects, and what we should be watching out for. We assume they're willing participants, but we don't know for sure."

Kachiko smiled faintly at the Counselors arrival, always pleased at the lovely woman's presence, "Hello, Counselor. I may not be pleasant in interrogating him when he wakes up, but this is serious. I apologize for what you may have to witness tonight."

"However,it will be a little while before he wakes and I need to go fetch the children and Commander Lylyl-Llytherraias," Kachiko frowned. She looked at the Captain, "By your leave, ma'am?"

"Go." Sun ordered with a quiet shake of her head, "Get Reiko..." She paused, and as much as it pained her. "If the area is secured - Cai and Hiroko should hold tight." She knew that room

Kachiko frowned, "I will recover Reiko and any other telepaths and empaths. Once that's, I will recover your girls, Captain. Civilians come first, always." Left unsaid was that children were a priority. Also unsaid was that through Karsel'lyn's impending marriage to the Captain made Hiroko a relative of hers. Not to mention that Cai was actually Kachiko's niece.

"I can just beam the girls aboard the runabout directly," Kachiko shrugged. "I'm sure that they will understand after the situation is explained. I already made sure that they understood why it's important that they keep their communicators on their person."

Now Kachiko paused, looking thoughtful, "What about the Admiral, Captain? I imagine that he would be a target and his species is psychoactive?"

"I am not sure Ryuu are psychoactive..." Sun replied. She should have known after all these years. If he was, it was not in the sense she thought of traditionally. "Give him a warning. If he wants to come to the Shanghai, he's welcome to - but lets face it, if he doesn't we wouldn't be able to make him."

"They are indeed psychoactive, in a limited fashion," Kachiko finished locking down the wall computer access panel, completely exiting out with her personal security access. "They have the ability to communicate telepathically with other members of their keth. They have a specific biological organ within them with which they are able to communicate with one another."

"That organ would make him susceptible to the neuro-spikes," Kachiko looked bothered. "I really don't want to see him hurt. I will get Reiko back aboard then go visit with him and see what he wants to do. I will fetch your paramour and have her with me for that. Since she's not yet cleared for duty otherwise."

"Good. Keep me up to date on the situation." Sun said with a nod. "Don't be surprised if he's a little hesitant."

"Alright, Captain," Kachiko paused and glanced at the prisoner for a second. "I will see if picking up my niece and Hiroko is possible. Reiko may already be back in the house with them, which would simplify matters."

A nurse entered. "Doctor, we've got an emergency medical transport coming in. A Marine with head trauma and eye injury, some kind of explosion. They are prepping OR Two"

Marcus nodded and touched his hand the lock outside quarantine biolocking it so only he could enter. "Captain, I will operate on our friend next. No one will go in the quarantine room with him. To much risk the device would kill anyone with 5 feet of him." He said nodding to the nurse moving towards OR 2.



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