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Rule 243

Posted on Mon Apr 9th, 2018 @ 7:59am by Captain Sun Mei Xiang

Mission: Of Persephone
Location: Consortium Base
Timeline: After Uninvited


"Daimon, we've lost contact with our team on the Federation colony." A Ferengi spoke as he entered a large meeting room.

Around a large table sat assembled a few high ranking Ferengi, along with a few other leaders in the organization. Represented here were members of the larger sections of the Consortium in Auriga-Perseus, and as the bad news was broken to them, the small table of leaders was suddenly at one another's throats. The group was surprisingly diverse, with numerous species of the quadrants represented - though there were more Ferengi commanders represented. They barked back and forth about the merits of the plans, with only two seeming to be calm. The one at the head of the table was the aforementioned Daimon, who stood and smacked the table.

"Quiet," He bellowed. "We knew that was a risk. It proves what we knew. The Federation is hiding its new find."

There was a noise, as one of the Breen captains at the table turned to the apparent leader. "And what of our men?" The translator wasn't able to translate his tone, but from the actions of his hands - one could only assume he was not happy.

"We paid you, you knew the risks." The Daimon said swiftly, waving a hand down for the man to sit. The Breen did not though.

"Your plan was poorly executed, and we've lost at least 10 men..." The Breen commander shook its head, and leaned against the table.

"We gained intelligence. You cannot make deals without knowing what you are bargaining with." The Daimon defended himself.

"Daimon," One of the other Ferengi commanders said, "You have never been risk averse, but this is not your first failure in this area. Perhaps it is time we pull back and make more conservative moves."

"Our fleet is damaged, your plans continue to fail." A coridanite spoke through a translator. "We no longer have faith that you can provide the profits you promised in the Auriga-Perseus."

"Profits will come. We know now what the Federation has. Dilithium, and a lot of it. We can trade. Their colony will need supplies, assistance, and we can provide that." The Daimon explained.

"And if they discovered your plan for sabotage?"

"Our agents would not... could not divulge the intent." The Daimon said proudly. It was something many of the other commanders didn't seem to understand.

"What do you mean?" The Breen asked.

"Implants... triggered by interrogation techniques..." One of the other Ferengi spoke, a bit of disgust in his voice.

Again, there were a few moments of yelling between the commanders. It devolved to a screaming match, with the Daimon trying to get a word in, but failing. Again, one of the commanders, and Illyrian still sat silently, just watching with a bit of a smirk on his lips.

"We will not allow you to use our men as fodder for your impossible plans any longer." The Coridanite commander said, standing. "We will no longer be part of the Consortium."

"And where will you go?" The Daimon barked.

"The Federation would welcome them..." A rigellian spoke. "Just as the Syndicate would accept us." This commander likewise stood.

"You would rather join... them? We could..." The Daimon stopped as he glanced to the Illyrian commander. "Are you just going to sit there and watch this project fall apart?"

The Illyrian smiled. "You're right, Daimon, it is time I spoke up..." The Illyrian stood, and the others seemed to calm down slightly, waiting to see what he finally said. He adjusted and waited a moment, until he was sure everyone was listening. "I don't believe the right choice is for us to break up our Consortium. Our crews are skilled, our commanders cunning, and in any place this group could be a force to be reckoned with. But here. Here we could be the power." He said with a nod. "With no laws to hold us back, we can meld this part of the galaxy into our vision, and we shouldn't lose sight of that..." The group didn't seem completely behind him as he trailed off. "But we cannot do that with our current leadership. I move for a vote of no-confidence in the Daimon, and that we reorganize the Consortium..."

"What? No!" The Daimon slammed his hands against the table. "I brought you here, I led us this far..."

"No," The Breen Commander hit the table as well, startling a couple of the other commanders. "You merely funded it. We agree with the Illyrians, and second the movement."

"The Rigellians concur." The Rigellian commander barked.

"Then it moves to a vote." The Illyrian spoke swiftly. "We vote openly, so that you can understand your failure more fully. I vote we remove the Daimon as leader."

The Daimon watched in stunned silence as the meeting turned against him. The Breen, the Rigellians, the Coridanites, the Gorn, all quickly voted to remove him. When the first Ferengi was reached, he felt a sigh of relief, as finally some votes to keep the Consortium as it was came into being. He was surprised, though, as commander after commander voted against him though. Aside from his closest Ferengi allies, he had no support.

"And the Selelvian delegation?" The Illyrian waved toward one of the final commanders.

The stunning woman just smiled from her seat a moment, before finally speaking, "We vote yes. It will be good to remove the creatures from our leadership, so that perhaps we can find success in this region."

"Daimon, your vote...?" The Illyrian asked with a smile.

"No. I vote no... obviously. Not that it would matter." He spoke with a growl.

"So it passes." The Illyrian spoke softly.

"You fools don't even have a plan. None of you can run an organization this size..." The Daimon spat before pushing away from the table. He rushed out of the room. Some other Ferengi started to follow them, but hesitated, though they did eventually follow him. There was a long silence afterward.

"Let's reconvene tomorrow, and decide how our leadership will reorganize." The Illyrian said softly, a light smile on his face. "Lets move forward, and make sure we can come back from this poor choice on our previous leader's part." The groups slowly but surely began to leave, standing and moving out of the room until only three commanders remained; the Illyrian, the Breen, and the Selelvian.

The Illyrian let the smile slip from his lips. "Now we get to work." He glanced to the Breen, "Is she ready?"

"Yes... she is aboard my ship now."

"And they're willing to trade and provide access?" The Illyrian spoke as a communicator inside his jacket chirped.

"Yes..." The Breen nodded, distracted momentarily by the sound, "It will be limited at first - but for some of our technologies, they are more than willing to help begin our inroads."

"Good. And you can convince the other commanders to fall into line?" The Illyrian addressed the Selelvian commander.

"Of course. My crew is already setting the plan in motion." She said with a smile. "With the Ferengi out of the picture... and the Breen already on our side. The others will fall in line, whether they want to or not."


"And what of the Daimon? He won't take this lying down. He is more cunning than he appears." The Breen Commander said softly.

"It's already taken care of." The Illyrian frowned, "I considered offering him to the Federation... but..." He spoke softly. "That might give them an asset, and we couldn't have that." He paused, "I'll speak to the Coridanites. They may want to take the lead in smoothing out relations with Starfleet." He stretched, and yawned lightly. "I am glad the Daimon made that so easy for us. Until tomorrow commanders."


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