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A Sort of House Call

Posted on Sat Apr 28th, 2018 @ 2:18pm by Lieutenant Marcus Anvers & Captain Sun Mei Xiang

Mission: Of Persephone
Location: USS Shanghai, Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Supplemental


"Sun to Dr. Anvers."

Marcus tapped his commbadge "Go ahead Captain."

"Can you come to my ready room?" She spoke quietly, a hint of apprehension in her voice. She gave a pause, a telling silence for a moment. "It isn't an emergency, but bring a medical kit with you." She added after the silence. She realized that wasn't enough information. "Something is wrong with my ocular implants."

"Of course Captain, I am on my way." Marcus put the needed items in his satchel and headed to the bridge bypassing the normal pleasantries with any one else as he tapped the keypad outside the ready room door sounding the chime.

"Enter," Sun said softly.

Marcus walked in with his normal cheer "Captain. You have an implant issue? What is going on?" He asked

Mei sat quietly at the couch next to the window facing out of her ready room. She waited until she heard the door hiss shut. "Sorry to call you up here," She said softly. "I can't see though." She admitted, blinking a bit. "I thought the colors were off in the ready room earlier, but a few minutes ago I blinked and everything just started fading. Now everything is... foggy. I guess is the term."

Marcus kneeled and scanned her eyes "Hmm I do see that the implant seems to be out of sync, I can attempt these adjustments here in your ready room. If you like. I can also give you a mild anesthetic."

"I might take you up on that anesthetic." She sighed. "I assume this is just from stress or the chroniton radiation. I'm not overdue to get it checked." She didn't move much. "I always had good eyesight... I'm not a fan of this limited vision." She was rambling a bit, nerves most likely. "I probably should have just come down to you. Just feels like it might be bad for morale to watch. Or bad for mine at least. How are things in sickbay?"

Marcus nodded and gave her the mild anesthetic then holding her eyes open one at a time he used a probe to make the adjustments to the implants. "I was actually going to report to you that our Rigellian friend will make a full recovery. The implant was successfully removed, I was also able to determine a shut off frequency." Marcus said as he continued to make the ever so tiny adjustments to her implants. "I released that frequency to all our planet side teams."

"Good to hear." Sun said softly. "I'm not convinced that the implants were willing. If they were, who would agree to something like that?" She shook her head. Then realized what she had done, snapping back to being still. "Sorry." She spoke softly. "I'm incredibly worried they might be victims as well... It would be a lot easier to be angry, but Rigellian's are Federation citizens. I doubt they would be open to such a barbaric and extreme way of punishing themselves or others when caught..." She sighed, "And did our marine pull through, okay? Anson, right?"

Marcus smiled "Off duty for 3 weeks, lucky kid though I am fairly certain he will keep his eye." He finished her right eye "What I was able to glean from the Rigellian's mind I am bound to agree with you. I also feel like its not just the Rigellians we will find those implants in the heads of." He said as he moved to her left eye...

"May I speak freely Ma'am?" Marcus asked

"Always, doctor." Sun said softly. There were some caveats to that statement more than likely, but she did prefer that officers, especially those with specialties so far from her own, spoke their mind when they felt it necessary.

"You know I'm a Doctor and you know I take an oath to do no harm. I wish to voice my concerns over the plans to possibly use torture of any kind on the Rigellian. I understand as you do, that we need know what he does. But there has to be better ways." He sighed heavily as he finished her second eye. "I will protect lives, even enemy ones, if I am able to do so reasonably."

Sun didn't vocalize anything. She just gave a nod, sort of acknowledging his statements. She wanted to let him finish completely before she gave her response.

"I tell you this so that when it comes across your desk that I removed medical findings you will know those findings were the detonation frequencies for the implants. Even though all they will know is I deleted something." Marcus said as he ran a scanner over her face. Her sight returned as she would find Marcus pretty close to her face as it had been neccessary for the procedure, he backed off. "I have no regrets ma'am, I protected lives." He looked at her "In the end Captain I trust you to be the Captain I believe you to be, if you choose to punish me, I will fully understand. In the end though we both believe them to be victims, there is no reason those detonation codes be known to anyone."

"Good. I completely agree with that decision." Sun said bluntly, blinking and 'looking' down to the floor for a minute. While her vision was returning it was taking it a second, and adjusting to the light and color again was an odd feeling. "Doctor, this never leaves this room, but I have crossed that line before. I cannot, and will not, give you any details about the situation or circumstance. It does not show up in my file, except for an unspecified complaint lobbied by Doctor Jonathan Franz." She swallowed. "I won't cross it again. I won't allow that line to be crossed on my ship, or on my prisoner. Or anywhere I can stop it." She leaned back and stretched a bit before blinking a couple of times. "There is no where safer he could be. Kachiko talks a big game, and is a weapon to be sure, but won't risk pushing that line."

"And Lieutenant, don't ever regret doing what is right. Never hesitate. The Federation is a beacon, but every torch casts shadows. It's our ethical and moral imperatives that keep that light bright. For every black op, for every young commander that makes a stupid mistake, that light dims and we let those shadows grow just a bit." She shook her head, "I'm sorry, I'm not going to give a speech." She took a breath, before adding a soft, "You would have liked Franz, I think. I'm glad to have a doctor on board again willing to take necessary steps."

"I have no regrets, wanted to make sure if and when the information came across your desk you were not blind sided by it." Marcus said "I am a Doctor first, I will always do what I feel is the right path." He did one last scan of her to make sure the adjustments held "I think that should hold for awhile see me in sickbay in a week and we will recheck it."

"I can do that doctor." Sun said softly, sort of awkwardly adjusting as he finished. "Thank you," She said, blinking and feeling her eyes focus again.

"My pleasure Captain." Marcus said as he made his way to the Ready room door. Turning to toss her an orange lollipop. "Captain my readings did not show radiation issues. Rather a slight lack of sleep and nutrition. I know we are in stressful times. I just also know that from what I have seen we have a great crew. More then enough to allow our Captain to eat and sleep better." He smiled

"That makes sense." She took a deep breath. "I'll try to do better about sleeping and eating. I just need to actually schedule some time to do so." She knew there was a lot to it, but she could do it. "One more question, do you think I should have the girls," She spoke of her daughter and niece, "switch over to the colony medical team, or keep them coming up to Shanghai?" She shrugged, "Not sure what the appropriate answer is. And don't want to set a precedent of putting dependents for the crew on your shoulders."

Marcus chuckled "If you are concerned about me Captain, don't be. Please bring them aboard, a Doctor's job includes taking care of the dependents of the crew. I will not be upset, nor will my staff. To my understanding as the colony is not fully finished, neither are her defenses. The ship is likely better defended at the moment." he said "If other crew members wish to do the same we should allow them to do so. Or if any of the colonists wish to evacuate outside of the ones we are forcing to, they should be allowed. Then we set no favoritism, or precedents, only acting in the best interests of everyone."

"True. Favoritism is something I feel like I struggle with..." She admitted, taking a little breath. "Anyway..." She said softly toying with the earlier offered lollipop. "Thank you, doctor, and I'm glad to have you aboard." She gave a smile, "I'll likely set up a couple appointments for dependents in a few days."

Marcus nodded with a smile "I am glad to be aboard Captain. I will look forward to those appointments." He said "In the meantime work on the food and sleep thing." He moved out in the ship back towards sickbay feeling like he made the right choice coming here to the Shanghai.


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