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Just One Weekend

Posted on Wed Apr 25th, 2018 @ 3:41am by Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Reiko Bayushi & Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Sun Cai & Fujita Hiroko

Mission: Of Persephone
Location: Golovin, Sun Residence
Timeline: Supplemental

OOC (Sun): I thought this might be fun. Like always, feel free to jump in add where ever.


Mei had made sure to have the weekend off. Or as off as she could. Basically, she was just working remotely from her planet-side residence, so she had more time to spend with the girls and Lyn. As if fate might have actually given her time with family. She wondered how Cai's actual mothers did it, how they made time for family and fleet. The first day had gone well enough. They came home from the meeting at the Alpha Site and had a perfectly normal night, for once. The next morning, Hiroko and Cai slept in, while Mei caught up on work so she wouldn't need to do much that day. Of course, when the girls woke up, they had something to do in the colony. It was a teenage thing, of course, nothing official. Just some event with some of the other teens in the colony. They promised to be back in a couple of hours for dinner and rushed off.

So, for a little bit in the afternoon, it was just Mei and Lyn at home on their own. Around midday, the sky darkened, clouds settling in over an hour, and the temperature dropping along with them. Then the rain started. Despite having grown a bit, the colony was still rather limited in supplies - so most of the homes were still based on the prefabricated designs, but one of the benefits to that was the sound of rain. That pattering on the home's roof was oddly soothing. It gave her time to sit and think.

Lyn tried to spend as much time as possible at Mei's side, refreshing her drinks when needed and even preparing a light lunch for the lovely Chinese lady. She even went to the extent of holding onto Mei's free hand as the Captain read reports. She wasn't even permitted to work as a Yeoman at this time, her time spent piloting shuttles for Alpha Site being against orders. She remained entirely silent throughout, finding comfort in that she and Mei were so comfortable together, even in complete silence.

Eventually, as evening started to approach, Mei decided to try to cook something. While she didn't have a lot of fresh ingredients, some spices and dried items were still available to her. So she started cooking early. With the rain, it brought back memories of some of her favorite comfort meals. So that was what she cooked - a simple clay pot rice, with pork belly and duck. While the meats were, of course, replicated, she was able to get most of her spices and supplies from her stores. Though she knew that wouldn't last long. And she went about cooking for some time.

Still in silence, Karsel'lyn moved about the kitchen, fetching things for her fiancé without having to be asked. She had picked up on her lover's cooking habits over the past several years, not to mention helping her mother cook in the family home on Earth for yet another year.

Mei looked up from her cooking when she heard the door open and the girls return. Though they moved through the small house like a storm, dripping wet from the rain but one thing was clear - not all the drips down Cai's cheek were rain. Puffy red eyes and flushed cheeks, among other things were clear even from the short glance. "Cai, zěnmeliao?" Mei called out as they passed by. Hiroko glanced back for a second as if she wanted to explain, but Cai just picked up her pace and disappeared into another room. "Hiroko?" She asked, but there was a bit of hesitation before the young woman shook her head and followed her cousin. Sun sighed, reaching to turn down her cooking, so she could go check on them. She twisted around, picking up a towel and running her hands along the cloth before moving after them.

Lyn had been busy compacting their accumulated garbage to be sent to reclamation for reuse when the door opened. She didn't look back, instead knowing it was Cai from the shift in the pheromone levels in the air. She jumped with a faint squeak when Mei spoke, so accustomed to the silence she had become.

Lyn moved to follow Mei when the door opened one last time and in walked adorable little Reiko. Where Cai's tears sparked concern, Reiko's black eye inspired rage in the little half-Orion pilot. Lyn finally spoke as she held an arm out to her niece, drawing the young girl to her in a protective embrace, "Mei. We have more trouble."

"Aiya," Mei said softly. "I don't think we have a dermal re-generator down here. I'll check after I check with Cai and Hiroko in a minute." She leaned in. "If we don't, we have ice..."

Kissing the girl's forehead, "Reiko-chan, what happened?"

Reiko gazed up at Lyn with a look she had never seen in the girl's eyes before, hatred. "I'm sorry, Auntie Lynnie and Auntie Mei. Some of the other girls were harassing CaiCai and Hiroko tried to make them stop. One of them slapped Hiro-chan and another pushed Cai from behind."

"What did you do, ReiRei?" Lyn asked hesitantly.

A wicked grin crossed the gentle girls face, which terrified Karsel'lyn, "I put an end to their harassment, for now anyway. I might be in trouble, now."

Lyn blanched before looking to Mei, "This is something I'm glad I missed as a slave. Girls can be cruel and monstrous."

Mei's look was a bit more stern than Lyn's, looking over the girl. She spoke softly and with a bit more of her command tone than she usually used at home, "You'll almost certainly be in trouble. You know fighting isn't the answer, Reiko." Sun said softly. "Even when pushed, you should only act in self defense. Most of the time, violence really doesn't solve anything." She let that tone fade, "That being said, I'm glad you are willing to stick up for others." Mei smirked a bit, looking over to Lyn, "And I came home looking like that a few times, too, so I for one can't be too mad."

Lyn smiled down at petite little Reiko, "Go clean up and put some dry clothes on. You're going to stay here, tonight, since Chiko-chan is on duty right now. As soon as you're done with that, I want you to record your recounting of events with the Captain. So you don't end up in the stockade for awhile."

The tiny girl nodded quietly and disengaged from Lyn's embrace. As the girl disappeared into the spare bedroom, Lyn looked up at her paramour, "We are going to want to get ahead of this one, before we have angry parents beating down our door."

"Something tells me that Cai had trouble regarding her pheromones. Touri offered to give Cai and I lessons in controlling them, to which I said that I would need to consult you, first," Lyn said. "I think that we should take her up on that offer."

"Probably..." Sun said quietly. "Lyn," She seemed to get off topic quickly, something on her mind. "We don't have the entire story. Cai and Hiroko aren't hurt looks like. Hiroko is pretty good with jujustu, and Cai can keep up with me. Hell," There was the marine in her slipping out, as her smirk widened, "Both of them have thrown me. There's a chance the other side of that fight looks pretty bad right now..." She shook her head and glanced over to her fiance. She sighed and leaned over to give a quick peck on her cheek. "It is your call on Touri... if you think it is a good plan, I'll agree. Let me call security, and then we'll go see her."

"We don't even know if ReiRei started the fight, love," Lyn sighed. "We should take the girls' side until we know that they were in the wrong."

"I'm always on their side, ai. Even if they were in the wrong." Sun moved to a wall panel, having taken to leaving her badge off in the house. It was still connected to the comms, of course, but just not always on her person. "Computer, send the following message to Golovin Colony security." She sighed, "This is Captain Sun Mei Xiang. There has been an incident on the colony. From the sounds of it, my daughter and nieces were in a physical altercation with another group of girls. We are at our Golovin residence, and are discussing the event with the girls. If you require a statement, you can find us here. End message." Mei said quickly, before hitting the comms again, "Sun to Shanghai Crew Services,"

"Uhm. Crewman Gardner here. Go ahead ma'am...?" A nervous voice almost squeaked through the comms.

"Crewman. Can you get our legal services officer on standby for me? It isn't urgent yet... but, I may need to talk to one in the next few days." She added.

"Of course, ma'am... right away. Is there anything else?"

"No, that will be all. Sun out." She clicked off the comms.

"Wait, you think we need a lawyer?" Hiroko said softly, her head peeking around the corner into the kitchen area. "It wasn't that big of a deal."

Lyn turned and smiled at Hiroko, holding her hands out to the adorable teen.

"It's just in case, Hiroko." Sun said softly, "Are you hurt? What happened?"

"No. I'm fine." Hiroko said stepping into frame. "We met a couple of... friends..."

"Boys, darling?" Lyn asked with a small grin.

Hiroko sighed. “We met a couple of guys a few weeks ago. Colonists. They were cute, and kind of fun to hang out with. Cai had a bit of a crush on one of them, but he neglected to tell us he was already dating a girl in the colony. So, today Cai got her nerve up to ask him to maybe grab a bite to eat with just the two of them, and of course he said yes. Then he admitted he had a girlfriend. Which, surprised us. So Cai freaked out and broke it off, because, obviously.” Hiroko barely paused for a breath. “So, she was trying not to cry, so we met up with Reiko for some mochi at the replimat. Then we were going to come home. The girlfriend and her friends found us on the way. They called Cai some things - way harsher things than I expected. I tried to, you know, calm everyone down. But, I may have said some stuff I shouldn’t have. Girlfriend slapped me. I saw one of her friends push Cai. Things went downhill from there.” She was beet red for a second. “It ended quick. No one on their side has more than scrapes or bruises, I swear.” Her eyes welled with tears though, and she started to say something else, but got choked up. “I messed up, and Cai won’t say anything.”

"Cai is part Orion, sweetie. We unfortunately have a stigma we have to deal with, a stigma that's usually very well earned," now the short little pilot hugged the young teen girl.

"Let me talk with Cai myself," Lyn looked from her sweet little niece to Mei.

Mei didn't say anything for a second. The whole weekend was about getting back to being a parent, so she was a bit hesitant to agree. "Okay..." She said softly. She wasn't sure how she ended up in her father's role here, but there she was. "I'll be out here with the other girls when you want me to come in."

Lyn released her hold on Hiroko, "Go hug your Auntie Mei, Hiro-chan." She moved to Cai's bedroom, lightly knocking before opening the door. Closing the door behind her, she turned back to find Cai sitting on the side of the bed. Lyn slid onto the bed next to her taller daughter, taking up one of the girls' hands.

"CaiCai?" Lyn asked quietly. "Are you okay, doll?"

Cai's face was turned away, looking out the window, her knees up against her chest. She still sat in soaking wet clothes. But when she felt a hand, she opened up a little bit. "I'm fine," Her voice, as it scratched out her throat between a bit of a whimpering sob spoke otherwise. She didn't say anything for a minute. "Hiroko told you what happened, right?" She shook her head. She admitted what was wrong pretty quickly. "Maybe he was a bastard the whole time. I actually thought he liked me for me..." Her eyes welled back up, and a few droplets of tears rolled down her face, "Not for... you know..." She sniffled, and swallowed back actual crying. "And I freaked out, and that just made everything worse..." She shook her head. "We should've just come home... there's a replicator here, and then I wouldn't have pissed everyone off by just existing." She whimpered. "It was the pheromones that made him like me, that got Hiro and Rei more defensive than usual, and made the girlfriend so... bitchy..." She leaned over and fell against Lyn a bit, "I don't even disagree with her..." She shook her head and rubbed a tear away. "Sorry..."

Karsel'lyn took Cai's hands and drew her up to her feet, "Come on, darling. Let's get you in some dry clothes."

Cai didn't say anything for a minute, and finally sighed out a soft, "Fine," She took another second, then slowly and somewhat lethargically stood up, before moving to strip off her wet clothes and slip into something more comfortable.

As the girl was changing, Lyn politely looking away, "So I met with the Orion ship Commander, Tabadi Touri."

"Interestingly enough, it ends up that your grandfather is alive and well and has been looking for me," Lyn told the girl. "Touri is also his daughter, which means that she's your aunt. She has offered to teach the both of us about controlling our pheromones,which your Muqin seems to be okay with, depending on what you think?"

"Wait, what?" Cai seemed confused as she pulled on her final bit of clothing, "I... we, I guess, didn't have any Orion family in my timeline. Or... if we did, you never said anything." She spoke quietly, almost in a whisper, still broken by whimpers and a scratchy throat. "But... I mean. If she can help control this, I'd be open to trying."

Lyn smiled at the girl, fighting back anger at the sounds of Cai's pain, "She's a bit more than usual to get used to, sweetie, but Touri is your Aunt. Maybe the thing you came back to prevent was prevented and we're exploring things that we did not get to explore in your original timeline?"

"Either way, my father, your grandfather, is on his way here," Lyn concluded. "He wants to establish trade with us and the colony. But more so, he wants to see me for the first time in almost thirty years and he really wants to meet his adorable granddaughter."

"Kaachan," Cai quietly protested at the mention of her being adorable. "I hope its not too soon... I'd like to get out of this crisis before the next bit of excitement..."

"What should be interesting," Lyn looked thoughtful. "Is that Chiko-chan is a clone of my mother's eggs. She is almost an exact copy of my mother, whom father loved dearly. I am wondering if that will be helpful in negotiations with him?"

"It might be the opposite of helpful..." Cai said with a little shrug. "I mean, you have a chance of it working like you and muqin, where... neither of you are... you know, lost in it. You can still think. But... it could be a stronger emotion, right? Lost in a feeling. Like, me, I guess." The young hybrid shrugged. "I don't know. It could be." She realized that may have been rhetorical. She changed the subject. "It'll be different to meet him. I mean, I knew about my Orion side... but, never embraced it."

Lyn took the opportunity to embrace the teenager, "CaiCai, you and Mei are the most important parts of my life. However, when I was a girl, father was my entire life. I had a wonderful father, a good male role model. You're in a big family of almost all ladies. If father is still the man that raised me, I want you to spend some time with him."

"I mean, he is your grandfather, after all," Lyn smiled as she drew back, before holding out her hands, "Let's go out and have supper, my adorable girl."

"Okay..." Cai said sheepishly, perhaps about both topics, before finally taking her hands and heading out towards the kitchen.

Out in the kitchen, Reiko suddenly reappeared, wearing a thick white cotton bath robe, barefoot with a towel around her head. She looked up at Mei, "I'm really sorry, Auntie Mei. I had to help Hiro-chan and CaiCai, as there were six of them and they all had a beating on their minds."

"I intentionally didn't hurt them, though they did get a couple of punches in on me," Reiko said quietly, gesturing towards her blackened eye. "Mother made sure to teach me how to disable people without hitting them. Pressure points are interesting things."

"You don't have to apologize, Reiko," Mei said softly, having gone back to cooking to try to finish that up at least, so they'd have something nice. Now she really needed that comfort. Or maybe more accurately, she hoped it helped others. "And I believe it. Seems like marine mom's tend to do that," She said with a bit of a grin. "Though, I was never good at disabling without damage." She admitted, before changing the subject. "Don't get me wrong. You're probably in trouble, but I'm proud of you girls. When I seem mad in the next few days, try to remember that." She said softly, leaned against the counter in the kitchen as she waited for her timer to go off. "Also, Reiko, we can probably loan you some clothes if you don't want to just wear a robe."

Reiko shook her head, "I was already planning on staying over here tonight, since Mother is on duty. I have clothes for tomorrow and pajamas in the bedroom. I guess I just like the robe, which is really comfortable."

"Auntie, I didn't do anything to hurt those girls," Reiko pleaded her case. "I only poked their pressure points. I didn't even have to throw or restrain anyone, though CaiCai did have to throw one girl after she was grabbed from behind."

"There were six of them, Auntie Mei. They showed up intentionally with the thought of attacking CaiCai and Hiro-chan."

"Probably. But," Mei said, not hesitating to bring the complexity to the forefront. The girls were probably aware, "They might not have been able to choose otherwise." She reached into her pocket, and pulled out a small hypo. "Cai and Lyn both have pretty potent pheromones. It gives me headaches. Sometimes it makes me jealous, defensive, irritable. Its a chemical reaction - one that affects every species and gender differently." She gave a sigh, "So, if she was hanging out with this boy a while, the girls might not have been thinking straight..." She took a breath, and shook her head.

"Again, you girls didn't do anything wrong. And I'm glad you acted as you did. But we'll take it from here," She said softly, before finally pulling her clay pot out to see how the food looked - and maybe more importantly smelled. "So, girls. Since you had the excitement today... should we eat at a table, or do you want to be a bit more casual? Maybe a watch a holovid, or something?" She asked quietly. She was getting a little bit antsy waiting for Lyn and Cai, but tried to be patient.

"I know about the pheromones, Auntie. However, it's still not justification for the use of violence," Reiko said sagely. "I hope that they didn't get hurt, even if I was mad enough to have done so. Mother made sure I understood self-control before I was taught how to defend myself. I didn't understand the need for it, then but I certainly do after tonight."

She smiled as she visibly drew in a deep breath through her nose,"Mm, that smells really good, Auntie!"

With that, Karsel'lyn's voice sounded from the entryway from the aft section of the house, with a chuckle, "Yes it does. And your Auntie keeps trying to say that she can't cook."

"She can't. Cooking a comfort food is not a sign of talent cooking..." Mei protested before slipping out of the kitchen and over to her fiance and daughter. She couldn't help it. She was worried. So she went over to check. There was a second where she thought about just doing exactly what her mother did. Then, she decided against it. Instead just giving a smile, and a quick hug to both Lyn and Cai. "It's not much, I know, but I am proud of you." And then glanced back, "And your cousins. If you want to talk about it later, I'm there. If not, I understand."

"I know." Cai said softly, though it wasn't very convincing.

"Okay." Mei took a breath and stepped back. "Let's eat, shall we?"

Reiko grinned. Food was her only real vice and she was always enthusiastic about supper time, "Sounds good to me!"

Karsel'lyn smiled at her nieces enthusiasm. She seated Cai and then her two adorable nieces, before looking over at Mei, "Darling, you give yourself far too little credit. I have enjoyed every last thing you have prepared."

The injured but recovering pilot moved over to assist the lovely Captain move the meal to the large family table, smiling the entire while. Family had become increasingly important to the small half-Orion and it just seemed to keep growing day by day.

When they were finally all sat down, Lyn looked over at Mei, "Do you think that maybe Min and Fujita-san would be interested in moving out here? I imagine that Hiro-chan would like to have her parents nearby? But... what about the other Hiro-chan?"

"...I hate this time travel nonsense!"


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