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Delicate Operations

Posted on Tue Apr 17th, 2018 @ 8:17am by Lieutenant Marcus Anvers

Mission: Of Persephone
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: After Interrogation

OR 2:

Marcus made the last swipe of the dermal regenerator over the Marines face. The young Sergeant had luck on his side as he kept his eye and would not even have a scar to show for the events of that day. Marcus put and entry into the personnel files for both the Major and the Captain that Sergeant Wilkes would be off duty for 3 weeks. At that time Marcus would reevaluate him and consider a return to duty.

Marcus smiled and allowed the nurses to take the sergeant into recovery. Just as a nurse came in from sickbay proper as Marcus washed up.

"Doctor the robot arms there is an issue" Nurse Green said "Two of the arms are not responding to commands, it will need Engineering to repair it." she said

Marcus sighed "So I will work on the Rigellian manually." he said seeing the look of fear on her face "Don't worry we will put up blast shields so I can still have anesthesia at least nearby." he said "Prep him for surgery, I don't want that device in his head any longer then necessary."

The nurse nodded and moved off as Marcus made his way to Quarantine.

Quarantine Room 1:

Marcus had kept their Rigellian guest heavily sedated since he had arrived on board not wanting any issues. More so after he had learned of the implant in the Rigellian's head. He pulled in the scanner and pulled up a holographic picture of the Rigellian's brain.

Marcus could see the implant right tucked in under the brain at the top of the brain stem between the cerebellum and the temporal lobe. This was not an easy placement of such a device but it made sure it wasn't removed easy either. Marcus had the staff get a different bed almost more a massage table with a hole where the mans head was they would need to place the Rigellian on his stomach as Marcus would have to go in through the base of the mans skull from behind. They moved the Rigellian carefully and put up the blast shields. Marcus placed a shielded container nearby for the device to go in when it was removed.

With a few deep breaths and a nod to his staff as they all cleared the room except for his anesthesiologist who was at her machine behind a blast shield Marcus set to work. It would take time but soon enough there he was looking straight at the device. He carefully removed it and dropped it in the shielded container. Then with a great sigh of relief he closed the Rigellians head back up. The Rigellian would survive without any incident. But with the pain killers Marcus would put him on, he would not be in any condition to question for at least 3 days.

Marcus called his team back in and they placed the Rigellian back peacefully onto a biobed. Cleaning up the room back to where it should be and resetting the locks on Quarantine. Marcus picked up the shielded container and went out into sickbay proper. There he scanned the device he was able to ascertain the codes for both detonation and shut down. His oath to not do harm would prevent him from ever telling anyone the detonation signal. But he hoped that the shut down codes would at least help. If all the devices were the exact same it would work. He cleared the detonation findings from his logs and disposed of the device. He wouldn't allow anyone to detonate no more then he was going to allow the Colonel to physically abuse the Rigellian.


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