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Posted on Sat Jul 14th, 2018 @ 2:59pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Major Dren Fyntar & Lieutenant Marcus Anvers & Lieutenant Christine Descharmes

Mission: 5618
Location: USS Shanghai, Observation Lounge
Timeline: A few Hours After "If You Aren't the Consumer..."


"Unidentified Vessels. You are near Protectorate Space. We invite you to make yourself known to the Cyen people of the Protectorate. Coordinates to follow." The message audio played in the Observation lounge for the entire staff to hear. Sun stood at the end of the table for a moment to let the audio sink in before she tugged on the end of her jacket nervously. The stars outside the lounged flashed by as the ship traveled at warp speeds back towards Golovin.

The Shanghai had retrieved the Away Team, and barely waited for the shuttle and fighters to settle on the deck before jumping to warp. It was easy to see that something was up, but the message came as a bit of a surprise.

"This message overwhelmed the communications systems at Seppala and Golovin. Even civilian communicators were affected." Sun said simply.

"It was sent at the same time as our Watcher broke from Barataria's atmosphere and went to warp. The message was received within a couple minutes. Energy readings from both the warp jump of the Watcher and the Message are similar to previous readings from Protectorate technology."

The captain gave a small shake of her head. "Right now, we're headed back to Golovin at maximum warp. We don't have reason to believe it is a prelude to an attack."

She cleared her throat. "Bellamy has put all its scans towards the coordinates. Signs point towards a Minshara-class planet, with a post warp society. Early indications are good that they just sent the coordinates of their planet, but we just don't have a lot of information. The scans indicate an asteroid or debris field close to the planet in question which is making it more challenging to get a good picture."

She sighed. "After talking to the other Commanders, we agree that the best strategy is to handle this situation like a traditional first contact scenario. Given our past with the Protectorate, Shanghai will be going alone. We'll drop out of warp at Golovin soon. You'll have four hours to rest and resupply once we arrive, then we'll be embarking." She glanced around to the staff. "Any questions?"

"I will leave Major Jantzen in charge of system defense while we are heading out," Lieutenant Colonel Bayushi Kachiko said. "It's recommended to have telepaths along on potential first contacts. Also, Commander Lylyl-Llytherraias is not cleared for duty and is spending time with her half-sister on Golovin. Young Miss Touri may have more information about this Protectorate. I recommend that we inquire with her and perhaps with the senior Syndicate Commander, whom is nearing Golovin now?"

"On that note," Sun added, "Two things. One, I'll likely need to abstain from meeting with the Orion's in an official capacity, so I'll need a volunteer to handle that front." She didn't wait for a response. "Major," She twisted around to the marine. "Make sure all your marines are aboard before we disembark. And if you need, feel free to borrow additional equipment from other ships. I'm expecting a trap, but hoping we'll just need extra hands exploring a new civilization."

"Understood Captain" Fyntar acknowledged "I'll have the rest of the company ready to board by the time we arrive. We have what we need already aboard"

He made his way over the communications panel to get orders sent ahead.

"Anyone else have any questions or ideas? The floor is open." Sun said softly.

The spritely Lieutenant Colonel spoke up again, "I would like it if we could leave two mechanized companies on Golovin. One to defend the colony and the other to split between Alpha Site and the the Dig? If this is a ruse to draw us away from the planet, we need to ensure that the colonists and the Dilithium are secured and protected."

"Agreed. We won't leave the colony unsupported. Pull from the other ships if you have too, but I feel like its as likely a trap for Shanghai as the colony. So, our full complement needs to be available." Sun replied softly. "But Bellamy and Vauban should be happy to help make sure we can make that happen."

"I'll leave details up to Major Fyntar," Kachiko relaxed back in her chair, her piece spoken. She was in charge of system defense and not in charge of the Marine detachment, which was unusual for her.

"Our guest is still in Quarantine, he knows nothing of plans beyond the ones we already thwarted." Anvers said "in the trip to see our friends Nurse Amaran detected and disarmed a total of 40 devices. I feel there are many more to find."

"It'd be worth checking." Sun spoke softly. "Lets discretely check the rest of our people for devices. Coordinate with the other CMOs and Colony. Call it a wellness check, or chroniton radiation. Lets do our best to avoid panic if possible." She took a breath. "They knew about the dilithium, so we have a leak somewhere. As for our guest, I don't like the idea of pulling a civilian into this, so we may have to find him a place planet-side. Anything else before the second bit of business?"

"Okay. In addition to this, the Commander of the local Syndicate has arrived at Seppala. There will be a large Orion presence at the station and colony when we arrive. Don't be surprised. Be polite. See Doctor Anvers if your going to spend more than an hour or so around them. To keep you in the loop, the Orions are interested in working more closely with us than the Syndicate normally would be. They're in the same boat we are, though, and can't return home anytime soon." She motioned to some of the crew, "At least many of us." She took a breath. "We'll be discussing that more in depth after the Commanders have any sort of decision..." She looked around the room. "Any thoughts or questions about the Orion presence?"

"The Orion Commander?" Kachiko said with a hint of surprise. "Would that be Beren Lylyl-Llytherraias?"

"Yes." Sun said curtly, without any more details than that.

Kachiko nodded, "I haven't met the man, though I have profiled him for Starfleet Intelligence. He is Commander Lylyl-Llytherraias' father, previously presumed deceased. He was the owner of the woman from whom I was cloned until the woman's death in childbirth."

"We may want to gauge his reaction to me when we return from afar, as I am a near perfect likeness to his beloved slave, save for the white hair," Kachiko shrugged. "I may prove distracting during negotiations with our new Syndicate friends, especially since both the Commander and you, Captain, have to recuse yourselves?"

"Negotiations will be held by the other Commanders. You are right on my recusal, and the commander's. However, officially, Shanghai will have little to do with the negotiations themselves. Our mission lies squarely in Protectorate space. Still... keep an eye out for anything suspicious."

"Did you want me to remain and oversee the Syndicate's arrival, Captain?" Kachiko asked. "I'm not keen on leaving while we have these unknowns in our midst as well as the possible threat from the Protectorate."

"I'll discuss it with the other Captains. But, it may be a good idea. I have a feeling that if they are up to something, it would still be in the earliest stages. And," She paused for a moment. "With the situation at hand, they may legitimately be looking for a safe place to land. Asses the situation when we arrive. If you feel it best, stay with the colony and oversee the arrival."

"I think that I would be more of use on the First Contact, as a telepath," Kachiko sighed. "I trust your paramour, Captain. I sincerely doubt that she'll play along with any hijinks."

"Perhaps." Sun said with a little bit of a sigh. "We'll have to restrict telepathic usage until we can see if they also have those abilities, and if they do what their culture around said abilities may be." She gave a nod. "If there's nothing else, we should be arriving at the colony soon. Get your departments squared away. Remember. Four hours at the colony, and then we'll set out."



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