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Offering a Position

Posted on Sun Jan 13th, 2019 @ 7:29pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Lieutenant Commander Dastan Alexander Ph.D & Lieutenant Magnus Arynson Jr & Ensign Kendra Kyle

Mission: Between the Pages
Location: Seppala Station, Operations
Timeline: Supplemental

[Seppala Station, Main Operations - Officer in Command's Office]

"Commander," Sun spoke over to her Executive Officer, "I just had a jacket handed to me from some SAR..." She sighed. She was really trying to break that habit. "Search and rescue officers that just helped find a few of our missing people. I'm calling up the Lieutenant now. He might be what we need out here for CSec," She held up her hands, giving up for a moment on trying to stop using abbreviations. She raised a padd to the Commander, "Here, take a look. See what you think." She smirked, "We'll see if he actually comes up to meet with me in a minute. We'll be in Adam's Office, he was nice enough to clean it up a bit for us."

Dastan somewhat cracked a smile at his commanding officer. “Old habits are hard to break,” he said as he lend forward to take the PADD from her hand. “Interesting jacket Captain, he should be a fine addition to the Shanghai if he takes the job.”

"How could you turn this down?" She waved both arms around at the over filled Ops Center and bustle of yet another emergency. Her smirk only grew at her own sarcasm. "You're welcome to join the meeting if you want. If not, you'll just have to set one up after the fact."

Dastan thought for a second. “I’ll join you,” he said. “It will give me a break from Lt. Adams. All these refugees have him behind on the scan. He’s been driving me crazy for a extension on the scans. I know the station is cramp packed, but with the orbs on the planet and the Klingons in the sector we need the Shanghai done on time.” The commander followed sun to Adams’s Office.

Sun made her way to the office and waited there for this new Lieutenant to show up. She didn't know how well he'd take the offer, but she was upset that it wasn't in her own office. Still, there was a bonus. It wasn't her office. Here, her past wasn't on full display. It'd make for an interesting read of a new officer. She just waited for him there, in this slightly unkempt office on a station - though she was pleasantly surprised to see her ship hanging in space outside the station from here. Now it was just a wait for that door chime. Given the crowds of civilians, she'd give it a few minutes.

The hulking Lieutenant made his way to the location where the Captain had her office on the station, then reached out to press the chime. He thought that she was probably going to thank him before sending him on another task, or a long journey back, but that was all part of the job.

Sun gave a quick command of "Shuru," Though the door didn't do anything, and she repeated, "Enter," In standard.

MJ entered and came to attention at the center of the room in front of the Captain. "Lieutenant Arynson, reporting as ordered," he said.

"Lieutenant, I'm Captain Sun Mei Xiang of the USS Shanghai," She spoke quietly. "And ranking Starfleet officer in the Auriga-Perseus area." She motioned to Dastan, "And this is my Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Dastan Alexander." She adjusted her uniform, and gave a polite bow. "I'd like to thank you for the service, and your actions in helping track down some of our missing colonists. These lights were harmless at first, but things have rapidly gone sideways." She normally would have said more, but as she raised back up she spoke again. "I'll be brief. Your jacket caught my eye, and I need an experienced security officer on my senior staff. I have thousands of civilians stranded on a planet, out of time, with limited support from home and with a reckless and hostile regional power just around the corner." She spoke plainly, "Any interest in staying out here with us?"

"So there's thousands of possible casualties waiting to be picked off by a hostile power and it's gone from search and rescue to a possible fight?" he summarized. "Not to mention temporal displacement. I would, Captain Xiang, but I have a small stipulation if you would see fit to grant my request."

"Captain Sun," Mei corrected quickly, but she didn't dwell on it for the time being. Her insistence on traditional standards for her name was a non-issue at the moment. "That would depend on the request, of course. I'm happy to hear it, but no promises."

"My apologies, Captain Sun," MJ said and meant it. "The request is that my pilot, Ensign Kyle, be allowed to transfer as well. She's a good fighter pilot."

Mei gave a little shake of her head. "A fighter pilot." She took a breath, "That would fall under Commander Lylyl-Llytheraias' jurisdiction." She nodded towards his commbadge. "Call her up here. I have to meet her before I'll put in a good word." She smiled, "We are not in a rush, one way or the next."

MJ tapped the combadge that seemed to be securely fastened to his uniform. "Ensign Kyle, report to Captain Sun in the Ready Room on the station, please." He adjusted the black backpack he had on and one of the sensors in Xiang's desk gave a discreet beep to alert her of a message.

Kendra had arrived not too long after her summons she'd taken a break from some work on the runabout she'd been flying to explore the station. Having changed into a clean duty uniform when going on her break it saved her some time as well. When she arrived to the Ready Room she rang the chime and wondered what she was being summoned for.

"Enter," Mei got it right that time, seemed like. She had noticed a chime on the desk, and the little flash of a message for a second. It didn't seem to worry her, though, at least not visibly.

When given the clearance to enter she entered the room and came to attention, "Ensign Kyle reporting as ordered, sir."

"Good, thank you Ensign," Mei said softly, giving a light bow. "Captain Sun Mei Xiang - Sun is my family name." She spoke as she raised back up. "I'm going to repeat myself a lot here in a moment, but first I have to get straight to a point I've just been alerted to - before marine executive security show up." She glanced to the Lieutenant, with only the slightest nod of her head, her tone calm but undeniably colder than it had been, "Is there a good reason my security sensors just tripped for a detected explosive material?" She nodded her head back to the console behind the desk, mostly to get the Commander's eyes on. She wasn't sure how he'd react, she realized.

MJ gave a half smile. "That would be my doorbell," he said as he reached to unhook his backpack slowly. "I created it when we were being hunted while hunting survivors. Just a little thermolyte and Ultritium 342 with a motion detector. Whole lot of bang and flash, but not much more." He opened the backpack and made sure it didn't look like he was going to reach for a weapon and drew out what looked like a miniature briefcase.

He pressed his thumb to the back of it and it popped open with a barely audible click to reveal eight miniature sticks of explosive with part of a tricorder being used as a sensor.

"A flash-bang," Sun spoke quickly, "Noted, don't come in unannounced when you've dug in. Commander, if that mixture sounds accurate to you, will you let Sergeant Hernandez know not to blast her way in here or beam me out or whatever plan she has." She asked her XO somewhat quietly. She seemed eerily calm on it though, turning back. She seemed confident that it wasn't a threat, if a little more suspicious now. But it wasn't the first security officer with a habit like that she'd met.

Dastan raised his eyebrow as we watched events unfold. “Very impressive, Captain, definitely don’t need a show of force in here,” Dastan said almost with a smile on his face.

"On to business, then" Sun spoke, before giving another nod to the device, "Careful with that though. You haven't been cleared for mission files, but some people are going to be jumpy around explosives here." She added. "As I was originally going to say, Ensign, thank you for coming up. I just offered the Lieutenant a job a security chief aboard the Shanghai. He wanted you to stay to, seems like." She said bluntly. "Shanghai's retrofitted with a larger capacity and houses part of the 464th Fighters. I can't speak for them directly. I can't guarantee a position. But. I can put in a good word. If you're interested in staying - what makes you a fighter pilot I need, and why would you want to stay out here?"

Kendra glanced to MJ for a moment and did her best to keep a straight face, but it was hard. She turned back to the Captain and looked like she was searching for an answer.

"To be honest Captain," she said. "I'm brand new but I'm qualified in multiple fighter platforms, I can hold my own when it comes to maintenance, and my first assignmet I was made acting Commander Air Group which I managed to get an fighter group established aboard a brand new vessel before launching into frontier space," she said. "I haven't done a whole lot yet but I've only been out of training a short time and I know that you won't be disappointed if you keep me."

"Good, I'll look over the file. As fair warning though, I was a marine fighter pilot instructor, and eventually CAG for the original Shanghai." Sun added, "And our current CAG is pickier than I would be, so good luck. And, if you're serious about sticking around, I'm sure we'll trade stories." She spoke quietly. "I cannot give you a full briefing until you are in the system, and as you can see my ship is floating around being cleared of any trace of Borg tech, so that'll be a bit. Suffice to say, we have our work cut out for us here - but the main goals are protect the civilians on Golovin, and continue exploring. That sounds simple enough, but we have a history of facing the brunt." She gave a little shake of her head. "I have a thousand questions I normally ask, but I'm going to let Commander Alexander introduce himself and go over anything he'd like to momentarily." She paused a second for a breath, "For my kind of thought process on these decisions, I'd like to know why you both joined the fleet." She said quickly, "It isn't something I can find here," She raised a padd lightly.

"I love to fly, sir," Kendra said, simply. "I started when I was a bit young doing some racing back home with a bad crowd. So I was redirected by my family into a way I could fly in a bit more positive way... and I can't imagine doing anything else, honestly," she told him.

"That's very interesting," Dastan said as he stepped forward. He glanced at the personnel jackets. "You both have impressive records. As for you Ensign, final decision will be with the CAG, but we can make a recommendation." He paused and moved the PADD out from in front of him. "The Shanghai prides itself in having a crew that is composed of the best of the best. Like I said both of your jackets are impressive, but the jacket doesn't tell us everything. What makes you the best person to join the Shanghai?

Mei seemed happy with that line of questioning, glancing across the two as she sorted things in her mind a bit. It was odd to finally have an XO, and incredibly strange to not be in that position. Even as a commander she preferred to take on that more hands on role. It was nice to be able to stand back a minute and just observe. She almost spoke up to add something, but opted against it. She wasn't a teacher now, she was interviewing them. She couldn't guide an answer. So for now, she'd just watch.

"I would never say that I'm the best, sir. I certainly have a lot to offer the Shanghai and my determination to be what other might think is the best is an asset to be sure. But I don't think one can actually be the best until you're reading from history," Kendra responded.

"Hao dá'àn," Sun spoke with a nod to her executive officer. She doubted he had picked up on all her uses of Chinese, but it was a good answer, she thought, as she glanced back over to the fighter pilot. "Most Fighter Pilots are generally confident they are among the best. I know I was." She nodded, "Sorry to interrupt, Lieutenant." She gave a small adjustment and motioned to the security officer.

"It's perfectly fine, Captain," MJ said. "As for what makes me the best person for the job? You asked me to fill it." It was a cocky answer, sure, but it was also the truth.

There was a moment when Mei seemed to smirk at that answer, but there was a curiosity there - a wonder if it was confidence, arrogance, or just a bit of a defense mechanism. "Well, commander?"

Kendra glanced toward, MJ, it wasn't that she was surprised he'd think to answer that way but to a fairly new officer she couldn't imagine actually being that... blunt? To a senior officer she didn't actually know.

Dastan paused and raised an eyebrow to the answer. “Lieutenant, that question was not to provoke you but just to support why the Captain would ask you to join our crew.”

"Then I have one final question for this round, before I make my decision and make the changes. I need to know something," She glanced across the two officers, hopefully not experienced enough to give her a good answer to this, "What is it in your career that keeps you up at night? You don't have to go into incredible detail." She hoped her meaning was clear enough.

"Not being able to prevent someone from losing their life," MJ said simply. He had spent many nights awake when things went sideways and he knew it wouldn't end until he gave up his career.

"Something similar I guess, not that I've experienced what it was like to lose a life or anything like that. When I was Acting CAG I tried to take alert shifts overnight at least once a week... and anytime I knew I had fighters in space it was difficult not being in the control room. Whether it was being off duty and trusting my group or being on the bridge or involved in other things that kept me away."

"I still have problems delegating," Mei admitted, "And of course, a lot of ghosts for that as well," She nodded to Arynson. She took a breath. "I think your records speak for themselves. There are plenty of things I need to go over with you both. I'm going to have to save that for another time when we're not in the middle of a crisis." Sun spoke simply, holding up her hand and raising a single finger. "First, a large number of the Shanghai crew is temporally displaced. All database information about the future is locked. Do not try to delve, or you'll end up in the brig until 2391 when you can finally see a court martial hearing." She took a breath and raised another finger. "Our first duty out here is to protect Golovin colony, so you'll have access to information on regional powers as soon as you leave this office. Brush up on them. Protectorate troops use chroniton based weaponry and they are highly aggressive. Luckily, they haven't made a push here yet." She raised another finger, "SoK may be looking to cut us off too, so, expect that."

"Ensign," She added quickly, "You'll need to meet the CAG as soon as possible to get this officially squared away officially. That'll likely introduce you to the squadron leaders. I'll let her know you're coming. We'll get you a fighter." She gave a quick nod almost to herself. "Given how you got here, I assume you'd be up for away team duties too. If that's the case, touch base with Ensign Sinclair, our CFCO."

"I will speak with both of them, ma'am," Kendra responded, with a nod.

She paused a moment, "Lieutenant Arynson, take note that we do have a separate Tactical and Security Department, and a Marine department. I like departments to integrate as well as possible - but remember you are in charge of ship's security. The Marines will help when we need extra firepower, and they're recon so we'll use them as such as needed. Tactical is in charge of ship to ship, but I'm sure there will be some crossover." She paused for a moment, "And, if you can, remember to bring me a type three anytime things go sideways. The EVA style carbines are my preferred - marine pilot first," She explained, "and the marine in me hates having just a type one or two."

MJ nodded. "Type III, got it Captain," he said.

"With that, any questions?" Sun asked quickly, opening the floor to any last minute questions with a wave of her hands.

"None at this time, Captain Sun," MJ replied.

"I do have a question though," Kendra spoke up. "I was training to become qualified to stand watch on the bridge as the duty officer. Would I have the opportunity to continue my training here?"

"I think that is doable. I'd sign off on it, but Commanders Alexander and Lylyl-Llytheraias would need to set up the details and would have oversight." Sun gave a nod over to Dastan. She had done much the same thing, though much later in her career. "Were you just doing general training? Or more focused in on Strat Ops, FCO, or Ops?"

"No ma'am, I meant officer of the deck. But I'd be happy to help wherever it is needed," Kendra said, worried now that she'd miss out on that opportunity.

“I’m sure that can be arranged,” Dastan replied as he glanced over to Captain Sun. “We’re always looking for officers to sit for Delta shift.” He then turned his attention back to Kendra. “Once you have finished your bridge command training.”

"Patrol runs are common enough on the late shift too, so having a fighter pilot overseeing the bridge on those nights would be an easy first step until training and familiarity with the crew change that." Mei added.

"I would be very happy to gain that experience," Kendra said.

"Good. I think that will be all for now." Mei spoke quickly. "As you've likely noticed, we've got a bit of a situation on our hands. We'll have you on the Shanghai as soon as possible, and try to get back to normal. Lieutenant, find a console as soon as you can and start getting your eyes on the Security Department. Most are scattered helping coordinate with station security right now, so you might not have a lot of help." She glanced between the two, "Ensign, find Commander Lylyl-Llytheraias and get that side of the paperwork in order. Then both of you," She added. "Find a bunk. Get some rest if you can. Might be tight for a day or two. Once the colony is clear, you can also arrange for housing planetside, if you would like. Shanghai will be clear again in a few days. But we'll put you to work here as soon as we can here." She paused for a moment, "If there is nothing else, you're dismissed."

"Thank you, Captain Sun," MJ said. "I'll get on it right away."

Kendra rose to her feet and stood at attention when she said the word dismissed. "Thank you, Captain," the young girl said before executing an about face and walking out of the room. Sure it was clearly more formal than any of it had been but the academy and flight school was much fresher in her mind than the others.

Captain Sun Mei Xiang
Commanding Officer, USS Shanghai

Lieutenant Commander Dastan Alexander
Executive Officer, USS Shanghai

Lieutenant Magnus Arynson JR
Chief of Security, USS Shanghai

Ensign Kendra Kyle
Prospective Fighter Pilot, USS Shanghai


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