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Avoiding Regrets

Posted on Wed Mar 27th, 2019 @ 2:35pm by Ensign Jane Sinclair & Shaila Flynn

Mission: Points Of Light
Location: Seppala Station Science Lab
Timeline: After "Impromptu Counseling"


An hour had passed since Jane's conversation with Christine in the Station's lounge. She was glad Christine had taken a few moments to talk to her and help her through her current crisis. More than just an effective Counselor, Christine was fast becoming Jane's friend too. Someone she might have gone to for advice even if it wasn't also her job.

Because of the urgency with which everyone beamed aboard, commbadges had not been assigned to the displaced colonists. Otherwise, the computer would have made her task much easier.

And now here she was, exploring the corridors of Seppala one by one, searching for a shock of red hair that would point her to Shaila Megan Flynn.

Seppala being old and used primarily for merchant purposes before being rebuilt in orbit of Golovin, it lacked an arboretum, which would have been Jane's first guess. Absent that, she searched along the various public areas and cargo bays where people were congregating, but with little luck. She was moving quickly, and starting to lose her breath.

Jane was starting to give up hope when she heard her own name being called out from down the corridor ahead of her. She looked for the voice and when she found its source, she felt her spirits lift.

"Shaila!" she exclaimed and pushed her way down the corridor towards her. She stopped in front of the lovely colonist, struggling to catch her breath. "I've been looking for you!"

"What? Why?" asked Shaila. "Hey, are you okay?" She put her hand on Jane's shoulder. Jane felt Shaila's touch through the lace of her cardigan, and her skin tingled.

The break to catch her breath permitted the butterflies in her stomach to settle. "I needed to find you. I..." Nope, the butterflies were back. Push through it, Jane! "I needed to tell you. I know we've only spoken a couple of times, but I think you're really pretty and I like you and I want to take you to dinner."

Jane was proud of herself for saying it, even if it was awkward. Seriously, Jane, how old are you? she thought to herself. Next came the longest seconds she thought she'd ever waited.

Jane looked at Shaila and saw a warm and luminous smile, coming from her eyes as much as her lips. "I'm hungry now," she said as a reply. "Want to find the lounge? Grab a bite?"

Jane smiled back and nodded tightly, and laughed gleefully when Shaila took her hand and began to drag her down the corridor. She convinced the Irish beauty to slow and let her catch up on her own, so they walked side by side and chatted the rest of the way.

Coming into the lounge, Jane managed to catch a glance from Christine, who was still working the bar and talking to displaced colonists. Jane smiled and waved at her friend, who, seeing Shaila with her, smiled back and returned a thumbs-up.

"Jane!" called Shaila, which drew Jane's attention back to her new friend. She smiled, laughed, and met up with her at the replicator, deciding what to have to eat on their first date.


Ensign Jane Sinclair
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Shanghai

Shaila Flynn
Horticulturalist, Golovin Colony

And a brief authorized cameo by:

Lieutenant Christine Descharmes
Chief Counselor, USS Shanghai


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