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First Introductions

Posted on Tue Feb 26th, 2019 @ 11:36am by Lieutenant Wale Scholl Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander Dastan Alexander Ph.D & Ensign Adam Reign

Mission: Points Of Light
Location: Seppala Station
Timeline: A few hours before "Into the Depths"

Wale Scholl went out in search of the Shanghai's Executive Officer, as per the Captain's instructions. She had informed him of the situation regarding the orbs that had been appearing all over the place, and the colony's evacuation, and recommended that he touch base with the First Officer. He also wanted to get in touch with the Acting Chief Science Officer - naturally, he'd be taking over, so he needed to be briefed on the situation as soon as possible.

"Computer," he said as he tapped his combadge. "Locate Lieutenant Commander Dastan Alexander."

Dastan was at the command center of Seppala Station. He stood with his back straight with a PADD in his hand. Lieutenant Adams was standing in front of him, his hands on his hips with an anger look on his face. "I understand, lieutenant, that the evacuation has delayed the scan of the Shanghai but we need that ship operational as soon as possible," the commander said in a stern but calm voice.

Lt. Adams rolled his eyes at the commander, "I doing what I can. I have refugees everywhere, and they're preventing my crew from doing their jobs."

Dastan looked up from his PADD just in time to see the Lieutenant roll his eyes. "Lieutenant, I'm sorry for this little inconvenience, but when the Sovereignty of Kahless finds us and attacks the station, without the Shanghai you'll be dead. You have three days."

The lieutenant sighed. "Understood," he said as he left the commander and walked into his office.

Dastan had noticed a new Starfleet science officer that he had not seen before enter the command center a few minutes earlier. "Been standing there long?" he asked the new officer.

"No, not long at all," said Wale. "Certainly not long enough to see or hear anything I shouldn't have." He stepped forward and extended a hand, with his usual warm smile. "Wale Scholl. I'm the new Chief Science Officer assigned to the Shanghai."

“Welcome, it will be my first time on board too. She’s being scanned for remains of Borg technology from the previous mission. Hopefully, she’ll be operational by the deadline. Then comes the task of getting the quantum slipstream drive back online, and the list goes on and on. Maybe you’ll be able to help in those areas. What was your science specialty?” Commander Dastan asked. Being a science officer himself he was also an investigator.

"Oceanography and marine exobiology," replied Wale. "I grew up surrounded by the ocean. I learned to swim at the same time as I learned to walk. But, like any good Science officer, I attended Starfleet Academy, which gave me a very well-rounded grasp of astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and everything else related to the job. Like one of my teachers used to say, 'We won't give you all the answers. But we'll teach you how to find the right questions that will lead you to those answers.' What about yourself? I've been told your background is also scientific."

"I was a biology and biochemistry specialist. I've know enough about astrophysics and quantum mechanics to get into trouble." Dastan paused, "maybe between you, me, Ensign Reign, and Ensign Sinclair, we can at least have the quantum slipstream online."

Dastan looked around. "Have you been briefed about the situation on the planet?"

"Only in very broad strokes," said Wale. "Something about strange lights appearing and causing power disruptions. Captain Sun mentioned a working theory about an artificial time bubble, with a sentient species in its wake. She suggested that you might be able to get me up to speed and provide the technical details."

"That's about all we know right now. We do have an orb but its deactivated," Dastan glanced up from his PADD over to the new Science Officer. "If you would like to 'play' with it while I'm gone you have my permission." Dastan smirked with his boyish grin.

"I'd love to play with your orbs," Wale replied with a playful smile. He picked up a data PaDD and accessed the information. "Is there any similarity to the Bajoran orbs? The Bajoran Prophets' notion of time was somewhat particular as well."

“We don’t know. They seem to be pockets of space-time. All we know is that they are an artificial timeline created by the original inhabitants of the planet,” Dastan informed him.

Wale's eyes grew wide at that mention. "An 'artificial timeline'? Whatever you guys have been smoking, I hope you'll share," he said. "I take it you've detected tachyon emissions from the orbs?"

The commander laughed at the comment. "It's not actually tachyon emissions, the emit a petrayon emission. That's why when they get close to any modern technology there's a flash of electricity before the technology burns to the ground. The original inhabitants of the planet use these artificial timelines to hide."

"So they're using these orbs as pockets of 'artificial time' to destroy any technology they find - to prevent detection?"

"That is our theory," he paused as he looked at the time. "I'm sorry Lieutenant but I have to get to the shuttlebay. Prepares we can continue this conversation when I return. If we find something interesting, we'll probably be calling you to join us." Dastan extended his hand towards Lieutenant Scholl for a goodbye handshake. Before he could grasp his hand, the doors opened as Ensign Reign came through the door looking for the commander.

Wale gave the young Ensign a glance before turning back to Alexander. "Don't worry, I'll take good care of your orbs," he said with a wink and a wide grin. He gave the other man a firm handshake and a tap on the shoulder.

Dastan laughed. "Until next time." Dastan and Adam walked out of the Operational Center heading down into the unknown.


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