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Journey to the Center of Golovin (Part Two)

Posted on Fri Mar 1st, 2019 @ 12:02am by Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Lieutenant Commander James Barnes & Lieutenant Wale Scholl Ph.D. & Lieutenant Marcus Anvers & Lieutenant Christine Descharmes & Ensign Jane Sinclair & 2nd Lieutenant Thara zh'Vosa
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Mission: Points Of Light
Location: Mantle Outpost

[Mantle Outpost]

The marines had secured the station quickly, but reported that some of the Protectorate had gotten away. They had fought them through the halls, and stunned or captured a few Corvian soldiers along the way - but when they reached the room the others had retreated back to, they found it empty except for a strange device, not unlike a transporter pad. Without knowing exactly what it was, or how it worked, they simple secured the room and held position. They had done their job, and paved the way for the third team to arrive and get to work.

When the Annie Jump arrived with the science and engineering teams, Sun's orders were quick and simple. "Separate into teams. Scan everything. Find what this outpost is here to do. Bring me something we can use. " Meanwhile, she set to setting up a command center in the shuttlebay, and making sure that the landing area was secure. She realized that Alexander and the others were much more capable of handling the more scientific aspects of the mission. This was an alien base, with technology that wasn't like anything they had seen in the Auriga Perseus region before. It was clear that there were some similarities to Protectorate technology, but it was much more advanced. The systems seemed to have some sort of artificial intelligence behind them, or something attempting to prepare sections as teams came close. There were no visible consoles, but occasionally when an officer came close to a portion of the wall - a tangible holographic display would appear. It was strange, but for now, they were playing it safe and trying to find out the secrets of the station. Once they figured out their current problems, it was exciting to think of what secrets this station could hold.

Wale exited the shuttle with his tricorder flipped open, and immediately started scanning their surroundings. He confirmed the inoccuity of the atmosphere, and approached the bulkheads. As soon as the holographic display appeared, he captured the images to the tricorder, and set the universal translator to work to decipher the symbols.

Ensign Jane Sinclair came out of the shuttlebay control room that overlooked their landing space. Being one of those exposed to this heat the longest, she was beginning to feel a bit unwell. Sweating profusely, she completely removed her uniform jacket and unzipped the collar on her shirt a few centimeters, just to help the sweat evaporate.

Jane crossed walked along a catwalk around the bay's upper deck and found a ladder down to the landing deck. She slid down and found Captain Sun working with a few others.

"Captain," Jane began, "we've managed to fully secure the shuttlebay. We fully isolated the command pathways to the atmospheric forcefield," she pointed to the gaping hole in the side of the bay, where a magma chamber was visible on the other side, "and randomized the command code for it so that no external Protectorate forces can access it remotely. There are now only two ways to turn off the atmospheric forcefield: the terminal in the control room up there, and this PADD." She passed a PADD to Sun, and then put both of her hands down on the table where the Captain was working, using them to help support her weight a moment. "Sorry, ma'am. This heat is getting to me."

Kachiko was busy sifting through what could provide critical intelligence, looking up as Jane made her report, "I recommend you go sit in the shuttle for a bit and take time to rehydrate, Ensign.We're going to want to ensure that everyone keeps hydrating until we leave, Captain."

"Agreed," Mei said with a nod. "Juno is in transport mode - set her up as a cooling station if you need to. We have Andorians here, so I'm sure you aren't the only one uncomfortable." She smirked, "Sort of reminds me of home, well. On a hot summer day."

Jane nodded. “Thank you, Captain. Colonel.” She climbed into the Juno and found a life support console in the cockpit. She diverted power to life support and dropped the temperature as much as she could. She immediately felt a rush of cool air on her skin. Jane grabbed a water pouch from the supply closet and sat on a passenger chair, waiting to feel better.

Hisa looked around the bay for a minute, her engineering kit in hand as she took in the perimeter. She returned to Sun and stated, "I'm going to take a deeper look in the base. Explore. Going to find something I can take apart. Interested in how that holographic technology works." She waited a few minutes before she moved to the entrance of the shuttlebay that led deeper into the base.

"Take what you need, report back when you can." Sun confirmed. "If you find anything dangerous, come back here and get backup."

"Captain," James looked at Sun, a concerned look coming over his face. He had slung his phaser rifle in front of him and was using his tricorder. "I'm pretty sure I've been here before."

"Like, remember a similar place before in the last five centuries or..," She glanced up slightly, "More recently?"

"Part of the vision that our orb friends gave you and Reiko?" Kachiko asked.

"No," James shook his head, "It was recent for me. But a long time ago in reality."

"Captain," said Wale, approaching Sun. "I've begun mapping the corridors of this outpost. It's huge - I've mapped over five kilometers of corridors so far. Most of them seem to be converging into a large open area, about two hundred meters in this direction," he said, pointing to a direction roughly ahead of them. "Could be some sort of control center."

Marcus had been following along quietly and said "It is a control center, its occupied. Five of them armed with..." he closed his eyes focusing "Cardassian disruptors... how they got them I don't know."

Wale furrowed his brow and tapped a few controls on his tricorder. "The room appears to be shielded," he said. "Sensors can't penetrate the shielding, I have no way of confirming that information."

James was tapping his tricorder quickly, his left eyebrow raised as he did so. He looked over at Sun. "Captain, Lt. Scholl is correct, that is the operations center," he closed the tricorder, his brow furrowing as he was deep in thought. It's been hundreds of years. They couldn't still be here, but how did the Protectorate get here and take complete control? "I don't think the Protectorate knows the extent of the power of this facility, ma'am. Otherwise, I don't think we would have been able to land."

"I can agree with that," Mei added, "As for Cardassian weapons... the Protectorate we've seen are scavengers - and with the consortium of merchants that came along to this region with us, they could have picked them up easily enough." She sighed, and took a small moment to think on the topic.

With that, Kachiko heard a 'ping' from her subdural communications implant. Reaching up, she tapped her normal communicator, "Bayushi to entire landing team. Hydration break, folks. No exceptions."

"You heard the lady, grab a drink. Especially if you aren't used to the heat." Sun added as she seemed to come to a decision. "We don't have the troops down here to go room by room and clear a station with more than five klicks of corridors. Though it feels as though we may need to hold it. If we are sure, we need to take that Operations center and hold it." She gave a smirk, "I'm open to ideas, people, but my instinct is to let Colonel Bayushi and Lieutenant zh'Vosa take a full force down there to clear it out."

"Ready when you need us," The overheated Andorian marine spoke from nearby, adjusting her phaser rifle to let her get a better grip on her water.

"Thank you, Lieutenant - but," Sun paused for a moment, "Any other ideas, Commanders? Lieutenants? Ensigns?"

Marcus walked up about 30 feet ahead of them turning to his right touching the wall and pushing in a piece of the wall revealing a conduit "Commander Barnes, this may be of interest to you. More your expertise, the orbs indicate that this conduit power systems in the control room. Part of the main power for the facility."

Kachiko tapped at a small control unit at her left wrist and the miniature Marine's life signature disappeared from sensors entirely, "I recommend that I scout ahead alone and report back as needed.I can find a safe route to the center of the facility."

"I would bring Staff Sergeant Hernandez, but she must ensure that you're safe and well, Captain."

"Though Rita could go replicate a second sneak suit for Mister Barnes and he could accompany me as the other sneaky bastard among us?" Kachiko offered. She already knew that there would be objections to her operating alone.

"Captain," said Wale, "I recommend we deploy sensor drones. Given the extent of this place's network of corridors, the drones could map out the place far more efficiently and quickly than we could on foot."

"Agreed. Get what you can." The Captain spoke swiftly, "We'll get more supplies from Shanghai as soon as we can to do a more detailed survey." She motioned towards the shuttlebay. "For now, Ensign Sinclair can help pull supplies and replicator systems on the shuttles to get what you need to start setting up on that front." She nodded towards the others. "We'll send a team to take the control center."

Listening to the conversation through comms and hearing her name, and feeling significantly better though still not at one hundred percent, Jane stood and moved to the comm system. "Sinclair here, Captain. Acknowledged. Will begin setting up the drone system, if Lieutenant Scholl is able to join me and configure them." She took another sip of water.

Wale walked back to the shuttle and joined the young pilot. He noticed her flushed complexion as he boarded. "Are you sure you're all right?" he asked.

"I will be," Jane assured him, nodding. Once these were up and she would sit back down. She might ask to fly the first rotation back to Seppala when they were finished. But until then, she would do her duty. "Where are these drones?" she asked, and followed Wale to them.

Together they pulled a large crate from the shuttle's small cargo hold. The crate contained a swarm of forty sensor drones. The silvery spherical engines, roughly the size of a tennis ball, would have the capacity of navigating through the outpost's network of corridors, scanning as they went along, with much greater speed than the Away Team could muster on foot. They also had the added bonus of being oblivious to the ambient temperature.

They set up the monitoring console, and sent the unarmed drones on their way.

Mei's eyes twisted over to Bayushi, "Colonel, take a team. Get eyes on that control center. Barnes," She was a bit hesitant. "If you trust you are stabilized. Go with them." She glanced over to the Andorian marine, "zh'Vosa, get a squad together and go with them, hold back in case they need additional firepower." She took a breath. "Doctor Anvers, be prepared for possible wounded; ours or prisoners."

Hisa emerged from the shuttle bay control room when the Colonel called for a hydration break. She was relieved, as she was not used to the heat. She climbed down the ladder that one of the other crew had a short while ago. She carried a small handheld device, in similar shape and size to a tricorder but obviously foreign. She stopped near the Captain, looked up then shrugged. “I pulled it from a secondary console in that control room. I think it might have something to do with a power flow regulator in an EPS-type conduit. Or it could be just what they use for a tricorder that some idiot left behind. At any rate, it’s deactivated. I’m just going to take a look at it.” She took a look around at the group. “If you can get me into control center, I would like to take a closer look at their systems, get into their computers, maybe a closer look at their type of technology.”

"Sirs," Ensign Reign's voice chimed in from one of the consoles to anyone in general, pointing at a holographic display. "I found something. We haven't begun to translate this, but I think its pretty universal." He pointed to a the image of what looked to be the planet Golovin, but there were faded pieces of the world in the image. More importantly, though, was the three flashing symbols over a steadily declining bar. "It just started flashing when the bar crossed the thirty percent mark. Every time it ticks down, more of the planet fades. We're losing about a tenth of a percent of the full bar every couple of minutes. So, whatever it means, we have about ten hours."

"The timeline's are probably destabilizing," Barnes observed, looking at the device being held by Ensign Reign. "We definitely need to get to the Command Center. If there's a way we can stop or reverse the degradation, it will be be from there. We should move, quickly."

"Right. You're cleared. Go. Clear out that control room." Sun ordered succinctly. "Be careful, and fast. Take what you need." She motioned around the room. "Constant contact."

Back in the shuttle bay, Kachiko slipped onto the shuttle, before stepping back out with a TR-116 rifle cradled in her arms, exographic scope and micro transporter attached, IHADSS visor perched upon her forehead. She looked at Barnes, "Just in case they decide to make a scrum of it. Might make scouting easier, too."

She turned her attention to zh'Vosa, "Keep your two sneakiest bastards with the Commander. I will be scouting ahead and providing directions."

The swarm of forty tennis ball-sized silvery spheres flew past the group and began branching out into the corridors. The small drones' sensors were hard at work, collecting data on the outpost and mapping out the different areas.

"The drones are mapping the corridors," reported Wale. "There are three different routes to the control center. I'm also seeing what looks like crew quarters... Cargo bays," he added as the data was coming in. "Smaller labs or engineering workrooms... Power conduits running through the bulkheads... Five drones have taken position around the control center. I am picking up five lifesigns. Species undetermined. I can't pinpoint their precise location, the room is too heavily shielded. But I can confirm a weapons signature."


Captain Sun Mei Xiang
Commanding Officer, USS Shanghai

Lieutenant Commander Dastan Alexander
Executive Officer, USS Shanghai

Lieutenant Commander James Barnes
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Shanghai

Lieutenant Wale Scholl, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer, USS Shanghai

Lieutenant Marcus Anvers
Chief Medical Officer, USS Shanghai

Ensign Jane Sinclair
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Shanghai

Ensign Adam Reign
Science Officer, USS Shanghai

2nd Lieutenant Thara zh'Vosa
Acting Marine Company Commander, USS Shanghai

LCOL Bayushi Kachiko (PNPC by Llytherraias)
Golovin System Defense Administrator

Hisa Matsuko (PNPC by Descharmes)
Civilian Engineer, Golovin Colony


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