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Posted on Sun Sep 1st, 2019 @ 2:01pm by Hisa Matsuko

Mission: Between the Pages
Location: Golovin
Timeline: before current mission


Things had returned to normal, relatively speaking. Whatever the time thing was had been fixed and everyone able to return to their homes. She had just finished her work with the engineering team early and was on her way to pick up Alex from school. It would be enough time for a break and then resume her preferred work on the QSD. She took a detour from her usual route to stop by the communication center. Hisa had meant to check to if her parents had sent her a message on subspace. With the events that had just passed, she had forgotten to send them her weekly updates. They must be worried, Hisa thought. It wasn't for her own benefit that she kept up communications with them but for theirs.

"Anything for me today?" she asked one of the comm officers.

He glanced up briefly at her, gave her a smile and a nod. He held out two isolinear chips. . “A couple of messages came in for you,” he answered, and a confused expression came over his face briefly. “You can use one of the offices for privacy if you like." He shrugged, "Recordings. You know what it's like out here."

Hisa tilted her head as she noted his look. She eyed the two chips in her hands. “Thanks,” she said. She wasn’t sure what that was supposed to mean as he never felt like he should give her privacy. She stared at him for another minute before she disappeared into the office he pointed out. She plunked herself down in the chair. It creaked even under her minimal weight and she made a note to add the upgrading of chairs to the current list. "Let's get this over with," she said as she downloaded the contents of the data chips into the console.

The first was of course, a message from her parents. They updated her on their life. Her brothers' lives. Her mother had an upgrade to her tea garden planned. Again. Kazuo and Aimee were expecting their first baby. Nice, she thought, hoping it would be a girl for them. Kiyoshi just graduated from secondary school and was thinking of joining Starfleet too. Hisa could see him in the Sciences division. Probably. Or as a doctor. Maybe it was Makoto that was the scientist. It had been so long since she had any real conversation with them. Then they asked for updates on Alex. How was she doing in school? Did she like the doll? Oh, and make sure she doesn't drink too much boba! They were going to send a care package out her way, did Hisa want anything sent to her? Maybe a plant or two from the tea garden so she could start her own? Hisa rolled her eyes. Seeds would transport so much better. She made a mental note to send a message back and to include one from Alex to her grandparents. Regardless of whether she wanted it or not, the care package was still going to come out this way.

She removed the isolinear chip and tucked it into her pocket, putting the next one in. It would be so much better to communicate over subspace. Maybe she should upgrade the subspace transceiver array. The colony wasn't old. Then again, people would be waiting a while for calls to get to them. She heard the voice before she saw the face. Hisa paled. She stiffened and straightened in her chair.

"Hisa. You are a hard person to track down,"came the bright and bubbly voice of the last person she ever expected to hear from. A familiar face appeared a few seconds later, not quite syncing with the sound. It's like some big conspiracy or something. Nobody would tell me anything. I told your parents we were the greatest of friends and they wondered why you never spoke about me. But I guess that's what happens after what we've been through, eh? Took me a while before they realized that I wasn't with TI. Then they told me where you'd gone off to. Fair enough. I don't blame you."

There was a long sigh. Jant pulled at some blonde hair that had fallen out from her bun. It was a nervous trait Hisa recognized from serving with her. "I know I'm probably the last person you'd expect to hear from. I don't like dredging up old ghosts, but look. We need to talk. Face to face. And we'll make it work, despite you living in the middle of nowhere playing frontierswoman.." There was another long sigh. "I can't say anymore, but it needs to be soon or the men in black will be breathing down my neck and carting me off to some god-forsaken penal colony. I have news, Hisa. And you need to hear it."


Hisa Matsuko
Civilian Engineer, Golovin Colony


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