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Dogs of War (Part 2)

Posted on Sun Mar 31st, 2019 @ 11:47pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang

Mission: Points Of Light
Location: Near the Raeyan Transit Corridor
Timeline: April 5th, 2389

[Bridge, USS Warspite, Sovereign Class]

"How do I look?" An older admiral spoke with a little adjustment to hid dress uniform jacket. He let go after a second and gave a small twist of his to give a view.

"You look dashing, as always, sir." The officer at the second officer spot, a teal collared man spoke with a wide smirk.

"Dashing?" The admiral laughed, "Neither of us have looked dashing in twenty years."

The seated officer feigned injury, putting a hand to his chest dramatically, "Ouch. I like to think the white hair just added character."

"It would, if you hadn't lost half of it." The admiral joked before running a hand through his thick white hair, before giving a quick wave of his hand. "But seriously, good?"

"Yes, sir, good." The second officer gave a chuckle. "You've done first contact missions, diplomatic missions, and this really makes you nervous."

"Yes, yes it does." The admiral admitted as there was a chime from the turbolift. He took a breath and marched over to the doors to meet his guests, straightening his jacket one more time. After another second, the doors hissed open, and there they stood. A group of teenage colonists, flanked by his security officer. "Hello," He said with a quick smile. "Welcome aboard the USS Warspite. I'm Admiral Suarez. I wanted to congratulate you all personally on your acceptance into Starfleet. Coming from another colony kid, it's an honor to get to be the first to greet you on this journey - especially today of all days." The admiral gave a wave back to the bridge. "As part of that recognition, we wanted to offer you a bit of a treat." He stepped aside. "Take a station."

"Sir?" The security officer protested just a bit.

"It's fine Lieutenant." The Admiral spoke, and gave another wave. The newly christened Cadets were hesitant at first. "Don't worry, I outrank him. Whatever station you were thinking of taking once you got to the academy."

The group of not yet cadets finally moved forward, each taking up a station around the ship, with stationed officer adjusting to give them a good view of the station. The Admiral smirked and moved back to his station. "When I was your age, it was a flagship that took me from my colony to the Starbase where I caught a long run transport back to Earth. Any ideas what ship class that was?"

"Galaxy?" One of the cadets guessed.

"No, not quite." The Admiral.

"NX," The Second Officer chimed in with a wide smile.

"Shut up, I'm not that old." Suarez spoke with a grin. "Any other guesses?" There was a nervous pause, before one cadet raised their hand. "You can just answer, you don't have to raise your hand."


"Right! A real explorer. At the time, it was still top of the line, though Galaxies were starting to come off the line more commonly. The Captain of that ship let me watch from the bridge as we met the transports, and that is what I wanted to do here. I wanted to show you a taste - and let you know that by the time you are working bridges, you'll look back at this one and wander how we survived in the dark ages." The admiral paused a moment and held up a finger, "Wait, that made it sound like that'll take forever. No, I mean, technology moves fast. This is advanced but what you will be coming up with will blow it out of the water." He moved across the bridge to stand in front of his chair. He adjusted for a moment.

"Cadets," He continued, "Out there are wonders beyond our imaginations. And you will get to explore it." He gave a point to the viewscreen. "Helm, lay in a course for the Outpost - and lets take the scenic route."

"Aye, sir. Warp six set. On your word."

"Engage," The Admiral ordered.

As the cadets watched, the ship hummed and jumped to warp. For a few minutes, the cadets talked to the bridge crew, and then the Admiral invited them to the briefing room. Around that observation lounge table, they sat and enjoyed a meal. They talked about life in the fleet, and the Admiral answered questions for quite some time. Then, after about an hour or two, the ship dropped out of warp - just out of range of nearby pulsar star, but with an excellent view of the celestial orb. The Admiral let the cadets enjoy the site, and explained how they had been exploring the region and the odd qualities of the star. But as he explained, he was interrupted. "...even survey missions have their benefits. We saw this star erupt a few days ago, and it..."

"Admiral," His commbadge chimed. "You are needed on the bridge."

"Sorry, duty calls. Please, enjoy the view." He said before stepping back and away. He knew his team wouldn't have called him, and a sort of dread began to sink into his chest as he realized one of the few things it could have been that drew him out there. Once he was out of the observation lounge and back on his bridge, it didn't take long to see what was happening.

"We just received a message from the USS Argus - they detected warp signatures from Klingon vessels nearby." The security officer updated. "On a direct intercept course with them. No IFF traces or attempts at communication."

"Argus is a Hospital Ship, they're responding to an outbreak of a virulent strain of a disease ravaging a saurian settlement on a remote colony world. The world is in one of the last systems before you hit void space - so they're very limited in what supply runs they get." The Second officer's tone had changed drastically, having snapped into a more focused and serious mindset.

"Where is their escort?"

"There isn't one. Argus is alone."

"Nearest ship is us?"

"Yes, sir."

"Helm, set a course, maximum warp. Commander, get those kids on a shuttle. Send a squadron of escort fighters with them to make sure they get safely back to the Base. Hail the Base to let them know, and tell them to send a full sized ship to meet those kids halfway." The admiral ordered before stepping over to the command chair. His officers jumped into action, moving around with the second officer jumping up and tapping his commbadge to begin prepping the shuttle. "Intel, what do we know about the Argus and the colony."

"Yes, sir." The silver collared andorian spoke up. After a second, its antenna twitched. "Colony is mostly a civilian endeavor, but has a small science outpost, part of some Rimward Initiative. It's in the earliest stages... They're sending out probes now, and some ships are exploring dark space beyond. USS Bellamy, USS Jin and her sister ship are currently exploring a few sectors out. " The officer gave a shrug. "A lot of supplies, but nothing I wouldn't expect for a civilian and fleet science group. But, they might as well be defenseless. Argus is a hospital ship. They have a small squadron of fighters protecting the colony, and a few phasers, but that is it."

"Alright, its up to us then." The Admiral spoke as the cadets left the observation lounge and crossed the bridge towards the turbolift. The admiral gave a smile to them. "Cadets, good luck on your adventure with Starfleet - sorry to send you off, but we have work to do." He gave a soft nod to them, and then they entered turbolift. For a moment after the doors shut, he just watched the closed doors. "As soon as they are safely away, we move - understood?" His order fell on his officers. There was simple, silent acceptance of that order.

They watched the view screen, and soon enough a squadron of fighters appeared from under the ship, flanking a small runabout. Their engines warmed up, and in a flash the ships were off to their next destination. The Admiral gave a shake of his head, and then pointed to the viewscreen. Without a word, his Flight Officer gave a nod, and hit the console, and the Warspite went to warp as well, racing to the Colony.



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