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Dogs of War (Part 3)

Posted on Wed Apr 10th, 2019 @ 1:04am by Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Captain Rory Foxwell

Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: Starfleet Command, Earth
Timeline: Shanghai Prime Timeline, 2389

[Starfleet Command, Earth, Shanghai Prime Timeline, 2389]

“Mei, sorry to bother you on First Contact Day.” Captain Foxwell greeted her as she finished materializing on the transporter padd. “I know it iss a good day off with the kids,” He offered over a hand.

“Thanks, Rory, but I’m from Earth - we were laying around the house watching holovids. What’s this about the Sovereignty?” Mei took the hand and stepped down off the platform, only half in her uniform jacket. She had been beamed over from her parent’s house, where they were preparing to go celebrate the First Contact festivals in the Guangzhong.

“The Argus detected a few warp signatures nearby New Anchorage Outpost near the edge of dark space. It’s too remote for them not to be out there in those numbers on purpose.” Rory explained as she pulled on her jacket and the two turned towards the doorway. The older Captain took a breath. “The Argus is lightly armed and there on a medical mission…”

“Right, the outbreak.”

“Right. That’d be easily contained, but the Admiralty is worried that the SOK thinks we’re up to more there, and want to take advantage of it. The supply and short-range explorers are all out of range to get there in time.” He spoke with a shrug as they walked. “But, the USS Warspite is close enough to get there in time, they think. Admiral Suarez is on the QEC.”

“A Sovereign should keep the Sovereignty backed off.” Mei adjusted her uniform as they walked through the halls of Starfleet Command. “Hitting our supply lines and small vessels is a lot different than attacking a Sovereign class vessel.” She finished that sentence as they entered the communications room. The Admiral’s hologram turning around to face her as she entered.

“Well, yes it is.” He said with a smile, “But I don’t think it's going to scare them away this time.” The older Admiral spoke quickly, “I’ve hailed the Klingons, explaining this is a civilian colony with a scientific mission, currently under quarantine due to a medical situation.” He gave a little shrug. “I don’t think they believed me though. They called it ‘lojmIt golovin’.”

“The Golovin Gate?” Foxwell spoke. “I like that better than New Anchorage.”

“I know, right?” Admiral Suarez laughed. “You have to give it to the Klingons, they’re good at naming things. Anyway, he’s convinced we’re hiding a fleet in dark space that’s supplying the war effort with some new dilithium source.” The admiral gave a shrug, “I don’t think he has any intention on believing me when I explain how wrong he is.”

“Any information on who these Klingon’s are?”

“House K’vyr. Their commander is Vogh, son of Lakahl.”

“I’ve never heard of K’vyr.” Foxwell raised a brow slightly.

“You wouldn’t have. They’ve never been a great house. They’re a minor house that attaches itself to every single conflict, hoping for glory in battle to raise them to the status of the other houses. Whatever they can fight, they will fight. It draws a lot of stubborn, violent Klingons into their ranks."

“Sir,” Mei tried to interrupt.

“Those are our people at New Anchorage, they're just colonists and explorers,” Foxwell added during the interruption.

“Captains, I’ll get them out safely. I promise. We’ll try to evac who we can as quick as possible, and Warspite will hold them off if we have to,” He gave a warm smile. “It’s not the first odds I’ve beaten, I don’t intend it to be the last. Our best defense against a warmonger like Vogh is to be defensive. I’ll try to talk him down again, and if that doesn’t work...”

The group was silent for a moment.

“I’ll keep them safe as best I can. Warspite is up there with Enterprise in experience. Trust us.”

“Yes, sir,” Both Foxwell and Sun responded with slow nods. Sun continued, “But, sir, we want to hear from you as soon as this is over.”

“You’ll be my second call, Captains. Have a good First Contact Day,” He spoke before reaching forward. The Hologram disappeared.



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