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Moving In

Posted on Mon Jun 3rd, 2019 @ 2:40am by Lieutenant Limmi Ovim & Delilah Ovim & Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi & Reiko Bayushi
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Mission: Between the Pages
Location: Golovin, Sector 3-7

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Reiko was ecstatic to be back in the place she called home, a rustic cabin in the dense woodland just off of a good sized lake. Big Bubba trotted alongside the skipping teen girl, continually looking up at the gleeful child.

Reiko stopped and turned back, "C'mon, Delilah! It's really nice out here away from all of the people! The lake is great! There's lil frogs and fish and birds and..."

"A five-foot tall Japanese girl with a seven-foot person's stride," Delilah ribbed. "You don't turn into Sasquatch at night, do you?" she amended, picking up her pace.

As the girls ran ahead, Kachiko smiled at Reiko's seemingly reckless enthusiasm. She then looked back and up at Limmi, whom was still sliding out of the low-resting flitter, "It's quiet out here, hon. The girls will have plenty to do and I have an instructional hologram set up with a mobile holoemitter, in case we want to keep em at home for school."

"Or they refuse to leave," Limmi remarked of the pair darting towards the cabin, which she'd been surveying ever since it emerged upon their path. Of a more utilitarian aesthetic than her own on Betazed, she was nonetheless fascinated by the wealth of textures presented by the rawer state of its wood, particularly the joints between adjoining walls. "This is lovely, Kachiko."

As the two women began to carry boxes towards the cabin, Kachiko grinned at seeing that none of her handiwork had been undone, "I built this myself, with the help of some antigrav units. Cutting trees and timber with a phaser is surprisingly not as simple as you'd think."

"I have five extra bedrooms, which is useful with several nieces whom come here to escape the colony proper on occasion," the Marine remarked."I will set the two largest aside for you and Delilah and you're both welcome here as long as you need or want."

"We won't have time to procure our own place or property with the Shanghai so close to departure." Limmi looked to her host, smiling. "Consider us housemates for now?"

"You and lil Delilah will always be welcome," Kachiko nodded briefly."As long as you don't mind the occasional bit of family craziness. My half-sister is half-Orion and her daughter with Captain Sun is a quarter."

"They're good people, so there's little to worry about," Kachiko shrugged. "Though not everyone agrees, particularly some local girls."

"You've mentioned as much before." Limmi turned to Kachiko again, eyes narrowed. "Your half-sister is half-Orion," she mused. "How did that come about?"

Kachiko winced visibly, "I'm sorry, hon. That information is classified."

Despite spotting the cue of reluctance, Limmi had to put some effort into restraining a pang of frustration and thus went quiet.

'~I'm sorry, doll,~' Kachiko spoke into the Betazoid's mind. '~I have to get clearance from Command to read you in. It's compartmented information.~'

"I know," Limmi asserted a little sharply, which was only half-true. She didn't know the specific logistics behind the restriction. "But I have no idea what I can talk to you about aside from duty, and even that has had stipulations. It's. . .unsettling." Her efforts to accommodate Kachiko were straining despite trying to assuage her inherent wariness by focusing upon the generosity she'd extended thus far.

Kachiko sighed mentally, which Limmi could so-called hear, then Kachiko made a decision, '~This information is dangerous, hon. I'm going to read you in a bit, to give you an idea as to why I can't say more yet.~'

'~The gist of it is, doll,~' Kachiko paused a long moment. '~I'm a genetically enhanced clone. The woman whose ovum were used to create me was kidnapped and sold into slavery to an Orion trader. The trader loved the slave and they had a child together, Commander Lylyl-Llytherraias. Which is how we are half sisters.~'

Limmi may've found Kachiko's explanation coherent, but she wouldn't have likely arrived at it on her own, a sentiment relayed by her long, silent stare.

"You're a clone?" Eugenics were murky waters within the Federation. Largely illegal, their prominence outside its aegis influenced their persistence within it. Fringe scientists and criminal organizations were its chief facilitators, though she once had a subordinate adamant that it was one of several tools at the disposal of clandestine elements intended to act against the most extreme threats against Federation security.

'~I am. I was created by an extra-legal paramilitary intelligence organization whom we as Fleet Officers are forbidden to discuss,~' Kachiko paused as she pushed the door to the cabin open with a shoulder, before stepping inside. The inside was well-lit, rustic looking while being quite comfortable. She had been sure to install all of the appropriate amenities and even a mesh lining that disrupted unwanted analog or digital signals. Which made it next to impossible to spy on anything within the building. Which she would tell Limmi about later that evening.

She gestured to the stairs leading up to a second story landing overlooking the living space of the first, wrapping around the entirety of the building, and spoke aloud, "The bedrooms are upstairs. I have antigrav units if we need to get heavy furniture up there. Every bedroom is furnished, so there's that much already."

"How did you decide upon this aesthetic?" asked Limmi, eyes sweeping throughout the dwelling. She hoped it provided a fruitful means for knowing Kachiko better without asking her to delve back into sensitive information.

"After I was brought back to Earth, following my rescue," Kachiko sighed, setting her two boxes down. She turned to the much taller Limmi and continued, "A friend and old shipmate brought me out to her cabin, that was built just like this, in the Russian mountains."

"She wanted me to get away from the hustle and bustle and try to learn to enjoy living again," Kachiko looked down as she spoke. "She was worried that I was feeling suicidal."

"She was the breeder whom gave Bubba to Reiko for her birthday," Kachiko smiled briefly to herself. "Reiko... I had never known her to be so happy like she was there. Except..."

"What?" prodded Limmi, her concern with Kachiko's shift in tone amplified by her inability to glean context from her thoughts. "What is it?"

"She was so happy with Riosa, especially after we finally got married," Kachiko mourned quietly.

"I'm sorry, Kachiko," offered Limmi hushedly, her voice grained by affectedness despite the older woman's mental insulation. She'd been so level up to now that the Betazoid couldn't help feeling moved by her palpable despondence. She put a commiserative hand on her shoulder.

Kachiko absent-mindedly reached up and set her hand atop Limmi's, "She was ecstatic at getting to be the Flower Girl for our wedding."

"I am willing to go the rest of my days lonely and depressed if it means that my little girl will be happy and safe," Kachiko turned her head to gaze up at the tall Betazoid. "She is my priority, like I imagine that Delilah is for you?"

"Oh, yes," murmured Limmi, hemming in a sudden onset of passion, "yes she is. She's my hope and stake in the future. And speaking of the future," she resumed, adjusting her hand to take Kachiko's into it, "I know you're willing to sacrifice yours' for Reiko's, but I can't help thinking it unnecessary. I may still be getting to know you, but everything I've seen thus far portends to you being a lovely woman who is more than worthy of being loved."

"I. . .you may not agree after discovering more of the things that I have had to do in the line of duty, or have unfortunately have had done to me," Kachiko looked away. Taboo subjects were unfortunately a part of the tattered fabric that was her history.

"Well, you're certainly not making it easy for me to find anything out," Limmi snickered out of frustration and paradox. "Some of those elements may be under confidence, but I suspect that fear and shame are as much a part of you keeping quiet. Which I think I understand. The basis for your existence flies in the face of aggregate morality; genetic engineering is largely defined by Earth's nigh-apocalyptic foray into it, the consequences of which resonate to this day." The Betazoid then tightened her clasp of her host's hand. "But whatever the intent of your creators. . .whatever you've done and endured to carry it out. . .none of that is solely definitive of you."

"Remember when I told Delilah that I am capable terrible things?" Kachiko was relishing the close physical contact with the beautiful Betazoid, suddenly being reminded of the many times Riosa had held her hand. "That has a basis in an actual event. About six or so Earth years ago, I was tasked to track down and arrest or terminate a pair of high level telepaths. These two were intentionally corrupting minds and turning people into their thralls, removing their free will and personalities."

"I was unfortunately not able to get in close, so arrest was out of the question. I wasn't permitted to utilize traditional weapons like phasers or the TR sniper rifle I'm very familiar with, so I managed to sneakily enter their minds and crushed their psyches from the inside. Which is something that I did once on an Op, which I absolutely cannot discuss." Kachiko shivered. "It's the most horrible feeling and even painful. I sincerely hope I never have to do it again."

Limmi sighed, her conscience weighted with empathy for the other woman. "I hope you don't, either." If her own abilities weren't as strong, the Oberon's near-overrun by Consortium sleepers lent her an appreciation for the fortitude it took just to infiltrate a hostile mind. "But that only reinforces my belief that you aren't a monster, Kachiko. Monsters don't repent over taking such actions, they justify being able to take them as a right or even a mark of their superiority. And they have no reservation about inflicting them whenever it suits them." Limmi gave their joined hands another gentle, yet insistent squeeze, firmly intoning as she did, "None of which describes you."

"I appreciate that you think so, Limmi," Kachiko smiled at the lovely woman. "It will haunt me for the rest of my days, unfortunately. I don't forget anything, ever. Not that I think anyone could forget something as terrifying as that was."

With that, the back door flew open and two young girls came barreling through the house and out of the front door.

Kachiko shook her head. "It surprises me constantly how young Reiko still is inside. She never had much of an opportunity to just. . .play, with other kids her own age. She seems regress to a younger version of herself whenever she's around kids like Delilah. It's a happy sight for me, as she lost too much of her childhood already."

Kachiko lead the statuesque Betazoid to a couch looking out a large bay window overlooking the forest-ringed lake. "This is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever found. That I got to build a home here is still beyond belief."

"That you did it all yourself is pushing my belief," Limmi asserted, yielding to Kachiko guiding them into sitting down. "My mother, father, and I built the cabin that Delilah and I now keep on Betazed. Refining its masonry alone took ages, but everything leading up to it was also lot of work, even with advanced equipment." She chuckled. "Hardier as I've become since, just the thought of doing it again makes me ache. Circumstances willing, I don't know what Delilah and I will do for a home here."

Kachiko quirked a white eyebrow with amusement. "Modern technology really sped the process up. In truth, the brick laying was the easiest part for me. None of the individual bricks were too heavy or unwieldy for me and I already took the time to learn how to make my own bricks. During the long year I was off duty, recovering, I took classes on the extranet on pottery, stoneworking and a couple of other things. I guess that it helps that I have a photographic memory, so I learn quite rapidly."

"The floor plan was developed by a man on Earth, the electrical design by a Trill civil engineer," Kachiko grinned."I purchased the plans on the extranet for only a slip of latinum."

"As for where you and Delilah would settle, I think that ReiRei and I would be just fine having you two with us for the long haul," Kachiko sighed softly as she leaned into the taller woman. "Interestingly, you're reminding me more and more of Riosa. You both have the same way with children, even."

"Is that a positive thing?" asked Limmi after a pause, during which she process the cyclone of observations that had bustled into her thoughts. Moments ago, recalling Riosa appeared to have Kachiko on the verge of shattering. Yet not only had she become comfortable invoking her late wife since, her coziness was an abrupt, if not necessarily unwelcome development.

"Very much so, hon," Kachiko nodded. "I miss her and at the same time, I enjoy finding in others all of those little and big things that so made me love her. She never had a child of her own yet took to motherhood better than I ever did. Then again, I am not able to bear children either. My sister clone Asami bore little Reiko under less than ideal conditions. She raised her rather well, mostly on Betazed as a child, since both are and were telepaths."

"I understand that you're a bit confused about how I can shift in my emotional state as I have just now," Kachiko nudged the taller lady. "I spent sixteen months on Vulcan, their adepts helping me to control my newfound telepathic talent. I don't know if or when I can disclose those circumstances, which I will look into."

"They also trained me how to better understand and control my emotional state, which was helpful. I used to be a morose, almost suicidal person, though most of that was. . .ah hell. I will just out and say it. When I was created, I was programmed to seek out and terminate a particular individual. When the underlying programming was suddenly activated, I lost all control over my own actions," Kachiko explained. "Before that, certain parts of my programming were degrading and leading to a serious emotional imbalance that almost saw me kill myself. Thankfully, several shipmates were able to subdue me before I could get to my target. The target herself is who inevitably broke the hold the programming had on me and let the real me take control again." Kachiko wasn't a fan of recalling the memories from those times.

"While we're out here in the deep wilderness, just us and the girls, I should start helping you learn to cope with being around a telepath of my type. That way we can be open with one another even more."

Limmi knitted her brow. "Should?" The inklings of a smile assuaged her saying, "Do I get a say in the matter?"

"NO!" Kachiko barked out. Then the deadly serious look on her face broke into a wide grin, "Of course you do, hon. I just noticed that you would like us to be more open with one another."

"Fine," Limmi chuckled, her recoil acceding. "I'll let you mentor me. But on one condition."

"What's that, beautiful?" Kachiko asked with a smile. She was enjoying the back and forth with the gorgeous woman.

"You make more frequent sightings out of that grin," Limmi returned. "Even if it's just while we're here. It's rather fetching on you if you weren't aware."

"You're not so hard on these tired eyes, either, Limmi," Kachiko retorted, albeit softly. "Especially when you're with Delilah. You're always so happy."

Limmi's smile broadened in time with Kachiko's assertion. "There's so much behind it." She thought about how she could further qualify it, only to determine that verbalization just wouldn't do. "It's something I'd have to share it with you, Kachiko," she projected to the older woman.

"~Well, it's almost time for lunch,~' Kachiko looked towards the door the two girls had exited. '~I imagine that your lil one should go down for a nap after eating? Reiko will be happy to stay with her, so we can get started on getting your pretty head prepared for my open telepathy. Speaking of which, how and when would you like to go about getting Delilah likewise trained?~'

"I'd like to hold off for the moment. She's still acclimating to her basic abilities, which I want her to feel out in her natural element. That was the approach my parents took with me, and I think it was extremely beneficial by the time I began formal training."

"Okay," Kachiko remarked with a nod before pushing herself to stand up, "I'm going to get the girls after I replicate lunch. Is there anything in particular that you would like?"

Limmi angled her head and regarded Kachiko pensively. "Something that can tell me something else about you."

"I meant for lunch, hon," Kachiko smiled over at the Betazoid. "Like what does Delilah enjoy?"

"I knew what you meant. . .and that request stands. I appreciate you asking about Delilah's preference, though. She shares my partiality to Levantine-inspired foods; she's been asking me to prepare her tabbouleh and smoked trout for lunch as of late."

“Does Delilah like chocolate?” Kachiko asked. “I’m getting some ideas for a nice lunch for the girls.”

"She can stand it. It's very rich to her. . .to us both."

"Okay, ReiRei is a chocolate fiend," Kachiko grinned as she headed for the kitchen. "If you could, beautiful, come give me a hand?"

"Sure," Limmi replied, rising from the couch.

In the kitchen, Kachiko moved to the replicator, tapping away to replicate smoked salmon and the other ingredients for smoked salmon ponzu salads for the girls. Unfortunately, seafood wasn't sitting well with Kachiko's stomach lately so she had to shift her protein intake to other avenues.

Entering the kitchen, Limmi asked, "What do you need for me to do?"

"Help me get this salad put together? I need to sear the salmon a bit," Kachiko gestured to the different salad greens she had set on the counter as she set the large bowl of greens on the counter with the rest.

Limmi rolled up her sleeves as she darted to the sink. "How do you feel about avocado?" she asked, having spotted the greenery and the other ingredients Kachiko had set out.

"Outside of the wonder that is guacamole, neither Reiko or I can stand it. Something about the texture," Kachiko noted as she washed and dried her hands. The diminutive woman then slid over to the flat top grill, dropping several filets of salmon onto the surface after turning it on. Immediately, the sound and smell of the fish searing filled the kitchen, bringing another smile to Kachiko's mien.

"You two are weird," teased Limmi, stepping up to the greens after her own stop at the replicator, which netted an avocado. She then began whittling and bowling the greens.

"It's just not something that the cuisine of my people ever used," Kachiko shrugged.

"Well I'm going to commit a little heresy for Delilah and I's servings and slice some. I haven't had ponzu sauce in a while, but my intuition is very excited for this union."

"Don't let me stop you, darling," Kachiko remarked with amusement. While the salmon cooked on the flat topped grill, Kachiko returned to the replicator, ordering up several dessert cups. Each cup was filled with vanilla pudding, which she promptly topped with non-replicated chocolate crumbles from back on Earth. Specifically from a long-running and Federation renowned chocolatier located on San Francisco's Pier 39, the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. She replicated a red maraschino cherry to top each of the desserts, the sight bringing a contented smile to her lips. Having Limmi and Delilah here would help make the house feel like home.

Kachiko turned and set the tray of dessert on the counter where Limmi could see it.

"Oh, that's pretty," Limmi commented, having slowed tossing the greens in order to examine Kachiko's handiwork. "She'll like that. The chocolate as an accent is perfect."

Kachiko nodded, "I'm trying to slow Reiko's demand for chocolate. Like me, she has a very high metabolism, but she's natural born. I was modified this way, so I don't know how much longer she will have that burning little engine in her. She's approaching the age where the high childhood metabolism tapers off. Normally it would be chocolate, more chocolate and even more chocolate for dessert."

"I also found that it's much better to serve any sweets at midday rather than an after dinner treat, so the girls will have the time through the day to burn off the sugar calories rather than sleep on them, which just converts it to fat," Kachiko shrugged.

"Seems like you've adjusted to parenthood just fine to me," chuckled Limmi, recalling Kachiko asserting that her late wife took to it better than she.

Kachiko caught the gist of what Limmi was asserting, "I'm a better parent because of Riosa. When I first agreed to take Reiko, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Reiko is whom inevitably brought Riosa and I together, to be truthful. Rio and Reiko are responsible for the only happy years of my life, thus far. Lil Reiko was always pushing me to go out and meet people, but it was her meeting Riosa that brought us together in the first place."

"Rio's telepathy hadn't appeared well into her teen years, so she was sent to a special clinic on Betazed, in the mountains. During a family visit, her telepathy suddenly blossomed with a huge psychic event that killed every other person in the facility, including her parents," Kachiko explained quietly."Reiko tried talking to Riosa's mind, which was entirely closed off, for fear of harming others."

"Reiko convinced me to go talk to the new Operations Officer and try to help her, which I did. This brought she and I very close, which became very physically intimate in only a few weeks. The only other person I have ever been so physically intimate with is Commander Lylyl-Llytherraias, before we knew that we are half-sisters. I can't discuss the particulars around that time, unfortunately," Kachiko turned to flip the salmon on the grill.

"I think I can make do with what you've told me." Voice pitched slightly by amusement, the Betazoid added, "I don't think any parent is ready for their first child, Kachiko. I had to negotiate unfamiliar situations, also without the benefit of counsel from my parents or other familial elders. Of relation to me, anyway." She smiled faintly. "And contrary to what those who lack it think, extrasensory doesn't always make things easier. Acclimated as I've become to the added perception, it can create more ambient noise for one to have to counteract. And there was. . .is. . .a lot of that with my ex and his family."

"Why else do you think I install shielding on my quarters on the station, hon?" Kachiko glanced over at the statuesque Betazoid. "I even installed the same here, including a special mesh that prevents remote spying methods. I don't have it set up yet, but I'm looking to install my own personal SCIF in the basement as soon as the equipment I need arrives from Andoria. I engage in more than enough sensitive and classified information that having a remote SCIF is very helpful."

"But the girls still have to face it at some point." Limmi sighed. "I don't know about you, but that's been my biggest worry and challenge. Delilah has thankfully become more discerning over the years; I don't have to worry about her trying on her father's racial epithets," she chuckled out of recollection. "Still, there are aspects of life and the world we have to explain and look out for that most other parents can't. Or don't."

"Reiko's already dealt with discrimination, unfortunately," Kachiko sighed."A number of local girls back on Earth were very much against consorting with a telepath and decided to beat on poor ReiRei in a bid to get her to transfer elsewhere."

"It's what lead her to ask me to start teaching her how to protect herself," Kachiko smiled at the memory of the video of the girl defending herself and her cousins here in the colony. She looked up at Limmi, "One second, I'm going to call Reiko and Delilah in for lunch."

The front door burst open almost immediately, Reiko grinning, "I'm here, Mom!"

"We need to get a tracking device for her if we're going to stay. Or a leash." A smirking, panting Delilah emerged behind the host child in short order.

Kachiko gave the Betazoid a pained look, '~No leashes. I spent most of a year kept on a leash like a dog, when I was kept as a sex slave.~'

Her eyes turned back to the two girls, "Why don't you two darlings go wash your hands and faces then go sit at the table for lunch?"

"Okay, Mom. I'll show Delilah where everything is," Reiko was agreeable, taking one of Delilah's hands and leading her to the washroom.

Limmi turned a rueful grin to Kachiko. "You don't have to give me the details behind that if you don't want to," she broadcast once the girls had set off. "I'm sorry. She didn't mean any harm. She's just taken aback by how much energy Reiko has."

'~It wasn't anything about Delilah, hon,~' Kachiko started to explain.'~It was the leash comment. When I was kept as a slave, my... owner, liked to parade me in front of the other colonists. Nude, collared and on a leash. Forced on all fours with a series of shackles that wouldn't let me stand up. On occasion, she would have me mounted by an actual dog.~'

'~I hope that I never see another leash as long as I live,~' Kachiko concluded.

The desecrating snippet of Kachiko's past unsettled Limmi into ceasing her prep in order to approach the traumatized woman. Setting a soothing hand on her back, the taller Betazoid momentarily fought a loss for words. Even the worst of her life's trials weren't so pointedly and utterly defiling.

"We still love you, Bayushi Kachiko," she subconsciously decided to assert, having committed to bolstering the other woman's self-worth. Whomever held her in bondage had clearly sought to destroy it, which overrode any concern she might've had for harboring such feelings in the face of the brevity of their association. "Someone else's depravity won't change that."

"It doesn't always feel that way," Kachiko sighed as she scooped up the salmon, plating both pieces. "It took me a year to come to grips with everything done to me. I wonder how Lyn came to the point where she could just move on?"

"You should ask her if you think it'll help," the younger woman encouraged. "None of what I've experienced has been so. . .personal. And I suspect you've told me only a small part of the ordeal, so I'm reluctant to comment. I just want you to know how appreciative I am of what you're doing for Delilah and I. And that if you need anything of me, I'll try my best to help."

"I think that I know what she found that helped her," Kachiko shrugged. "She found her future wife, Captain Sun."

"Mei completed Lynnie, which I thought I had with Rio," Kachiko finished slicing the fish into strips. "The salmon is ready for the salad."


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