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Posted on Sat Jun 15th, 2019 @ 1:43pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Lieutenant Commander Dastan Alexander Ph.D & Lieutenant Limmi Ovim & Lieutenant Commander Wale Scholl Ph.D. & Lieutenant Marcus Anvers & Lieutenant Commander Christine Descharmes & Lieutenant JG Isabelle Veran PhD & Ensign Jane Sinclair

Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: Golovin System, USS Shanghai - Bridge

[Shanghai Bridge]

Mei settled into the Captain's chair on the bridge, crossing her legs lightly as she gave a quick survey of the bridge. She took a breath, happy to be back, but with that lingering feeling eating at her. She shook off the thoughts for the time being. "For those of you new to our ship, welcome aboard one of the most advanced ships in the fleet. She will take some getting used to." She smirked, "But once you have a feel for her, I expect you to stop holding back." She twisted to the side, "Commander, call the crew to stations."

Dastan took his seat next to the Captain. He pressed a few buttons on his console. “This is the First Officer, all hands to duty stations.”

Karsel'lyn frowned, hating to be apart from the great love of her life, but with what just happened to her, she certainly wasn't going to be cleared for duty. She strode over to the command chair, "By your leave, Captain. I will be transporting back to Seppala to coordinate fighter patrols."

"Yeah, of course Commander. Just be careful." Sun replied quietly with a little smile.

"You'll forgive me for taking the lead for a moment," She added after, glancing up to the helm. "Miss Sinclair, tell Golovin we're leaving and set a course for the Golovin system inner planets. When you're ready, maximum safe speeds," She leaned forward in her seat, "Ging jing,"

Jane sat at her station, the first time she ever really got to sit behind the helm of the advanced Vesta. She felt her engines hum beneath her. She felt the controls at her fingertips, as responsive to her commands as any good helm station should be. She was glad she was facing away from the Captain and XO, as she was certain the stupid grin on her face was most unprofessional.

She tapped some buttons on the upper portion of her console before returning her fingers to primary flight control area. "Golovin Flight Control has been signaled, Captain." Her fingers danced around the console as she programmed a course. "I've plotted a course to Golovin I, which will take us close to Golovin II. Engaging at Three-quarters impulse power, now." With that, the USS Shanghai-A began to turn towards Golovin's star and head to the interior of the system.

Mei leaned back as the ship began to leave, "Commander, I'll leave you to handling the test for the most part. I'd like to planet hop. Make sure our systems are all active. Get some more scans of the worlds to test our sensors. We'll prep some target drones to test our tactical systems." She paused for a moment and glanced up. "I'm curious if there are any other Edasichian signals out here too." She gave a smirk, knowing she had spoken loud enough to be heard by the officers around her, "I don't have much to test for our other systems, but I'm open to ideas." She paused, "Once we're near Golovin One I'd like a standard report from the crew,"

“Understood,” Dastan replied. “All stations, status report,” he called out.

"Combat Information Systems online and I'm showing good latency between them and Tactical, Captain," Kachiko reported from an aft Mission Operations console.

"All tactical systems up and at the ready," added Limmi.

Scholl took his seat at the Science station, on the port side of the Bridge. This was his first direct contact with the Vesta-class's scientific systems. His first task was to run a diagnostic on the ship's sensor array, which had likely not been calibrated since the scan had started, close to two weeks ago. He launched the calibration subroutines and prepared to run a self-diagnostic on the sensor array.

"All medical systems are up and running at 100 percent." Marcus said.

Christine took her own seat on Mei's left. She offered her a smile. "Everyone's happy we have our ship back," she said as she made herself comfortable, crossing her legs.

"Thrusters and impulse engines are running smooth, Commander," Jane added, looking back over her shoulder. "Ready to test Eff-Tee-Ell drives upon your order."

Wale finished running his diagnostics on the sensor array. The board was green all across. He caught Dastan's eye and winked with a broad smile, unable to contain his excitement. "Science is go," he reported.

"Have to admit, its odd having an actual XO for once," Mei said quietly, leaning against one of the chair's arms and giving a wide smile over to the Commander.

Dastan smiled. "This chair is actually pretty comfortable."

Being only a consultant made being on the bridge a little awkward, for her anyways, despite her former Starfleet career. And the fact she wasn't technically invited. She had already invited herself on this little joyride and didn't really want to push her luck. As it was, one of the other engineering officers took the Engineering console on the bridge. "Commander," she called over the comm to the bridge from her seat at the console in Main Engineering. It was a bit later than she had intended to. "The warp core is primed and ready to go, the QSD is online." She didn't say it but Hisa added under her breath, "Let's see what the theoretical tests on the holodeck gave us. Otherwise, this will be a real short trip and we'll find ourselves floating home."

"What was that?" said an engineer at the neighboring console.

"Nothing," Hisa quipped.

"While we're waiting to arrive," Sun spoke with a little laugh, knowing it would only be minutes to the inner system, even at slower warp speeds, she stood and took a glance around the room. "Computer, activate holographic bridge systems." As she spoke, the computer chimed, and near the center of the bridge - forward between her own station and the helm - there was a flicker of light. "Bring up a display of Golovin I." She ordered the light flickering away and leaving a holographic display of the first planet floating just above the deck. "That seems to be working well enough." She took a breath. It wasn't much to look at. Barely as interesting as Mercury. She gave a smile, "Lets see what interesting things we can find in the inner system. Once we have a little bit of data, lets go ahead and prep the QSD for a mid length jump to the outer system, and we'll come back in and get a few more scans."

Wale tapped his console and read the reports on the various scans of the inner solar system. "Golovin I has a very strong magnetic field for a planet of its size," he reported. "I'd say it's at least five times as strong as Mercury's."

The holographic display changed, adding an overlay of the small rock's magnetic field scintillating around it.

"Huh." Mei made a soft curious noise. "That's interesting, and explains a few oddities in the way our probes act around it." She adjusted. "Let's go ahead and get a better look at Golovin II while we're here, and we can save Golovin III for scans from Seppala or the colony. No need to be there. Once we get a better view of II we'll break for the outer system and see what we can get into." Mei took a moment and stood up as her badge chimed. "Sun here,"

"Captain, hate to bother you, but you asked for a time table on some operations changes. Do you have a minute?" One of the logistics officers' voice came back over the comms.

"The rearrangements?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Hm. How long?"

"About ten minutes."

"Alright, give me a moment to wrap up here and I'll come down to look over it." Sun said with a smile, "Sun out." She glanced over to her XO and then over to Christine. "Commander, you have the bridge. I'd like to do the same thing we just did for Golovin II - but don't use the Slipstream until I'm back on the bridge." She didn't wait for a response, she just stretched and moved to the turbolift. "If I'm not back in fifteen, someone come up with an excuse," She joked before stepping into the turbolift with a quick nod back at the crew.

Dastan nodded. “I’m sure I can come up with some creative excuses,” he said with a smile on his face.

Things quickly went back to normal, with the crew falling into the paces and moving about as would be expected. It was a simple mission, a simple test for a rather seasoned crew overall. Nothing ever stayed that way for this crew though. It was only five minutes or so more of normal operations before there was an interruption from the operations officer on the bridge. "Priority One message coming through. It's from New Anchorage. It's a QED message."

“Patch it through,” Dastan said to the Operations Officer.

"All ships' that can hear this. This is the USS Warspite," The image of an admiral appeared in the holographic display on the Shanghai's bridge. "Klingon Forces have attacked the Anchorage system. We have engaged the cadre, but there are too many ships. We cannot protect the colony. Our Fighters and systems are engaged, but they are breaking through." Even the hologram showed smoke and debris on his bridge. "This is a civilian colony, not a Starfleet installation. We're taking a hell of a beating here. I don't know if there's anyone out there, but the Klingons sure think there is. So if you are... we could use the damn help."

"I recommend comms silence, Commander," Kachiko remarked from the aft station she was working. "Though we should respond and assist, with the Captain's approval, of course."

"It wouldn't be a deviation from the timeline, as this attack did not happen in our past. If it had, the rimward exploration initiative wouldn't have gone forward and we wouldn't be here," Kachiko noted aloud, sensing the hesitation on the bridge.

Jane maintained their course toward Golovin II. She’d heard the distress call. People were dying, and civilians risked being slaughtered. Her mind raced, but she shook the thoughts clear and focussed on her job. Keeping her hands on the helm console, she turned back toward the XO. “Your orders, sir?”

"We're out of sensor range," reported Wale. "I have nothing on the attackers."

The commander looked over at the Counselor. The new First Officer was hoping she didn’t notice his hand start to shake from fear or excitement, he did not know. He thought he knew what his CO would do. “Ensign Sinclair, plot a course to the Anchorage system. Maximum warp. Prepare to activate the QSD.”

"I still need to double-check Hisa's field variance calculations before you activate the drive," Wale reminded Sinclair. "We want to make sure the QSD remains undetected."

From main engineering, Hisa patched the calculations to the bridge consoles. "Matsuko to the Bridge," she said over the comm. "QSD is primed and ready to go. The final numbers are patched into the consoles. Maximum allowance of a 0.34 percent variance before we lose it."

Dastan then stood from his seat and tugged at the hem of his uniform. He looked forward towards the main viewscreen and took a deep breath. “All hands, this is Commander Alexander... Black Alert.” The clear lights around the bridge quickly changed to a dark blue glow as the main lights dimmed. Dastan returned to the command seat as the crew made their way to their positions.

Isabelle was in the Counselling office, her Betazoid senses were picking up on the emotions of those aboard ship it was hard to ignore them. As much as she wanted to concentrate on counselling sessions it would be counterproductive at the current time as neither she nor anyone else would be able to concentrate. It was a nervous time and for now all she could do was wait and see what happened next.

“Course plotted, sir,” Jane said. She was careful to not face Commander Alexander. She didn’t want him to see the look of pure joy on her face as she was about to fly slipstream for the first time. “Ready to jump at your command.”

"Bridge to Captain Sun," Lieutenant Colonel Bayushi had opened a channel. "We just had a Quantum communication from the Warspite. New Anchorage is under attack and requesting assistance. Judging from strategic information systems, no one is under thirty hours from New Anchorage except for us."

"On my way," Mei's voice came back a little quietly.



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