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Counsellors And Pilots And Meetings, Oh My!

Posted on Sat Jun 15th, 2019 @ 5:59pm by Ensign Jane Sinclair & Lieutenant JG Isabelle Veran PhD

Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: Counsellor’s Office
Timeline: After returning to Shanghai, Before “Paces”


Ensign Jane Sinclair was feeling a bit down this evening. Feelings of sadness and depression were a bit rare for her, so she wasn’t exactly sure what to do about it. Thankfully, her good friend was the Chief Counselor. She stood by the door and hit the chime.

Isabelle hadn’t been in the office long when the chime rang. “Come in.”

She stepped into the Counselor’s office and saw a new face instead of the familiar one she was expecting. “Oh! I’m sorry. Um, is this the Counselor’s office? I was looking for Lieutenant Descharmes?”

“I’m sorry she’s not here at present, I haven’t seen her yet so I’m not sure when she’ll be back.” Isabelle smiled warmly. “I’m Isabelle Veran, the new Counsellor can I help you?”

Jane gave the woman a smile. She was very pretty, and her Trill spots very becoming. A bit shorter than Jane, but then most women were. “I’m Ensign Jane Sinclair, Chief Flight Control Officer. I haven’t been aboard long, either. I was hoping to speak with a Counselor for a few. Do you have some time?”

“Sure” Isabelle smiled. “Make yourself comfortable, can I get you anything to drink?”

"No, thank you," Jane answered as she took a seat on the offered couch. "It's like this. Shanghai is my first assignment out of the Academy, and before then I lived at home on Proxima, working with my family at the Proxima Maintenance Yards. When I got my commission and was sent out here, I was nervous, but when I arrived we were promptly put in orbit of Golovin Colony. In the past few weeks, I've started making new roots. I have an apartment down there. I've...met someone down there." Jane began to blush. "I guess I didn't realize that warping away would make me feel like I was losing my roots all over again."

“I can understand that” Isabelle smiled warmly. “Getting involved with someone you obviously like and then going backwards and forwards on a starship is difficult. You’re not so much losing your roots it’s more the lack of time you have to plant those roots.”

Jane smiled at Isabelle. "She can tell you all about the importance of taking the time to get roots planted," she joked. "The person I'm seeing. She's one of the colony's horticulturalists. When we get back to Golovin, the Captain is letting me take her on a tour of the ship."

“That’s good. It’ll give her chance to see what the ship is like and what you do here.” Isabelle smiled warmly.

“I’m glad we have Golovin to go back to,” Jane admitted. “I love flying out in space, but I’m not sure how I’d feel about having nowhere to go home to.”

"I can imagine!" Isabelle nodded in agreement. "It's good to have somewhere you can call home. I haven't even considered where I prefer to be yet. I've spent my whole Starfleet career in space so I've gotten used to it."

"How long have you been in Starfleet?" Jane asked. She was always willing to learn from someone with more experience, even if that person looked younger.

"Personally I've only been in Starfleet for seven years and that includes the four I spent at the academy." Isabelle smiled warmly. "But my first host Lyta was in Starfleet all her life, she lived to the grand old age of ninety! She began her Starfleet career as an Operations officer and worked her way up to Chief Engineer before the usual ship command and admiralty. My second host Jules was more of a dark horse, he has a somewhat checkered Starfleet history that I'm still trying to learn more about, he was only in his 50's when he was killed. He had some thirty years in Starfleet."

“Oh, you’re joined!” Jane exclaimed. “That’s so cool! The First Officer on the ship I trained on was a joined Trill too, but I never got to ask him about it. What’s it like, if you don’t mind me asking?”

"It's...a little strange to be honest. I'm the only half Trill to ever be joined so I'm in undiscovered country so-to-speak. There are times when I find myself who I am!" She grinned. "All in all though it's very rewarding."

“That’s amazing,” Jane said. “And were you raised more on Betazed, Trill, or elsewhere? I’ll be honest, I’ve not seen much of the Galaxy aside from Proxima and Earth.”

"I spent a lot of time backwards and forwards between Starbases, starships and Betazed." Isabelle smiled. "I had to do extra training with my senses as they developed earlier than they should have. It took extra training but I'm used to it now although it's a learning curve for my symbiont."

“I can’t imagine,” Jane said, amazed by everything she heard. “So are you one of the new additions, or are you from Shanghai’s timeline?”

"Me...I'm one of the Shanghai timeline people. It's pretty weird thinking about the fact that I'm living in my own past! I'm kind of glad that I do have my symbiont to ground my sense of reality!"

Jane nodded. “So many of you don’t. I’m glad you have something like that. I’m lucky, all I have to worry about is Temporal Investigations reading my mail.”

“I can imagine!” Isabelle grinned.

“Thank you for talking with me today, Counselor,” Jane said with a smile. “I feel a lot better. But I should get back to work.”

“No problem” Isabelle smiled warmly. “If you need to speak again you know where to find me!”

With that, Jane got up and left the Counselor’s office. She wasn’t originally sure whether she’d be okay talking to a Counselor who wasn't Christine. But Isabelle was very pleasant and easy to talk to. It felt like she made a new friend.



Ensign Jane Sinclair
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Shanghai

Lieutenant (jg) Isabelle Veran
Counsellor, USS Shanghai


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