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Posted on Fri May 24th, 2019 @ 10:00am by Lieutenant JG Isabelle Veran PhD

Mission: Between the Pages
Location: Seppala
Timeline: After ‘Of like mind’


With Christine gone to enjoy a rest Isabelle looked around the office. How Christine worked in such a disorganised manner astonished her. Grabbing a few more PADDs to add to her pile she headed to the office that was about to become hers, glad to see that it looked mostly untouched. If anything it was near enough a blank slate which was just what Isabelle liked.

Putting the PADDs down she got herself and something to nibble on before making herself comfortable and starting to go through the PADDs. As she read one thing started to become plainly clear, Christine had said she’d ignored communications from Starfleet but she’d been ignoring them for a lot longer than Isabelle realised.

Placing the PADDs out in time order she sighed as she saw the same name on several of the PADDs, one Lieutenant Commander James Barnes. It seemed Starfleet urgently wanted a psychological evaluation of him and so far there was no record amongst the PADDs that Christine had replied or even bothered with the evaluation. Isabelle could only wonder why it was Christine hadn’t bothered to do as she’d been requested to do.

Pulling her own PADD out of her pocket Isabelle tapped the screen, taking notes of what she needed to do. First things first she needed to organise the evaluation of James Barnes. That done she’d need to speak with Christine again and find out why she’d let this go on for as long as she had.

“I know already!” Isabelle blurted out aloud even though she was in the room alone. One of the more annoying habits she’d acquired was answering herself when the thoughts of her previous hosts came over her mind. “I seriously have to stop doing that!” She shook her head. The thought that crossed her mind had been that she should report Christine to the Captain but she had to give Christine the benefit of the doubt.

Putting down the PADD She was holding she took a few moments to simply sit and relax, to let her inner selves intermix and get herself back in order. It wasn’t a simple process and it wasn’t easy but it was the best way she’d found to solve things when her symbiont personalities started to disagree with her own. If it wasn’t for the fact that being unjoined would kill her she was sure the symbiosis committee would have had the Veran symbiont removed from her by now. As it was they had little choice but to accept the joining.

She massaged her temples before sighing and getting back to work, she had a long way to go before she was caught up on the backlog that Christine had allowed to build up.



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