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What Cannot Be

Posted on Wed Jun 19th, 2019 @ 8:42pm by Captain Mei Xiang Sun & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Lieutenant Commander Dastan Alexander Ph.D & Lieutenant Commander James Barnes & Lieutenant Limmi Ovim & Lieutenant Commander Wale Scholl Ph.D. & Commander Christine Descharmes-Barnes Ph.D & Lieutenant JG Isabelle Veran PhD & Ensign Jane Sinclair & Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi

Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: Shanghai Bridge
Timeline: Just after Paces

[Turbolift, USS Shanghai]

Mei stood quietly in the darkened turbolift as it raced towards the bridge. There was no reason this should have happened, and the Admiral should have had no access to the entanglements that would have given him access to Shanghai or the other Initiative ships. Her eyes glanced up at the nearest dim light. She had chosen to reenact Black Alert for a very specific reason, given their situation. She hadn't had time to think that through or prep all of the crew though. And they were skirting a line here. She had to think quickly, plan on the fly, and be prepared to fail spectacularly. At least she had a moment to think on the ride up.

[Bridge, USS Shanghai]

The turbolift hissed open and Mei stepped out onto the bridge. She didn't appear particularly happy as she moved over towards the command section of the bridge. She spoke quietly as she reached her station and stretched her back slightly. "Report," Her voice didn't need to be loud to be heard though, it seemed. "Where are we at since going to Black?"

Dastan stood and turn towards the Captain. He gave back the command chair to her. “All systems stand ready to engage the Quantum Slipstream Drive.” The commander then glance over at the CONN as he made his way to the XO’s chair.

“We’re at Warp Eight and climbing, Captain, on course for Anchorage,” Jane answered. “We’re ready to go Slipstream on your command.”

"Captain," Kachiko spoke up from her console immediately behind the Captain. "I have reviewed the computer library. This event did not occur in our past. This is a new branch in the timeline, so our presence won't disrupt the timeline. We're almost to the point where we were sent backwards in time, so we're almost out of the woods."

Isabelle had made the decision to make herself useful, she could sit around in the counselling office or she could make her way to the bridge and make herself useful if her Betazoid senses were needed. She knew Christine was on the bridge but she had concerns about her professionalism, due to the number of missed evaluation requests and orders from Starfleet that Christine had ignored. Walking out onto the bridge she walked over to Sun.

"Captain, can I be of use here on the bridge?"

"Feel free to find a station," Sun spoke when she heard the voice, her eyes barely twisting over to the Lieutenant. She gave a nod to her after a moment.

Isabelle nodded and headed over to the nearest empty seat at a station.

"Highly unlikely," Christine said quickly and in response to Bayushi. "We came from 2391. Last I checked, this was still 2389." She glanced up at Isabelle, frowning and tensed. Like I really need a babysitter, she thought, shifting in her seat and recrossing her legs.

Isabelle looked in Christine's direction, she couldn't help but see the look that Christine had given her. She didn't like the air between them being so tense but the bridge wasn't the place to talk about it.

The indignance of Christine's thought drew Limmi's eyes into catching her sour glance at her new colleague. It a was brief yet telling development for the tactical officer, who opted to file it away in favor of gleaning insights on their ever-evolving temporal situation.

Dastan gave a quick smirk to the chatter between the Colonel and the counselor. He glanced back at the old lady. “I’d hate for you to run into yourself by accident,” he taunted.

Mei stopped being quiet with a shake of her back. "The Colonel doesn't have accurate information," Sun spoke simply. "First Contact Day, 2389, the USS Warspite was attacked by a Klingon cadre of birds of prey. The USS Warspite, along with her Admiral were lost, but they bought time for the colony to prepare. Birds of prey moved off after, and we didn't get any updates after that." She spoke with a bit of an exhale, "I spoke to the Admiral from Starfleet Command the same day - but Shanghai's QSD was not active so we couldn't assist." She adjusted. "That said, they should not have been able to reach out to us. We specifically locked the communication channels from the Warspite. And the timing is off." She adjusted. "So, the danger of stepping on the timeline is extreme - and we cannot assist the Warspite, but New Anchorage was not attacked or destroyed." She glanced across to Dastan and Christine for a moment, but her voice was meant for everyone. "I'm not sure what's going on now. But, need suggestions."

“Captain, maybe it’s possible that there’s been a change to or split from the timeline we know?” Isabelle looked at Sun. “Perhaps we could try and ascertain if there’s been any other changes to recent events?”

"Except, Captain," Kachiko intoned quietly."It isn't First Contact day, nor is the attack you described listed in the Computers historical index."

James tapped a few commands on his console, looking towards the center of the bridge towards the Captain. "Captain," he paused, the situation bringing back that foreboding feeling he had been getting every since his time shift. "We ignore the Warspite and defend the colonies. That might be our best bet for keeping the timeline intact."

“If we do need to interact with or provide aid directly to the Warspite, send me, Commander Alexander, and Lieutenants Ovim and Scholl,” Jane suggested. “We can disguise a shuttle so it doesn’t look like it’s from us. We are from this timeline. Our impact may be lower.”

"The colony wasn't attacked in your original timeline, but now it has been," chimed in Wale. "The timeline has already been altered. Our transponder signature has been altered, they won't be able to identify us unless they get within visual range. I think we need to do everything we can to save the colony."

“Captain, you’re all in my timeline now. We can’t let the citizens of New Anchorage die. We need to respond no matter the cost. The Shanghai’s timeline has already been changed. This is a different 2389 than what you remember,” Dastan explained.

"And it's the only 2389 we can influence at the moment," Limmi finally spoke. "It's our timeline now. We should do we can to preserve our way of life here until the opportunity arises to set things right. If they can ever be."

Sun smirked. "I agree," She gave a quiet nod, "But we need to take precautions. As soon as we drop out of slipstream, we'll be contacted. And the Admiral knows about the Initiative and where the Shanghai should be." She glanced towards Jane, "So any direct contact will need to be handled carefully." She glanced up to operations, "Scramble our transponder, turn off our hull lights and see if we can hide our identity a bit better..." She paused, "If there are any objections, speak now. Otherwise," She glanced to Dastan. "Let's take the fight to them."

Dastan smiled back at Mei with her response. He then looked around the bridge. “All hands, prepare to engage the Quantum Slipstream Drive. Engineering, activate the tetrahedron reactor and prepare to switch from warp drive to QSD on Flight Control’s order.”

"You got it," Hisa called up from Main Engineering, seated at one of the consoles. Her hands poised above the console. "On your mark," she added.

“Ensign Sinclair, ready for some fun?” Dastan asked waiting on the Captain’s order.

Jane couldn’t suppress her grin. “Try and stop me. Um, sir.”

Limmi's snicker at Sinclair's cheeky juxtaposition was faintly audible to anyone within conversational distance of Tactical.

"Ensign," Sun spoke quietly for a moment before adjusting and crossing her arms behind her back. "Let's light the fires," She let her fighter pilot slip out for a moment and smirked.

With a few taps to her console, Jane activated the QSD. “Slipstream in five, four, three, two, one, mark.” The Shanghai accelerated beyond normal warp and entered a slipstream corridor. A tunnel of dark blue was visible on the viewscreen as Jane piloted the ship faster than she’d ever gone. Her grin would not subside.

"I need reports on how the QSD is holding up from Science and Engineering, and any oddities that might be coming up from Ops. And station readiness from all departments." Sun spoke towards the two officers at her flanks.

"God you're rough, Sinclair," Hisa muttered under her breath. They had entered the slipstream threshold, her fingers flew over the controls as she fed the field variance corrections to the helm. "Matsuko to Bridge. I'm experiencing power fluctuations in the quantum matrix. I'm manually adjusting to compensate but just a reminder, no sudden moves. You're going to end up making my job a lot harder."



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