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Into the Fray

Posted on Sun Jul 28th, 2019 @ 10:11pm by Captain Mei Xiang Sun & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Lieutenant Commander Wale Scholl Ph.D. & Commander Christine Descharmes-Barnes Ph.D & Lieutenant JG Isabelle Veran PhD & Ensign Jane Sinclair & Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi & Lieutenant Rhis Jhaeryn

Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: New Anchorage System


"As soon as we drop the QSD, open fire. Keep us ahead of them. Keep calm, keep focused, keep eyes on your teams, be vocal. Combat moves fast, so act without hesitation. We are Starfleet. We are here to defend colonists, and you wouldn't be on this bridge if you were not the best at your jobs. We can and will even these odds and defend these colonists - even if we have to run every phaser coil until it melts." Sun spoke simply as the approached the New Anchorage System in Quantum space, the ship darkened to the black alert level as so much power was redirected, her eyes glancing to the younger officers on back up just in case. Then, what felt like a much longer time than it had been, they were there, ready to drop out. "As soon as you feel that shift, take us to red alert." She spoke to her XO before tapping the control panel on her seat and settling in.

The holographic displays at the center of the bridge lit up, showing the small star system they approached and its lonely gas giant, with the colony slowly orbiting it. No enemy or allied ships appeared yet, but as soon as they dropped Slipstream it would update. They knew what to expect. A handful of birds of prey making a run on the colony. A Sovereign in trouble, and a Medical vessel trying to evac who they could. Mei took a long breath, for a short second closed her eyes to center herself, and then sat back and kept an eye on the holographic battlemap in front of her.

"Bridge, Dragon Two," came the voice of Lieutenant Jhaeryn. "All Dragons armed for bear and ready to launch on your command. Everything else is on Ready Two for aerospace superiority if needed along with the ship's usual escort pair awaiting the drop from warp to deploy immediately."

Kachiko smiled,"I sent word down, Captain. The Valkyrie with full sized torpedoes can make a real dent in a B'rel."

The hatch from the lift opened and a little green fighter pilot stepped out, "Captain, Ex Oh, I had an idea."

Karsel'lyn swiftly strode down to where the two senior officers stood, "I decided to stay aboard. Couldn't let you all fly into danger without every able hand. I have been down below preparing. I think that we can assist the medical frigate with the evacuation, like we recently did the colony back home. We have a full complement of shuttles and runabouts plus my runabout and the Colonel's."

"Of course, I will be sure to keep a plane guard craft aboard, in case any pilots need a pickup," Lyn shrugged.

Mei gave a little nod, "As soon as the microjumps are complete we'll launch fighters. I don't want to risk them out there until we're out of that." She gave a glance to Dastan in case he had an addition.

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Isabelle was floating round the bridge, monitoring crew and looking at the readouts more out of curiosity than anything else. Despite her age she had the experience of two other lives thanks to her symbiont, one of those had been a lifelong Starfleet Officer and the other part of Starfleet for thirty years. She paused to look at the holographic battle map that was showing. “Captain, that Sovereign isn’t going to be able to maintain its shields indefinitely, maybe it would be possible to use shuttles and our transporters to evac the crew and any passengers before her shields fail. She’d make one hell of a guided missile against those Birds of Prey once she’s empty.”

"Forty-five seconds until we're out of slipstream," announced Jane from the helm station. She was tense, but in total control of her station. She was ready to make the Shanghai dance.

Lyn glanced over at the Counselor, "Miss Veran, that Sovereign is lost with all hands. Rescuing the crew would violate the Temporal Prime Directive. I hate knowing that a thousand of our fellows are about to die, but we have a requirement to allow it to happen."

"Feel free to find a loophole," Mei's frustrated voice spoke up after the statement. She didn't like leaving the Warspite to the enemy. "But the Commander is correct. We can't directly aid the Warspite. We know she doesn't make it," She gave a nod. "I like the idea, though, Lieutenant. Might be the exact kind of thinking we need here."

"Maybe they didn't actually die, Captain," Karsel'lyn thought out loud."Maybe they disappeared into the future onboard the sexy USS Shanghai and went to live in the Outer Perseus?"

"We don't know how much we affected our own timeline, yet," the senior Marine Officer tacked on at the end of Lyn's remark. "For all we know, we were in our own past, making things happen."

Kachiko sighed,"I received a comm about sixteen hours ago, Captain. I had a brief chat with... myself."

"At this time in our timeline, I was still on Earth, thinking that I was going to retire. Instead, I and Reiko are in the Raeyan sector, heading up a Battalion on a critical planet, at Hawkeye Base."

"Everything has already changed. There's no way to fix it," Kachiko settled back into her chair from having stood up to speak.

Christine shifted in her seat. Up until then, she had remained relatively quiet. At Kachiko's comment, she turned her head to look. She scowled. "Isn't that against the rules? You know, breaking some temporal directive or something? I would love to be able to have a chat with my past self and tell her to stop moping around because it's not the end of the world. So why do you get to break the rules?" The last part was said in a huff of breath. She crossed her legs and shifted in her chair again, though the scowl remained.

"I can't break something that doesn't apply, Christine," Kachiko remarked quietly."The timeline was irreparably altered the moment we and the colony appeared in this timeline. We're already in an alternate timeline, which I know for certain."

"Thanks to your past self," Christine answered sharply. "And there goes everything I was told about all of that temporal shit since none of the rules apply." She tapped her fingers erratically on her leg. They still hadn't dropped out of slipstream. She glanced sideways to Mei. "Excuse me, Mei," Christine said suddenly and stood up. "I think I'm of more use somewhere else. I'm going to leave before the micro-jumps give me motion sickness." She then glanced at Isabelle. "There's one too many counselors here as it is." She gave her a slight nod before she abruptly turned around and headed for the turbolift.

Isabelle looked uncomfortably at Christine as she departed the bridge, she didn’t like that things between them were like this. She gave her Captain an apologetic look before taking the seat that Christine had left.

"My past self is one of the few current time people with a clearance to know about our circumstances," Kachiko sighed out after the lovely blond Counselor disappeared into the lift. "She even asked how Cai was handling yet another time shift, Captain."

"She knew precisely when we arrived in this timeline. Our... origins, lead her to sense my arrival in this time," Kachiko continued."The timeline is irreparably disrupted. For example, the Initiative can't settle Golovin as it's already settled. Not to mention our encounter with the Protectorate vessel won't happen, after our recent assistance."

"Dropping out of slipstream in three," Jane said, interrupting the uncomfortable conversation about timelines, "two, one, NOW." Their tunnel collapsed and the Shanghai found herself in normal space, facing multiple Klingon birds-of-prey. The Warspite was still in space, fires burning from breaches in her hull. A Hope-lass ship was nearby, but also being harried.

The Shanghai's targeting subroutine assigned target designations to the Klingon ships and the Marine broadcast to both Limmi and Jane, '~Targeting Bravo. Firing.~' The Vesta's powerful Type-XII ventral saucer phaser array lit up the darkness of space as a stream of red light lanced out at the nearby Bird of Prey, impacting and devastating it's depleted shields.

“Setting course two-three-mark-five-four,” Jane reported. “Initiating first!” The Shanghai leapt forward for a split second, putting it behind the birds-of-prey, which were still facing the persistent image of the ship where it once was. A perfectly executed Picard Maneuver.

Mei hadn't spoken since Christine left the bridge, with likely only Veran hearing the exhausted noise that slipped out of her throat - but she had other things to worry about currently. That could be handled after the battle. She finally opened her lips to take a breath as the first maneuver left them mirrored in space. "Very good Ms. Sinclair. Don't push the engine room too hard. Ops, switch our IFF - see if we can't mask who we are and make it look like there are a few more. Tactical, get the Klingons off that medical vessel. And no comms out under any circumstances," She spoke as she watched the holographic screen update across the bridge, "Klingons will hit catch on soon, so do not hold back."

"Ten-Four, boss-lady," Kachiko intoned as the Shanghai's phaser array lit up the darkness of space once more, the full-powered focused beam of light slamming into the Bird of Prey's shields, before slicing through and scoring the hull. Immediately, the small Colonel's attention shifted to the second Klingon ship harrying the Medical ship, leaving the first to Limmi and the Shanghai's torpedoes.

"Well that's one microjump out of the way," Hisa muttered. "Sounds like a party up there." She would have really liked to reinitialize the warpfield after each one but she didn't know when the next one would be. That was the key. "You there-" she pointed at someone standing just across the room. She hadn't bothered with names or ranks at this point, "-keep an eye on the generators and get ready to bleed off the excess energy from the plasma once it reaches the threshold. Once we make the next jump, it's going to spike."

"Minimal impact on the subspace field from the microjump," reported Wale. "And for the record," spoke up Wale, "I'm picking up eight hundred and seventy-four life signs on the Warspite."

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Sun almost grumbled. The information may have been useful to her, but it was a particularly painful point. "Ensign Sinclair, lets keep them confused. Coordinate with Hisa, hit another microjump when you're ready."


To Be Continued....


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