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Looking Through the Mirror

Posted on Mon Jul 8th, 2019 @ 12:34am by Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi

Mission: Points Of Light
Location: Quarters, Seppala Station
Timeline: Before the Shanghai departure

Kachiko was pacing in her quarters on the station, pensive about everything, particularly worried about Karsel'lyn after the work the fae-folk on the planet performed on her sweet green sister. The warning about the fluidic space seed that had been implanted in her arm had terrified Kachiko, not feeling terribly prepared to lose the only family she had, aside from little Reiko.

There was a chime from her computer console, bringing her reverie crashing back to reality. Striding over to the console, she realized that she had had a communication. Sliding into the seat, an eyebrow arched as she noted the heightened security level and encryption on the communication. Leaning forward, the optical reader read her right retina, which unlocked the communique.

The screen lit up immediately, telling Kachiko that it was a quantum entangled transmission. Then the picture resolved and Kachiko was looking at... herself.

The other face smiled faintly, "Kachiko-san. How am I doing out there?"

Kachiko blinked,"I should have thought about it. We are some of the few with the experience and clearance regarding temporal events."

"I heard that you had a new assignment," Kachiko remarked.

Major Bayushi nodded, "Indeed. They sent me to Raeya, heading up the Jarheads at Hawkeye Island."

"You're commanding four regiments?" Lieutenant Colonel Bayushi blinked with surprise. "I would think that they would have promoted you."

"They weren't very happy after I was captured and held prisoner for a year," the Major looked sour.

"I know, hon. I went through the same thing, but was cleared after several weeks as a Major again and had my rank restored," Kachiko looked surprised."You didn't?"

"No," the mirror image shook her head with a pensive look. "I was about to submit my retirement papers when I was given this new assignment. So, how is ReiRei?"

"Reiko-chan is great, actually. We have new roommates, a lovely Betazoid lady and her little girl. The girl and Reiko are getting on great," the Colonel grinned at the memory of the two girls running around playing together.

"Excellent!" Major Bayushi remarked with her own smile. "Reiko and I are here on a Island on Raeya. It's tropical with gorgeous beaches. She's so happy here!"

Colonel Kachiko nodded,"My lil one has her own lake, behind the cabin I built that we're sharing with our roommates from the station."

"Oh, wonderful!" Major Bayushi nodded."I have yet to meet her, but how is my green niece faring with another trip through time?"

The Colonel arched an eyebrow, "You should try to take the time to go see Lynnie and your niece. CaiCai is actually doing better than most people, regarding the temporal dislocation. She has the past experience that few can even conceive of."

The spritely Major nodded,"That sounds about right, especially if she's actually Lyn's lil girl."

"She's taller than Lyn, actually," Kachiko smirked."Taller than you and me, too."

"You would like her," Colonel Bayushi continued."How are you coping, hon?"

"I'm... doing better, but not where I need to be," the Major sighed."ReiRei is what's keeping me together. I still have the nightmares."

"So do I," Colonel Bayushi sympathized."So was Lynnie, until she started sharing her life and bed with her Captain Sun."

"I met the Captain briefly, after the stabbing in China. I didn't get the opportunity to speak with her, at least not socially," Major Bayushi frowned.

"Well, you'll like her. The Captain is perfect for Karsel'lyn and Cai seems to have completed both of them," the Colonel smiled."Cai's cousin is also with us. She's half-Chinese and half-Japanese. She, Cai and ReiRei get on great."

"I wish we had some girls to keep Reiko-chan company here on the Island," the Major looked concerned.

"Maybe once our timeline containment has ended, you could put in for a transfer here? Reiko and the other girls could use more friends."

"Maybe, but I don't want to abandon Commander Alexander," past Kachiko shrugged.

"Ah, Dastan Alexander?" future Kachiko asked.

"No. Matthew Alexander," which brought an amused expression to the future incarnation's face.

To which she replied, "Brother?"

Past Kachiko nodded,"Yes. According to his file, at least."

Future Kachiko smiled,"Dastan is Captain Sun's First Officer. He is from your time, not mine. He was sent out by Starfleet after we got in contact and requested reinforcement."

"I have to go, doll," past Kachiko sighed.

Future Chiko nodded, "Okay. I don't have to tell you that you can't tell anyone about anything we discussed, right?"

The Major glanced to the side, "Reiko, not right now, darling." Then turned back,"I know. Which is why I'm using this encrypted channel."

"Fare well, lil sister," Kachiko reached up and closed the channel.

A light blinked on her panel. Touching it, she noticed that the Shanghai crew was being recalled. Which meant Limmi. Snatching up her phaser, Kachiko strode out of their shared quarters, sensing that Reiko and Delilah were napping. "Bayushi to Lieutenant Ovim. Limmi, we're being recalled to the ship. Pronto."


Lieutenant Colonel Bayushi Kachiko
System Security Director, Seppala Station


Major Bayushi Kachiko
Marine Commanding Officer, Hawkeye Island


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