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Early Morning Simulations

Posted on Thu Aug 15th, 2019 @ 8:55pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Lieutenant Calvin Kennedy

Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: Security Training Holodeck
Timeline: Supplemental

[Shanghai, Security Suite, Training Holodeck]

Mei took another breath and shook off whatever it was that she had just experienced. She adjusted, rolling her shoulders before pulling off her uniform vest and tossing it aside to the end of the room. She put a foot under the holographic phaser carbine and kicked it up, catching the strap and pulling it up to her. "Computer," She shook her head, "Again." The room faded, and then after a moment, it shifted to something new, a darkened alleyway. There was a chime, and without much more warning a figure appeared at the end of the alley. A green arc of energy lanced from a weapon in its hand, missing Sun but signaling the start to the training. Years as a marine showed through as her feet twisted to a wider and solid stance, the carbine hit her shoulder and a pulse of energy darted down the alley to find its mark. Her eyes scanned for cover, catching another movement nearby and with a snap that left her weapon's strap still flapping a bit, she fired again, striking the second target.

As her eyes scanned the alleyway, she moved forward. Each step almost right behind the movement of her eyes, checking corners and moving through the cityscape with a soft step and sharp eye. As figures appeared, she'd find them and fire, finding cover in the stalls along the edge of the alley. As she reached the halfway point, though, a few figures appeared quickly at the end - her destination. That sickly green energy slammed into the cover she had found, barely letting up as the holographic enemy moved forward. She took a breath and put her back against the cubby wall. She couldn't see them, but she adjusted to fire her weapon blindly around the corner, before backing up as if to cool it. Their fire intensified for a moment, and she waited. Then there was a chime.

"Simulation paused."

"Mat me?" The Captain exclaimed in her native tongue towards the uncaring computer voice,"Dim gaai?" She asked before sighing. "Computer why?" She asked again, realizing the struggle the devices had with Yue sometimes.

"Requested time limit reached." The computer chimed. "Scheduled security training begins shortly."

"Really?" She groaned, "Arch." She said, the door appearing in the cubby behind her, not far from her vest - which she snatched up as she stepped out of the door. "Shame," She said as the doors hissed open, "The other holodecks don't sting when you mess up," She said as she stepped out with her phaser and vest in tow. The phaser disintegrated as she stepped through the door to the hallway, and her eyes caught a new, but familiar face.

“Captain.” Calvin was surprised to see Sun exiting the security training suite. She looked to be training as she was out of her uniform and into civilian clothes, or regular relaxation.

“Can I be of service?” Kennedy had asked. He was set to go over training drills inside the suite in a few moments. Rarely there was a chance that the Captain was down in his neck of the woods, so to speak, so he offered Sun the time.

"No, Lieutenant. My apologies. Early morning training up against some old, well, scars. I just..." She paused a moment and shook her head, a small smile crossing her lips, "Well, perhaps. I'm used to close quarters, but have some trouble from time to time in city streets. So, I was just honing that. Didn't get to finish."

Calvin eyed the Captain and her stature. She was a Marine and a good one. Calvin enjoyed reading the crew personnel bios learning a lot of ship in that manner.

“Care to try that simulation again?” Kennedy was dying to prove his worth to her, to show Sun that he was a capable officer in combat and investigation for the Shanghai.

"Not if it will interrupt your training time," She spoke, slinging her vest over her shoulder, "Albeit, I'll admit... I'm curious to see how someone else might have handled it. And I don't believe I've seen you training personally yet." She pondered for a moment. "I don't need to run it again today, but I wouldn't mind watching you run through it - see if you would have acted any differently than I would. Or maybe a similar scenario for a quick duo run?" She paused for a moment and held up a hand, "If you have time before whatever security training is going on this morning. I'm not one to put my own training over the crew."

“Things should be able to go along somewhat smoothly while away from Security, Captain.” He drew his phaser and entered in some parameters. “I would like to play, as well.” He winked.

Calvin re-started the same program as Captain Xiang. “Computer. Re-start Program and begin.”

He stood in place. His dark shiny boots planted hard on the floor, parallel to his shoulders; he then crouched to the ground. Kennedy grasped tight his type II phaser, at its ready. His eyes searched the local horizon. The phaser was prepared to output a broad range of field strength.

The countdown occurred. The Program began in dark cloudiness with the occasional flash of energy arcs lighting blue the alleyway forward. The smell was that of rotting bodies and moss. Cal quickly put away the thoughts of how bad it had smelled.

Tactically, Calvin assumed a sweeping direction with his phaser, using a barrage tactical style. It was simple, but a standard technique.

The bright flash of red came like a bolt from 180 degrees within the darkness. The Security Officer darted to his left, breaking the path and sprinting forward. He continued to fire shot, after phaser shot at the target.

His type II phaser was portable. There were various refinements to his model. Calvin dodged himself into a roll to the right. He crouched along the pathway. There were bursts of laser fire at him in anticipation. Calvin breathed in and out calmly, accessing the situation as he continued forward, and was always eager to improve.

Just then, a double shot of red lasers from a 90-degree angle shot hitting Calvin's left thigh. He swore in his head. Kennedy didn’t want the Captain to hear bad language from him.

Calvin hard rolled to the left, pressing forward in the alleyway.

Within the darkness, a tall figure appeared with a knife and weapon. Calvin reacted, reaching forward, grabbing the forearm and wrist. Kennedy pulled the thing ahead and shoved his open hand, dropping the blade. Calvin uses his wrist is slamming upward underneath the man's chin. Grabbing his shirt and then pushing him forward to let him fall to the ground.

“Time,” Calvin called out.

“Program complete.” The Computer replied. It began to read the program analysis. “Open alignment, course section 04-03:22 minutes. Active hit, laser cannon line 9, open draw.” The computer relayed information.

“Always wanted to try this program with the intruder protocol, must have been added during the last update.” He wiped his forehead.

Mei gave a soft nod as he finished up. It was always good to see another officer in action before whatever real danger they'd face. Though she couldn't help but feel a tinge of pain in her chest at watching the last couple of actions, warmth in an old scar she couldn't quite forget. "A respectable show," She added with a little nod, not wanting to get too in-depth on it at the moment. She let a smile cross her lips, "Better than most." She gave a quiet tilt of her head and watched him for a second, "I ask this of all my security and tactical seniors - but I don't think I've had the chance yet. Who is your favorite strategist? If any. Hard to get my mind around your movements here or in the field without some glimpse into what theories you ascribe to."

The Lieutenant shook his head looking at the Captain. “I have a very basic regime of tactical combat, hand to hand warfare. I do enjoy on the holodeck Mixed Martial Arts.” He placed his hands at the side of his waist. “Starfleet Security trains on latest science, and varying levels of defense and security as you are aware Ma'am.” Calvin felt foolish for not having some fancy name to reply.

“I shall endeavor to read more.” He tilted his head, looking at Mei.

She held up a hand, "It's not time-sensitive. But a good study of the classics is always worthwhile." She paused for a moment, "Remind me," She thought of something else, "In your previous assignments, have you lost any of your team in combat before?" She tilted her head to one side, "A morbid question, I know, but," She watched him closely for a second. He had just gone through a simulation and there was undoubtedly a bit of adrenaline in his system. At least she hoped, and it would give her a good view of how he handled such memories.

Calvin took a moment to reflect on the question the Captain had asked him. He experienced two times on duty where he had lost a team member of a security squad, on a peace mission on some planet. It was all political in his eyes, being sent as a security officer; Cal was not military. However, he had learned to adapt to his position over the years. Lieutenant Kennedy nodded.

He swallowed and took a swig of his water from his stainless-steel bottle. Calvin swallowed. Sun was a Captain alright, quick and pointed, curious yet guarded. “Two colleagues of mine, fine men!” He sniffed, hiding his anger underneath of the matter. “You ask what the truth is. I have seen men die, good people.” He shrugged his shoulders, not in callousness, but the helpless nature.

"I'm sorry you've dealt with it. But," She gave a small nod. "Its good to see it still bothers you though. I've never gotten over losings people under my command. Everyone seems to stick with you," She sighed, "And I have a problem with security personnel that have grown calouses over that particular part of the sentient experience." She took a breath. "Anyway," Her head shook, "Away from that. What martial arts do you practice? I'm always looking for a partner in the morning - and my daughter tends to not want to wake up that early."

Kennedy trained in Martial Arts from 14 years of age. He eventually earned full Black belt status in Karate at the age of 24. Calvin had a personal trainer, Sensei S’Boro from Aikido, Japan. S’Boro disciplined Cal over the fundamentals of Karate; being finesse, power, control, and above all else respect of your opponent.

Calvin moved onward in his Starfleet career. At Age 24, Kennedy started experimenting with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) conditioning. MMA is a stimulating form of combat for Lieutenant Kennedy. The competing arts of Kick-Boxing, Karate, Judo, and Muay Tai mixed into one lethal force.

“Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) serves me well in my daily Security rounds Captain.” Calvin nodded on Sun.
I spare in sessions on the ship's holodeck. MMA is one of the superior forms of combat I have studied.” The traditional methods of arts watered down to the very best in one ring.”

“I am quick, agile, sending you into a compromising pose, locking you in the ground till I get out my Security handcuffs.” He winked at the Captain.

"Good to know. Wing Chun was my first martial art and I've learned a lot more since then. I was very young when I started, but I've studied a lot since then. When I was an instructor, I taught Marine Hand-to-Hand to new pilots. At least part-time. Having someone with a lot of training to spar with would keep me sharp, so I'd love it from time to time."

“It would be an honour Captain to spar with you. Just name the time and the date, and I will be there.”

"I'll have to think on it a bit and get a good time. Don't want a bad sparring round before a long shift," She added.

“Well, you don’t expect me to be easy on you? If you go out with a bleeding nose, a fractured rib, that is something that can be fixed.” He grunted. He was serious and not smiling.

"No. Go easy on me and I'll transfer you off the ship faster than you can blink," She said with a little point. "It wouldn't be the first time I showed up on duty a little bloodied." She said with a smile, "Any plans for the department I should be aware of, while we're talking?"

“Captain Xiang.” Calvin presented. “A vessel as robust as the likes of the Shanghai,” he beamed his self. The Shanghai has the most advanced to date security features, interphasic onboard shielding, multiple tri optical security biosensors.”

Cal shrugged, “I guess I will have to find something with the systems, and I’ll send you that raincheck.” He was safe with wanting to let Xiang know that he was honest and working his way thoroughly through the system to see what could be altered to benefit security.

"On that," She spoke quickly, "Sun is my surname. I know, its confusing. I use the traditional format, and Starfleet's system doesn't make that clear. It is a common mistake," She smiled a bit and held up a hand, "So don't apologize. I tend to go by Mei off duty - though my given name is technically Mei Xiang." She gave a wave of her hand, somewhat dismissive of her own thoughts. "Anyway. Good to know you're going over everything. Keep me up to date. And if you don't mind my request..." She spoke softly, "I prefer Marine Phaser Carbines personally. It is just what I'm used too. So, if we need those for an away mission or what have you." She snapped her fingers, "Anything you need from me while I have you? Personal or otherwise? Settling in okay?"

Cal were amused, however maintaining an uninvolved facial expression. The Captain was an absolute tornado of operations. Herself was a unit of finesse.

“No Ma’am.” He had wanted to touch base with his dept operations, review, examine, scenarios, and then a final report for changes. “It is an honour to serve with you Captain.” Leland gave a stern salute.

“Marine Phaser Carbines. Got it.” He grunted. And had winked.

"Good. That's all I have. Open door policy, so if you need anything come and find me," She spoke as she started to step away. "Though maybe warning before showing up at my home on the colony or quarters," She said, twisting around to give a short bow. "I'll see you on the bridge later in the day, Lieutenant."

Leland stood in place and nodded at the Captain once. "Oh, and our sparring. Your not off the hook. I expect you to perform well." He egged her on. He had the sense she was an over-achiever, and he liked it.


Lieutenant Calvin Kennedy
USS Shanghai, Chief of Security

Captain Sun Mei Xiang
USS Shanghai, Commanding Officer


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