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A Slight Misunderstanding...

Posted on Thu Sep 5th, 2019 @ 12:40pm by Lieutenant Christine Descharmes & Lieutenant Calvin Kennedy
Edited on on Thu Sep 5th, 2019 @ 4:24pm

Mission: Between the Pages
Location: Golovin Colony
Timeline: before current mission


Christine sat on the steps of the administration building of Golovin, not really procrastinating but not really in a hurry to go anywhere either. She was simply enjoying the morning, being early for her breakfast with Erich. After a not-so-restful night, she thought she would leave the house early and take her time. So she sat on the steps, lounging on the third and leaning back with her elbows resting on the top step.

Having invested in a small homestead on Golovin, Kennedy enjoyed every moment at his very own personal property. Many Federation Officers had seen the beauty of the planet, the security it offered and a home to build your life for when while you were off serving duty on a starship.

Exiting his front walk, Cal began some stretches for his cardio jog. The whole community was created to be efficient and ecologically benign to the environment they populated. He was not far off from the Golovin Ocean.

Stretching his knee calves next to the side of a bench, he turned on his music to listen. After taking a few swigs of water, Calvin let out on his jog. His large tall framed body lean and toned, ready to be put to the daily task of cardio.

Exotic trees from Federation worlds had lined the common pathway from the homes and shops in the small community. On one step passing by, a woman caught Kennedy’s attention.

He turned his head as he was passing by, only to see a familiar blonde hair, green-eyed bombshell. He stopped and circled back. “Lt. Christine Descharmes. I had no idea you purchased a lot on Golovin!” Calvin spoke a surprised sound tone.

She glanced up at the sound of the voice. It was still quite a bit early in the day but the sun was already bright. Christine shielded her eyes as she struggled to place the voice. He seemed familiar. "Oh this?" she shook her head, a few strands of hair fell out of her ponytail. "This is the administration building. I have an appointment soon. I actually live closer to the beach." She paused as she still tried to put the name and face together. "I'm sorry, have we met before?"

"Well that is funny." He paused his jog. He stood watching as some of the passerby's were beginning their morning activities. "I believe that we met here around a year ago, you had been serving with the Shanghai at the time I believe." He tried to remember the face of the officer. He knew she was onboard Shanghai at least.

She tilted her head. "That is funny, isn't it," Christine answered, giving him a smirk. The name still evaded her. She stood, she was a couple of steps up from him and could look him directly in the eye. "Well, you're definitely my type," she said, casually sticking her hands in her pockets and looking him up and down. "Look, I'm not trying to be rude, I'm really not. But I was on Earth a year ago getting ready to come out here. So we must have met then. And Shanghai has been my only assignment. So we met at the Academy. I did hang out around there for a while. Or more likely we met in a bar somewhere in San Francisco." She stood in silence for a couple of minutes. "Pleasantries and awkward re-introductions aside, you've found a place already, I see."

"I would have moved to the beach, but there have been no openings for a while." He shook his head. he would love to wake up to French doors, with broad white curtains flowing with the warm, gentle breeze flowing in off the Golovin Ocean front.

"Yeah, the beachfront is the more desirable location. I got lucky because I've been here almost as long as the colony has been around," she answered. "I'm thinking of moving into the colony but the beach is such a short, nice walk away."

"Your still with that man are you?" He asked point blank and cocky.

Christine raised an eyebrow. Obviously, at some point when they met their conversation had veered that way."You don't beat around the bush, do you?" she said, tempted to answer by telling him it wasn't any of his business. "If by that man, you mean Commander Barnes and if by Commander Barnes you mean my husband, then yes. I am still with that man." She made a note to ask James about him at some point. "And he probably knows more about you than you do yourself."

The reply had surprised Calvin, and at the same time, it did not. The Lieutenant did not know that Descharmes was married. Let alone married to the Commander!

“I am not surprised.” He shrugged. “You are a pretty woman. Someone got to you before I did, damn it.” He bit at his lower lip, and then sat down beside her on the concrete seats, just outside the Golvin administration building.

“So he treats you well?” Lt. Kennedy crossed his forearms, lending his attention to a piece of green grass growing along the crack of the step.

"He does," Christine replied as she sat back down. She gave him a sideways glance, she still wasn't quite sure where they had met. He seemed familiar enough and the only name that stood out to her was 'CK' so she just went with it. "Look, CK..Can I call you CK?" she said, giving that a bit of a pause, "I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to be rude. I really wasn't. We were only just married and only a couple of people know. Well, I guess three now. So it wasn't fair to expect you to know that about me." There was another long pause. "He's a good man. Even if he doesn't believe it himself."

"We -- you and I," Christine continued, "We've met before. You're right about that. About a year ago, I was hanging around Starfleet Academy and San Francisco a lot. I mean, it would have been a year for you but like, three years for me." She turned her upper body towards him and raised an eyebrow. Her face then paled slightly, her train thought being Oh god, I hope it wasn't the night Mei and I got wasted."Well, I must have stuck out to you then."

“You were quite the charmer.” Kennedy smiled to his self remembering the occasion. “It was the Academy Triathlon. I believe you were with your friend after that evening, partying in the multicultural festivities venues.” That is when Calvin stopped from speaking further.

Calvin remembered, but she did not. “Guess I cannot make the fireworks go off for everyone, every night!” He snorted, turning to see Christine half tanning her figure, half paying attention to him.

"That sounds like me," she agreed, gazing up at the sky for a bit before she glanced over and caught him
staring at her. Or more specifically, her legs. "You like what you see?" Christine said finally, eyebrow raised and a smile forming at the corners of her mouth. "Then take a holopicture, I'm sure it would last longer." She let out a short laugh. "Sorry. That's also me. Speaking before thinking. Besides, that might not go over too well with you-know-who."

“Yeah, well now you have to set me up with one of your friends.” He frowned at Descharmes playfully.

"Do I now?" Christine asked and tilted her head towards him. She laughed again, longer this time and louder. "What's your type? You say blonde and green eyes, sorry, there's only one of me."

Calvin got up and checked at his silver wristwatch. The sunlight was bright off the oceanfront area they were. “Listen. I am going to get my ass back out on this run, and you and I will pretend that this,” he pointed between him and her and his big mouth. “Did not happen.” He then gave a thumbs up at Descharmes.

She was all right, and she would talk about him he was sure. She looked the type, very fun, outgoing. However, he hit a road bump, an elk more like it, he hit an elk on the highway.

She wasn't a telepath or empath by any means but she could tell she had made him very nervous. The blonde stood as well, her hands in the pockets of her shorts and watched him for a few seconds. "Look, I'm sorry if I made you nervous. I was just messing around with you," she admitted, shrugging her shoulders. "You seem like a nice guy. You're just about 3 weeks too late." Christine gave him an apologetic smile. "But if you're serious about a set-up, I know a few." She gave him a wink. "Like Jane. Ensign Sinclair."

Kennedy smiled. He chuckled a bit. “Thank you I was only pulling your leg, your… Fine legs.” He shook his head, as he found one song he was ready to blast off on his run, still talking to Descharmes.

“I am glad that we had this chance to catch up; you are doing well. You look well, Christine.” He was fond of that Summer they had spent time at and around the Academy.

“First thing after this run, I am getting on that Ocean Front list.” He shrugged you never know we could even end up neighbors. He laughed heartily at Descharmes.


Lieutenant Christine Descharmes
Chief Counselor, USS Shanghai

Lieutenant Calvin Kennedy
Chief of Engineering, USS Shanghai


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