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Lost Belongings

Posted on Sun Aug 18th, 2019 @ 3:11pm by Lieutenant Calvin Kennedy & Ensign Jane Sinclair

Mission: Between the Pages
Location: Office of the Chief of Security
Timeline: Before New Anchorage


[SCENE: Deck 05, Chief of Security' Office]

Lt. Kennedy sat in his security office. He pulled on Jane Sinclairs profile. He was noting the various facts, times and places, events in her life. As security, Calvin also had medical files to read, however at this time he would leave that for her privacy. He had to follow certain values, such as privacy. Until such time would allow suspicion for any reason, would he open other files and avenues.

"Ensign Sinclair." Calvin turned in his desk chair, "Please come in. Thank you for your promptness."

Jane hadn’t met the new chief of security yet, and was a bit nervous. “Of course, sir.” She wasn’t entirely certain what this was about. She smiled at Calvin as she came into his office and stood at the end of his desk. She kept wondering why she had been summoned, until an errant thought crossed her mind. “Lieutenant, does this have to do with the personal effects that my family was sending me, that I was expecting days ago?”

"It does. Your missing luggage seems to have been mislabelled. I have researched Proxima shipping files, and they seem to have labelled your luggage as foodstuff." Leland gestured from the replicator to Jane. "Would you like a coffee, water?" Leland always found it useful to enjoy interaction with the crew, the Shanghai was a community. He policed that community essentially.

Jane gave an exasperated look and hung her head. She was fairly certain her mother wouldn’t have used the wrong shipping code, so it was probably a screw-up at the port. She remembered the delays in getting specialized parts back when she was working at the Maintenance Yards.

She looked back up to Calvin and smiled. “Thank you, sir. I’d love some Rooibos tea, please.”

“One Rooibos tea.” Cal had turned back with a saucer and cup, sitting it down for Jane. He then placed a dish with some honey, sugar, and milk. “How you like it.” Lt. Kennedy had winked.

“Thank you,” she said, accepting the beverage. She added a small amount of honey to taste. “Do you know how long it will take for the mistake to be corrected? Most of what’s in there is going to my residence on Golovin and I was hoping to get it down there soon, maybe even before Shanghai deployed from the system again.” She gently sipped the tea, letting it calm her.

Calvin shrugged. "I opened an official complaint to the Proxima Internal Shipping Authority. Thus far a minimal response."

"I have measures to add pressure your complaint to the Proxima Authorities."

“Oh?” Jane asked. “And what kind of pressure can you bring to bear?”

Calvin still with his deadpanned face "That would be a secret."

Jane couldn’t tell if he was being serious and had some highly classified method of applying pressure to the authorities on her homeworld, or anywhere, or if he was taking the piss. She smiled briefly but then returned her expression to a more serious one. “Of course, sir. Classification and information security are important.”

“At any rate, sir, I’m almost certain that my personal effects don’t contain foodstuffs,” Jane said. “My family knows how dangerous that could be to the local ecosystem. It’s a legacy most people from the Alpha Centauri system still carry. The early colonists did a lot of accidental damage to the native ecosystem. No way are they shipping me fruits or seeds or anything like that.”

“Your items will arrive within a day Ensign,” Calvin stated.

"Wot?" Jane asked, incredulously. "Thank you! But how?!"

Lt. Kennedy smiled at Sinclair. “I have revoked the shipping accreditation for the relevant Proxima custom authority. They have responded in protest, at which point I re-introduced your shipping issue.”

"And suddenly my issue was magically resolved," Jane said, finishing the thought. She took another sip of her tea. "Well thank you so much, Mr. Kennedy. I appreciate your help today. My mother agreed to send me a lot of my personal belongings from our house, so I can make my quarters and my planetside apartment feel more like home. It's my first assignment after the Academy, and, well, the touches of home sounded nice."

Kennedy nodded at her, thank you. He was pleased to help out Ensign Sinclair.

“Ensign, It was all my pleasure.” He smiled. Calvin rarely smiled, yet this time, it had seemed to form without his mental consent.

“I trust if you have any other issues, you can come to me.” He took a drink of his silver mug of coffee. Calvin felt a breath of fresh air. Perhaps it was the new Ensign.

“And if you are ever bored. Want someone to talk with; I am here.” He paused. “Well. Either in the gym, canteen, or my quarters.” He assured Jane.

"I may just take you up on that, Lieutenant," Jane answered with a smile of her own. She finished her tea and set the cup down in the desk and stood. “I should report to the bridge, sir. My shift begins shortly. Thank you for the tea.”

With that Leland nodded. He turned his attention to recent paperwork to be completed. He was happy to help the Ensign with her valuables.


Ensign Jane Sinclair
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Shanghai

Lieutenant. Calvin Kennedy
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Shanghai


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