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Posted on Wed Aug 14th, 2019 @ 2:43am by Rana Jennar
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Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: Eru
Timeline: Current

/=\ Eru surface: Current/=\

Rana didn’t know if the small planet he called home, the one that gave him life and had killed his family had a name. He rather doubted it, it was too small and out of the way. He doubted anyone knew of its existence, much less had taken the initiative to name. Otherwise, he would have been rescued by now, but he had given up on that dream a long time ago. He just knew it by the name that Knoral had called it, Eru. Which meant Waste or Desert in his native tongue.

The previous winter had been especially harsh, and by his estimation had lasted five very long months. But the last few weeks, the weather had started to change, to warm. Most of the snow had melted, leaving only a few isolated patches, buds had started to appear on the trees, the small game had started to venture out and the fish had started to bite.

His day which he would look back on as the day things started to turn to shit, had started out pretty well. He’d gotten a good night’s sleep, thanks to a full stomach, something that had been hard to come by during the aforementioned winter that had he had just endured. It had been freshly caught fish the teen had feasted on, licking his fingers clean afterward.

When he woke that morning, he’d had what was leftover from the fish and some currants. The currants were the last of what he had dried the fall before, but they were still edible.

Then he had gone down to the stream to gather the water he would need for the day. He’d just filled the one bucket when he sensed a primitive, hostile, frightened, presence. His hand had frozen in place and his eyes had swept the ground around him. He had spotted something all too familiar, a diamond-back viper. He ‘d captured venom from one or two before and used it to take down larger animals and he knew just how deadly it could be.

He had eased his homemade dagger out of its sheath and the threat had become his lunch. After lunch, he had even taken a much-needed bath, the water was incredibly brisk but it was at least bearable. It had been three months since his last one, and there was a lot of grit and grime, much less odor to get rid of.

The rest of his day had gone much like any other day had gone for him in the past twelve years he had been stranded on the isolated planetoid that had become his home. Then, just before sunset, he’d felt some kind of change taking place. At first, he’d been unable to detect what it was, the animals had retreated into their dens and hiding places. Always wary when anything strange or different took place, he’d decided it would be a very good idea to hide himself.

Taking all of his weapons; his knife, spear, blow gun and bow, he had moved up the mountain. Night had fallen and it had been very chilly, a reminder that spring had not fully arrived. The cold was bothersome, Rana had never gotten used to it. But, that was the least of his worries. Just after midnight, he had sensed multiple thoughts and emotions and they weren’t from animals, or something simple, they were from a source he had never expected, humanoids.

He counted at least half a dozen, but it could have been more. They weren’t hunting him, that much he could tell, they were looking for something, not someone. Whatever it was, they considered it valuable and were planning to continue their search when it was light again. He was tempted to go down to their campsite, he’d been alone since his brother Konral had died eight summers before. He’d even moved about halfway to their location, but then he’d sensed hostility, not much different from the snake he had killed earlier that day.

Unwilling to take that risk, he had turned to go back up to where he had come from when he stepped onto a piece of black ice. Caught unexpectedly, even his normally outstanding agility did him no good, he slipped down to the ground and began tumbling down head over heels. The commotion caught the attention of those that Rana had been thinking of visiting.

By the time he had stopped rolling they had surrounded him. They were pointing strange looking weapons at him. He has a very distant memory of something similar to what his mother, had had and knew they were guns of some kind. He had no idea what language they were speaking but even if he’d not been able to read their thoughts, he would have known their intentions. He had no choice but to surrender as they ordered him to do.

He lay perfectly still until they began binding his hands and feet to a metal pole. He started struggling and was punished for it. He was backhanded by one of the larger of his captors, a green-skinned man. The blow raised a red welt along his cheek and caused him to stop his movements. He fought to come up with words to speak since it had been so long since he had talked. “No, stop, please, don’t tie me up. “ were the words that finally came out. But they were in his native tongue.

They appeared to understand him somehow, even though their words were just a jumble of sound to him because they laughed at him and kicked him in the ribs a few time to drive home the point that they were in charge and he was at their mercy.

He was soon rendered immobile. The next three days were terror filled for the blond-haired boy. His captors were looking for gold, a mineral that was not uncommon in that place. Gold and something they called dilithium, which he also, from their description of it, knew existed in some quantity. That didn’t bother him though, they could take as much of that as they wanted, he didn’t care. What scared him, was their plans for him. They argued among themselves over what to do with him. They made sure to keep their voices down and that they were never close to him when the talked, but they didn’t know he could read their thoughts. Some wanted to just cut their losses and kill him, some wanted to sell him to some creatures they called Klingons.

Those things bothered him, but not overly much. He knew, given the chance and enough time he could escape. One of them, who had been especially cruel in tying him his hands so tightly that circulation had been cut off, had quite different ideas.

Rana could see in his mind’s eye what he wanted to do. The image was quite clear and while Rana didn’t fully understand it, he felt threatened, repulsed and violated even though it was only in the man’s head to hurt. Rana could see himself without any clothes on while the man put something inside his body The term though Rana had never heard of it was called sodomizing That image stayed in his mind and kept him from sleeping for three nights.

On the fourth day since he was captured he knew that they had completed their hunt and they contacted their ship.

Then the one who had had the thoughts about him came to him and said, “You just wait till we get to our ship and I can have you all to myself.”



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