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Into The Fire

Posted on Tue Aug 20th, 2019 @ 12:32pm by Rana Jennar
Edited on on Tue Aug 27th, 2019 @ 1:14am

Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: Gallir
Timeline: Current

/=\Orion Ship Gallir Curren/=\

Before Rana could react to the very graphic thoughts from the green-skinned invader that called himself Dakan he suddenly had other more pressing matters do deal with. A blue-white light bathed over him and the others that called themselves Orions. When it did he felt as if he wanted to throw up, like eating too many blue mellanies. Only about ten times worse. His whole body shook as his atoms were disintegrated then reintegrated back together

He was no longer on the planet he had known as home for so long but on a ship that was easy for him to tell. His first thought was that he'd been taken there through magic because he had nothing to relate it too and couldn't remember anything like this before even in his most distant of memories. He knew instinctively it wasn't. It had to have a logical explanation, it had to be scientific. He still had no understanding of the process. But, he had other, bigger concerns.

There were more people on this vessel, many more and all their thoughts were trying to crowd inside his head, like a swarm of bees whose nest had just been burned and were looking for a new home. The weight of them caused him to collapse when stepping off the transporter pad and he was taken to a holding cell

When he awoke, he had only felt more disoriented and confused. Those thoughts were still there and they threatened to overwhelm him. It was only the fact that their thoughts while not totally uniform, were focused on profits, self-preservation, on carnality, that kept him from going mad.

Nevertheless trying to quieten the voices, get them to recede into the background had been a difficult chore that left him sweating, curled into a fetal position nauseous enough so that he threw up. The only good thing is it kept Dakan away from him.

But only for a short time When the forcefield around his cell went down some twelve hours after his arrival, his heart spiked as the Orion came closer and fresh, vivid, twisted, imaged of Dakan's plans for him invaded his mind. His nerves were already frayed and he was on edge just from dealing with things that most people never had to deal with. So, he was dangerously close to losing it and just curling himself into a fetal position.

One, two, three steps closer came the malevolently smiling figure that was so sure of himself.

Fight or Flight

Those were his choices as Dakan drew close enough so he could smell his fetid breath. He was just a small, seventeen-year-old boy and Dakan was much larger. He had little chance either way, but he knew what happened prey. They were devoured. He'd seen it.

So, he had only one option. Fight. On his home, he had been the predator, not the prey, but there he had had weapons. On the ship, he had nothing but his hands If that was all that he had, he would just have to use them as best he could.

He dodged Dakan's first attempt to grab him, even managing a quick, though ineffective jab to the Orion's solar plexus. He wasn't able to avoid the second try. He was grabbed around the neck and lifted above the larger creatures head and the green hand began to squeeze.

As he started to fight for breath, he caught a gleam of triumph in the other's eye. That overconfidence gave him hope, his mother's proverbpride goes before destruction eye came back to him. It wasn't the other's pride that gave him hope, it was something behind it. Fear.

Not fear of Ranay, not by any stretch of the imagination. He was scared of what his superiors would do if they caught him damaging the merchandise And fear of something else the Akadian boy couldn't read.

His mind had been playing tricks on him, ever since his voice started to change and he started to grow hair in unexpected places. He was still trying to sort out some of the new abilities. In desperation, his mind did something else new. Without his wilful volition, it focused on the Orion's fear. Seized it. Amplified it Returned it to him.

Three long seconds passed as more air seeped away from Rana and he began to see stars. But then the grip around his neck lessened ever so slightly. Then just a bit more and he was able to breathe once more.

Then, what started as an instinct he now took control of as he looked into the other's eyes. Now, he was fully the predator and not the prey.

The Orion dropped him to the floor. Rana grabbed the blade at Dakan's side and stabbed him with it. Over and over again, until he was sure the Orion was quite dead.

Then he felt the thoughts of others, uncertain, angry thoughts and he knew they were getting closer.

This time, he ran



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