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Spectre of Death - Intruder Alert

Posted on Tue Aug 27th, 2019 @ 12:29am by Lieutenant Commander Christine Descharmes & Hisa Matsuko & Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Lieutenant Calvin Kennedy & Lieutenant Commander Wale Scholl Ph.D. & Lieutenant JG Isabelle Veran PhD & Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi & Ensign Adam Reign
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Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: USS Shanghai, New Anchorage System
Timeline: Immediately After Spectre of Death - Part One

A Klingon worked quickly on a computer console, his equipment scattered about it as his team set up devices around the room. His team leader growled at him from behind, pressing an elbow hard into his back. "What is taking so long?"

"The Federation knows we are here... their defenses on a ship like this are formidable - but, this has higher encryption that we expected." The Klingon responded with a bit of a hiss. "The local sensor relays are hacked, though. They shouldn't be able to see us. Are your enhancers set up?"

"Yes. As soon as the next bird of prey gets close we will have reinforcements." The leader spoke as one of the outer members of the team kept a close eye on a nearby corridor. He shook his head. "We don't have much time until we are discovered. Our brothers and sisters can only keep them thinking we are after their strategic locations for so long..." She adjusted to bring her disrupter rifle to a more comfortable position. "Our teams in engineering have already been met by security. Let's hope our attack on their sickbay buys us enough time..."

[Main Engineering]

The spritely Lieutenant Colonel had snuck out of the Chief Engineers office and secured a Type-III Compression Rifle from the locker kept within. As weapons fire was exchanged below, Kachiko looked down and noted that Security had things in hand, currently.

Then she noticed the civilian Chief Engineer scurry below some equipment, picking up tools along the way. Keeping low, Kachiko darted over towards the other colonist mother, reaching out and touching her shoulder, her voice low, "Do what you need to do, Hisa-chan. I will watch over you."

Focused on her work, the voice and the touch startled her and she glanced behind her. "You're really good at that, you know," Hisa said, a frown on her face. She shook her head and turned back to her work. "You think they'd be able to hit the broad side of a sandcrawler. Instead, I got a bunch of fused relays and a fried power conduit thanks to bad aim. Just got to replaced the fused ones with a brand new set and the power conduit should resolve the fluctuations."

"You don't know the half of it, Hisa-chan," Kachiko smiled faintly at the pretty Engineer, finding that she was starting to like the other woman. "Let's get this fixed so we can get back to our little girls."

She turned around and dropped to a single knee, rifle trained at the only access point to the level they were on, keeping her telepathic senses wide open, before speaking just loud enough for Hisa to hear, "How long do you anticipate for systems to come back up? I should keep the bridge apprised."

"That depends. I'd be more worried about a cascade power failure," Hisa said, "We should be back on track in a few minutes. Just make sure no Klingon decides to take a shot at me." She knelt at the panel, prying it off and examining the fried wires inside. "Huh," she said, and reached in to pull the relays out. She grasped one and tugged, pulling her fingers back when she was met with a spark and a jolt. She waved her fingers around, a tingling sensation seeped from the tips up to her elbow. "I hate that," she said, reaching in again and pulling out another, this time she was prepared to get zapped. "No time at all," she muttered, as she reached for a spare part and a hyperspanner.

Kachiko touched on Limmi's conscious and passed on, '~Hisa says that we should have all primary systems up in a few minutes. Let the Captain know.~'

With that reported, the Marine looked up suddenly, towards the hatch. She reached back, grasped Hisa's shoulder and insistently guided the Engineer flat on the deck as the hatch opened. Without hesitating, the Marine opened fire, four quick phaser pulses lacing out, claiming the first three Klingons rushing through.

The fourth shot was ducked and followed by a grenade. Now the Marine fell back, covering Hisa bodily. The heat of the blast singed Kachiko's uniform and her prized white hair, before the Marine was suddenly up off the other woman, rifle again firing towards the hatch, the small woman darting towards the hatch keeping low. She was immediately greeted by the grenade thrower, whom came at the Marine with a d'k tahg. Kachiko sidestepped and ducked under his initial thrust, a knife coming up in her hand as she plunged the blade in the side of the neck of another Klingon that followed the first through the hatch. As she turned to the Klingon with the d'k tahg, that dagger-like blade sank between several ribs in her left side, forcing a squeak of pain from the small Marine. She promptly stepped into the side of his knee, bringing him to his knees, followed by her other knee smashing into his face. Then in a swiftly sudden motion, she snapped his head to the side, the Klingon going limp, his hand dropping from the hilt of the blade still buried in Kachiko's ribs. Now the pain of the wound hit, Kachiko slumping back against the bulkhead.

"Lieutenant, we haven't gotten word back from Sickbay. We'll sweep around here, and secure. We've seen a few fall back, but none push as hard as we expected," One of the security personnel on the second level of engineering spoke to his commbadge to the chief of security, before catching a glance below. "Everyone okay down there?" The Risian called down to main engineering.

Ensign Aethe Remmen poked her head out from behind a console. The intense weapons fire had been a bit too much for her frayed nerves to bear. The young power distribution specialist slowly emerged from her hiding place, clutching a data padd in front of her chest for protection.

"I'm fine," she called out in a small voice.

Isabelle was cautiously moving around with Kennedy, her hand rested on her phaser but she didn't relish the idea of having to use it. She'd always been pretty good on her weapons proficiency tests but she was a Counsellor for a reason, not that she wouldn't protect herself if she had to. "These Klingons are up to something, I just wish I knew what!"

"I don't know what they are up to, I am security. I want to make sure they don't kill any of our crew." Cal replied.

[Medical Bay, Deck Seven]

The USS Shanghai was overrun with Klingons; it was a touchy situation. He first took into deep consideration the lives involved, and the Klingons with the weapons in the room.

“Why do they care about Sick Bay?” Cal was confused. Then it dawned on him. They have nothing to do with sickbay, other than a diversion.

Exiting outside the Sick Bay, Calvin used his rifle to shoot out two Klingons, the first dropping to the hallway carpet, his face singed by the phaser burns. The second Klingon shot aiming at the crux of the rounding hallway. Kennedy quickly ducked out of the way, as the shot missed hitting a computer grind on the wall.

Shooting a small psionic frequency ball down the corridor into the Klingons, Cal moved forward and firing the Warriors in distress, the frequency tuned to cause incredible nerve pain to them.

Outside of the sickbay, Calvin then entered and ducking down below to the floor. He scanned along with his weaponry. Calvin had assigned an elected emergency procedure to sick bays algorithms. From his tricorder, he tapped into the main computer and erected from various sickbay micro nodes, force fields around all the injured beds in the room. The Klingons and any other bystanders were still of focus concerned.

Along with the other security crews, Calvin had shot the remaining in Sick Bay for the time being. They had contained sickbay patients.

“Lt. Anvers.” Calvin had greeted. Setting his weapon aside they had stepped over a few Klingon officers, I’ve erected a level one force field and thermal fielding around this room. I will release the force fields around your patients Doctor.” Kennedy then taped a few keys into the sick bays computer panels. The areas around the beds, invisible in nature, but forceful in fielding had suddenly come down.

[Deck 08, Main Computer Core, Level One]

The Security network alerted Calvin of abnormal file activity being read and re-encrypted to a foreign source. The data transferred from the central computer core.

Slapping his hand to his com badge, he ordered security to the central computer core.

“There are intruders in the central computer core. This is an order from security, on an encrypted frequency. He spoke not to be heard by the Klingons and their meddling.

“Security team one remains Engineering, Security Team two, meet me outside Main Computer Core, deck 08, level one!”

Calvin with the security team, stormed the Main computer core. He quickly had overridden the locks.

He had tapped into the main ODN consoles, ensuring that the data files being copied had been corrupted and destroyed. The Klingons were stealing federation secrets and technological information, etc., Cal had just put a stop to it.

Isabelle had been following Kennedy around, he knew his job and he’d gone and done it leaving her feeling somewhat like a spare wheel. She was cautiously watching her own back as she followed on behind, she’d know if anyone was creeping up behind her thanks to her senses.

He looked down at the two Klingon bodies on the flooring in the central computer core, their equipment having had been tapped into the systems. As Security Calvin was nowhere near computer savvy as an Engineer, so he had called in Engineer Anvers. “Security to Anvers, please report to Engineering when you can, I will have some Security bring you and whomever you need, but we need your expertise. The Klingons were tampering with the main computer core.”

In Engineering, Aethe Remmen looked around, but couldn't find anyone by the name of Anvers. "I'm on my way," replied the petite Ensign. She forced herself to step over the fallen bodies of the two Klingon soldiers, her hands flailing about in the air. She grabbed a toolkit, and ran over to the turbolift that would take her from Engineering to Deck Eight.

Hisa had heard the call from security for an engineer. She had her hands full though. "Can't be everywhere at once," she said, noting that an ensign scurried for the turbolift. At least the fluctuations were under control and just in time as every transporter on the ship was being used, drawing power from non-essential systems. "That-" she added, to no one in particular, "-would have been a problem." At that, she pointed at a engineering crewman working a secondary console. "You," she said. "That excess plasma we bled from that micro-jump should be fed into the EPS system. We should give them everything we have."

“Captain Sun, the Klingons have been copying our main computer core, our secrets, our technology, we have put a stop to it. I have Security crews one by one looking for Klingons.” He reported staunchly.

"Damn it," Sun responded crudely before shaking her head. "I think I know their plan."

[Deck 08; Computer Core, Main Level 1]

Having left the Main Computer Core just a few doors down on the same deck, Warrant Officer Duvala R'nikss was ordered by Kennedy to stay and assist the Engineering crew to come and clean up the computer core breach. Along with the Security Team, R’nikss thoroughly checked that there were no remaining Klingons in the levels two and three of the Main Computer Core.

Cal tapped his communication badge. “Lt. Kennedy to any engineering officer, please report to the main computer core. A Klingon security breach into the main computer has been stopped.”

Cal then tapped his communication badge once again to inform Captain Sun of the update.

“Lt. Kennedy reporting, Security has finished rounds on decks of the ship. The Klingons have tampered with the Shanghai’s Main Computer Core. I repeated the Klingon’s have been tampering and copying ODN data access files. Engineering has been called to report to the Main Computer to meet Security--”

He kept his com open to hearing from the Captain, anyone as the ship was in chaos at the moment. He was certain the Captain would want to know in any situation of battle as it may affect things.

"Noted. Just secure it for now. We can dig in after the battle."

Kennedy looked full of pump energy, which was testosterone. Having had a hand to hand combat and beating the butt end of a phaser rifle into a Klingon’s skull had him reeling. His composed face lied.

Cal turned to Lt. Jg. Veran, MD. “Isabelle.” He felt now he could call her by her first name since they both were almost killed together in hand to hand combat with Klingons. “I appreciated your support in this invasion.” He nodded solemnly to the Counsellor, who also had happened to be part Betazoid.

"I did what I could Lieutenant." Isabelle smiled as she straightened her hair which had managed to bob loose during her small amount of fighting with the Klingons. She wasn't an expert but after what happened to her in her years at the University on Betazed she had taken extra self defence classes. She was nursing a few cuts and bruises plus a very bruised and sore cheek where she'd taken a lightweight punch but she'd managed to get back on her feet.

“We need to get you checked out.” Kennedy placed his hand at the side of Veran’s cheek. He could feel the swelling. He held his hand there for a moment, before taking it away.

"I'm okay" She offered a smile. "I've had worse, I'll drop by Sickbay again later."

“Well, for right now, we can let it rest.” He made a mental note to personally follow Veran into the Sick Bay and ensure that she receives the care she needs. “You could have a slight fracture; I don’t know until we see the Doctor.” He nodded. He then took out his Security tricorder and began to scan.

"I think you're probably right" Isabelle offered a brief smile mainly because her cheek was swelling nicely. "Don't worry I have a high threshold for pain so I'm not going to flake out on you anytime soon!"

Calvin smiled. "I don't think you will."

[Deck 08, Security Station II, Alpha]

Entering the satellite Security Office, Calvin accessed the mainframe computer security lockouts. They had been enacted when they had found the Klingon’s, in the Main Computer core tethering federation data nodes, and ODN ports through to Klingon recording devices. These Klingon men looked to me more medium stature of the warrior race, a Klingon techie if there ever were one, not like the warriors outside in the hallways.

“Whatever they are looking for we can find out by what programs they were accessing.”

"Okay, so what do you need?" Isabelle looked at Calvin waiting for him to tell her.

“I need sciences in here; I need engineering in here to discuss this.” Calvin taped his fingers through the programs and coding he was reading that turned out to be corrupt. “Its as if the Klingons were uploading data into our computers as well. I don’t understand the intent.” Kennedy furrowed his right eyebrow.

"If they were uploading something then maybe it's possible they could be trying to spy on us or even corrupt our ships computer." She wasn't an expert but it did seem strange for Klingons to want to do this. "This isn't what Klingons would normally do. It's out of character."

“Lt. Scholl please report to Security, Station II, Alpha. There is information I would like you to see. Lt. Kennedy out.” He slapped his communication badge closed.

"Something is very wrong here" Isabelle looked confused. "Klingons don't do this, they fight and take what they want not sneak around accessing computers."

Isabelle moved around the security office trying to ignore the pain from her cheek which was starting to come round more now. What she didn't see or sense thanks to her own pain, was a downed Klingon presumed dead reaching for a dagger. She suddenly let out a loud gasp as the blade was thrust deep into her side from behind as both she and the dying Klingon hit the deck together.

"Nice work!" Cal had grinned. "We could use your sense on one of our teams." He shook his head.

Isabelle looked at Calvin surprised before she realised he hadn't seen what had really happened. He thought she'd taken down the Klingon not the other way around. "Just one....problem..." She pulled her hand forward from behind her back covered in fresh blood. "He got me!"

Calvin was in horror. He had thought that Lieutenant JG Veran toppled the Klingon in a brisk fight, only to have Isabelle drop to the floor with a dagger into the side of her back.

Lt. Kennedy wearing his black steel-toed shoes, aimed and kicked the Klingon in the forehead, butting it against the hard metal bulkhead, sending the Klingon to his demise.

“Veran!!” Calvin was horrified. His face was showing shock and anger. “You're going to be alright,” He helped her down on the ground, Calvin holding her to support her against his chest.

"Ensign Reign to Lieutenant Kennedy," came the young Science officer's voice over the comm. "Lieutenant Scholl asked me to report to you. Where do you need me?"

“Security, Station II, Alpha. In my Office Ensign, you can review the Klingon stolen data. The Captain wants to know what they are looking at and why.” He breathed. "Lt. Kennedy, out." He closed his com badge.

With that Calvin had entered one of the Jeffries tube shafts. He carried Isabelle firefighter style up the ladders passing the decks as he made it to sick bay. He was no worse for wear, having rushed the final sprint with Isabelle in his forearms now and entered sick bay. "I have Lieutenant Veran. She was stabbed by a Klingon in her left chest. She needs medical attention immediately." Calvin stressed as he looked for a bed to lay her down to begin emergency work.

No sooner had they beamed into Sickbay, the medical staff came running. "It's okay Lieutenant" a young nurse looked at Kennedy. "We've got her now, you can let go." She gently helped to support Isabelle as she was moved to a biobed for emergency treatment.

Isabelle was barely conscious but she did manage to speak to Calvin. "I'm....sorry!" With that she drifted into unconsciousness allowing the medical personnel to get on with their work.

Calvin looked at the Counsellor. “Veran” He placed his sizeable reassuring hand on her right shoulder “You do not need to be sorry. This was the Klingons doing, not our failure. You did admirably in the face of confusion.”

He then stood out of the way to let the medical staff do their work.



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