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Spectre of Death - Strike the Heart

Posted on Tue Aug 27th, 2019 @ 12:29am by Ensign Jane Sinclair & Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Lieutenant Commander Dastan Alexander Ph.D & Lieutenant Commander James Barnes & Lieutenant Calvin Kennedy & Lieutenant Commander Wale Scholl Ph.D. & Lieutenant JG Isabelle Veran PhD
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Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: USS Shanghai, New Anchorage System
Timeline: Immediately After Spectre of Death - Part One

[Bridge, USS Shanghai]

"Right, we need to end this," Mei said as the ship rocked a bit from another strike. She didn't want to know how bad their shields were doing. It didn't matter, they had one shot at getting that crew to safety. "Comms, tell the Argus to bail as soon as they can. Make a break for Hawkeye or DS6. We'll be right behind them if we need to be," Mei spoke with a nod to Dastan. Mei said quickly. "Sinclair. Be reckless, as long as its fast. I want to get in range to start beaming people aboard as soon. Whatever Scholl needs, you give him. Ovim let's quit being polite. Aim a barrage at the neck of that Negh'Var. Let the fighters handle the Birds of Prey, and let's kill their boss." She took a deep breath, "For now, Commander. Get ready for some stupid theatrics. I have a stupid idea," She gave a smirk and turned towards the comms officer again. "Open a channel to the Klingon lead ship."

“Fast, reckless flying, aye, Captain,” Jane said with a smile. The stress of battle was fading. At the helm Jane Sinclair was no longer nervous about the prospect of battle. She a professional doing the job for which she was trained; the Shanghai was an extension of her will. She placed it where Captain Sun ordered. She did her best to keep firing arcs pointed toward the Negh’var. “Impulse engines at 110% power and climbing. Maneuvering thrusters approaching such levels.” But with her touch on the helm console, she kept the weapons fire off of them.

Wale grabbed the edge of his console as the ship was rocked by another volley of weapons fire. The shields prevented him from locking the transporters on to the lifesigns he was detecting on the Warspite, but he was getting ready nonetheless, diverting power from non-essential systems to the transporters. All personnel transporters, as well as the cargo transporters, would be put to use. By his calculations, he could bring aboard three hundred twenty-five people per minute. Each transport cycle took about twelve seconds, which meant he would need two and a half minutes to beam out the entire crew from the Warspite. Which would require a lot of power.

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"Klingon Vessel, this is..." Mei hesitated for a second before wincing, "Captain Mago...ichi of the USS... Yokohama," She knew she couldn't say her own name, but just went with a Japanese translation. Well, sort of. And a sister city. It was a bad lie, she wasn't a liar. But maybe it would be enough. "You've attacked a Federation vessel in unaligned space. You've knowingly committed an act of war. I'm willing to discuss terms for your surrender, but seeing as your Commander is clearly a coward, I'll settle for sending you all to Stovokor shortly. To the Coward, if you wish to end this quickly, I'll accept an honorable duel. Magoichi out." Sun ran a hand across her throat to kill the signal. "That felt stupid. I'm trying to buy us an extra two minutes. Do not stop shooting until they've hailed us multiple times." She spoke up. "Let's hear updates people. Where are we on distance? How long until I have a cargobay full of injured crew? And have we take out our intruders?"

“Captain Xiang, the Klingons have been copying our main computer core, our secrets, our technology, we have put a stop to it. I have Security crews one by one looking for Klingons.” He reported staunchly

"Damn it," Sun responded crudely before shaking her head. "I think I know their plan."

“In beaming!” called Jane.

"Extend shields around the Warspite!" called out Wale to the tactical officer. As soon as the officer nodded in confirmation, Wale engaged a tractor beam to lock the Warspite in relative position to the Shanghai, and started the beaming process.

Dastan quickly glanced at his console with all the departmental reports coming in, "Captain, cargo bay 2 is ready for causalities... security still reports intruders on deck 8, 10 and 11." He paused. "Captain, the Negh'Var's dorsal shields are weakening. I'd recommend targeting it there," he directed at the Tactical Station.

"Agreed. Hit them hard. Get us an opening in their shields. Lets put those cannons to use," Sun ordered back to tactical.

"Captain, I have reports that Argus has begun evacuation procedures. One transport has departed on course of Hawkeye. Others are to departed with in the next ten minutes," the First Officer added.

"Good. Let's hope we can hold them off. Get the fighters making sure we have an evac corridor open and running for them."

“Lt. Kennedy reporting, Security has finished rounds on decks of the ship. The Klingons have tampered with the Shanghai’s Main Computer Core. I repeated the Klingon’s have been tampering and copying ODN data access files. Engineering has been called to report to the Main Computer to meet Security--” He kept his com open to hearing from the Captain, anyone as the ship was in chaos at the moment.

"Noted. Just secure it for now. We can dig in after the battle." Mei responded with a shake of her head.

“Lt. Scholl please report to Security, Station II, Alpha. There is information I would like you to see. Lt. Kennedy out.” He slapped his communication badge closed.

"Scholl, you're a bit busy right now, so ignore that," Mei barked out when she heard the commbadge chirp. "How are we doing on getting the crew aboard?"

"Scholl to Ensign Reign, report to wherever Kennedy needs you," called out Wale, to the junior Science Officer, delegating whatever it was that the Chief of Security needed. The ship rocked again under fire from the Klingons, and Wale was thrown against his console. He banged his elbow, which sent a shock of pain up his left arm. He winced, the impact making him waste precious seconds. "Sixty percent complete," he reported. His console beeped, and he tapped a few controls. "Annular confinement is fluctuating. I'm rerouting power to compensate."

"Tactical, once that shield is down I want to know, and I want their engines offline," Mei spoke before turning to Dastan. "We need to get that data back and kill any chance they have of sending information out. Temporal Prime directive not withstanding, Shanghai was top of the line in her timeline. Lets not let them get a few years ahead of the curve. That information could cripple new advances in shielding and tactics." She spoke quickly. "We need to prepare an away team - officers with technical knowledge, Klingon language proficience, close quarters experience, and as many marines as we can spare. We need to destroy their databases beyond recovery and find out exactly what they stole - and what they may have stolen from any other ships like Warspite."

'Once more unto the breach' James thought to himself before tapping a command into his console to summon a relief officer for the bridge intel station. He looked up towards the Captain. "Captain, I think I'd fit the bill pretty well to take that away team," James volunteered. He'd only need a short jaunt down to his office to retrieve some equipment before being ready to get underway.

"Transport complete," announced Scholl. "Eight hundred and six survivors beamed aboard." His voice was grim, announcing the fact that more people had been lost in the precious few minutes that it had taken them to beam the survivors aboard.

"James, go. Make it fast," Sun ordered. She gave quick glance across the room to Scholl. "Good work, Lieutenant. If that ship is empty..." Mei took a deep breath, "We don't have a lot of time. We can't risk that ship falling into enemy hands. I have a plan for it, but we can only do it after we make sure they don't have any data aboard the Klingon ship..." She turned back to the conn, "Sinclair, keep us close in for a moment, if you can. Let me know if you need to break away."

"Captain, if you dont mind, I'll go with Commander Barnes. I'm fluent in Klingon, I could be of use," Dastan added.

"For not much I'd go with you," Sun said quietly to the commander, before nodding her head back towards Barnes. "Go, bring each other back alive - and wipe any trace of us off their database. Keep in contact, and we'll be here to beam you out as soon as possible." She paused, "And take a marine or two for back up, at least."



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