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Posted on Sun Sep 1st, 2019 @ 4:52pm by Rana Jennar & Captain Sun Mei Xiang

Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: Orion/Klingon Ship
Timeline: Current

/=\ Gallir/Negh'Var Current /=\

Previously in Into The fire

Then, what started as an instinct he now took control of as he looked into the other's eyes. Now, he was fully the predator and not the prey.

The Orion dropped him to the floor. Rana grabbed the blade at Dakan's side and stabbed him with it. Over and over again, until he was sure the Orion was quite dead.

Then he felt the thoughts of others, uncertain, angry thoughts and he knew they were getting closer.

This time, he ran

And now the continuation:

The twisted, malevolent, thoughts bore into his mind as he ran along a curving corridor almost causing him to crash into a bulkhead. He stopped then, even though he couldn't really afford the time. He took a deep centering breath and thought of a time when he and his brother were still together and they were in a cave together. Focusing on that happier time, that safe place helped him push those thoughts away. Not entirely, but enough so he could function.

With cunning and a little luck, he was able to avoid capture for almost a full day. But the ship was small, there were only so many places he could hide, and the hunters were too numerous. When they did recapture him they took out their frustrations on him, beating him severely, fracturing three of his ribs and his right wrist and leaving him with a multitude of cuts. contusions and abrasions. The only area they avoided damaging was his face. They still had plans to sell him.

When it was reported to the Captian of the Gallir that the ship's sensors had picked up a Klingon vessel, he hailed them. The Klingons as far as he knew had little use for sex slaves, willing or not, but that didn't mean there was not a market for the strange Akadian boy or the rest of his cargo. There was a war going on after all, and he saw no reason not to profit from it.

After over two hours or some times, tense negotiations they settled on a price for Rana and another half dozen males. Rana was no doubt the runt of the litter and the crew of thee Gallir, didn't get much in value for him. But they at least got rid of a headache.

The Captian of the Negh'Var, T'lewrom Qugh had great disdain for the Orions and saw them as profiteers, so he took great delight in striking such a great bargain. As he did with any purchase of slaves, he had them evaluated.

He had the ship's doctor examine the seven new recruitssix of whom L'egrash Penlex passed on to his Commander. Their examines had been routine and there was nothing out of the ordinary about them. They would, for however long they lived to be good slaves, working in a dilithium mine. The seventh, he kept for himself. There was something really unique about the boy, some strange anomalies in his brain waves that he just had to explore. Doctor Penlex loved to experiment but those above him would not let him work on fellow Klingons, but other species were generally fair game as long as he was in good standing with his Captian.

Things were still very confusing for the slight seventeen-year-old. Just as he was beginning to get a feel for the rhythm of the Orion language and understanding a few of the words when he suddenly found himself on a much different vessel and a much different crew.

The thoughts that invaded his mind were more violent and less uniform and there were so many more of them. He still had no inkling of how to erect a wall keeping those thoughts out. What helped him then was not meditation, or thoughts of a better place and time What kept him half-way sane, what kept those thoughts at bay was rage, fear, and a new emotion the Akadian had never felt before revenge

The doctor had entirely different motivations than the Orion, but in Rana's mind, they were no less predatory, no less invasive. The Orion wanted to fuck with him, the doctor wanted to mess with his mind. He wasn't sure which one would have been worse.

He had ended the threat to his body by killing the predator and though he had not enjoyed it,(except a little at the time)he had lost no sleep over it either.

The Klingon's mind was different than the Orion's. Much different. He tried to manipulate his captor's fears, but those fears were buried too far different. But Rana did have another weapon, his innocence, and supposed weakness.

So he exaggerated the fear that he was feeling and when the doctor leaned closer He reached for the laser scalpel he'd seen the man use that was on the table. He slashed it across the Klingon's neck, Purple blood erupted from the gaping wound covering Rana and the biobed he was laying on.

He freed himself from the restraints and was once more on the run, this time on a different ship with a different foe.


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