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Life, Death, What Comes After?

Posted on Sat Aug 31st, 2019 @ 10:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Christine Descharmes

Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: Sickbay, Deck 7
Timeline: current


A million pain receptors, every nerve in her body, fired up all at once. It emanated from the wound in her stomach. Everything hurt. Burned intensely. She couldn't move. Before she lost consciousness slumped against the bulkhead, she remembered their heavy boots. One had nudged her and not so gently either, causing her to fall over onto the floor. It was more of a kick, really. It sent a new wave of pain coursing through her and she let out a barely inaudible cry. One knelt beside her. Held something against her face. A knife? She felt the point dig into her skin, lifting her chin. They muttered something. It was harsh and guttural. They moved on. She heard their footsteps disappear down the corridor. The corridor echoed with the sound. She faded out.

She hovered somewhere between the waking world and the black depths in a semi-conscious state. There was no concept of time. A few minutes passed? Or hours? Someone moved her, she remembered the feeling of being carried away somewhere. She couldn't open her eyes to see. Not that it mattered, everything was dark. Her eyes could have been open. They could have been closed. Vivid dreams. A series of images played out. Do the dead dream? She never believed in the afterlife. That couldn't be right. She was on a different plane of existence. She floated, stared up at the bright starry sky above her, the gentle current carried her along. She was somewhere far, far away. Weird. She couldn't move her limbs. She didn't want to. Peaceful. It was calm. It kept the turmoil, the pain far from her. It was the most at peace she felt in her life.

One by one the bright stars winked out from existence, disappeared from her view. Slowly at first. Then bit by bit, the rate sped up. A massive, dark cloud; a black paintbrush. Something wiped them out. Gone. She was left in utter darkness. Alone. Panic. Fear. She was moving again. Something was tugging at her, pulling her in. The pain hovered in the background. It hadn't quite reached her yet. But it threatened her. She moved her arms. Or tried. Nothing worked. It moved closer. Towards her. Began to envelop her. Frantic, she pulled away. Tried to. It started in her fingers and toes. Moved upwards. Surrounded her. Rose up into her chest and throat to drown her. Overwhelmed all of her senses at once. She opened her mouth. Screamed. At first, silently. Then it was there, in the distance. Louder and louder. The ungodly sound. Disembodied. Was that even her own voice?

Bright lights. Blurred faces. They spoke to her. About her. She didn't understand what they were saying. They hovered above her. Her mouth still wide open, screaming. One held her down by the shoulders. She lashed out with a free arm. Someone spoke. A man. She didn't hear. The words slurred together in her head. Something cold against her neck. It dissipated. The pain, the burning. It was gone. The screaming stopped. Silence. She ran out of breath. The voices became clear. The faces distinguishable from the next. Something, she remembered something. She reached out with a hand. It connected with someone's wrist. Probably a nurse's. She dug in her nails.

"Don't," she hissed, it came out as a raspy whisper. "Don't."

The nurse frowned, simply moved the scanner to her other hand as if being accosted by a patient was an everyday thing. "Lieutenant," she said, calmly. "I need to examine you completely. Lie still."

"I said no!" Christine said, raising her voice angrily. She clenched her jaw and refused to let go of her wrist and twisting it slightly.

"Please, Lieutenant," the nurse said. She glanced up at another nurse and motioned at her to bring something. "Let me take care of this..."

The blonde woman lying on the biobed let go of the wrist. Instead, she reached out and grabbed a hold of the uniform jacket. Christine pulled her closer to her, scowling, her brow furrowed deeply and her face only a couple of inches away from the nurse's. "That's all your going to find. Nothing else. Got it?" she hissed.

The nurse tilted her head. She made eye contact with someone or something out of view and shook her head slightly. Her dark eyes looked into Christine's emerald green ones. "Of course, Lieutenant," she answered quietly. "Nothing else. We're just going to take care of this right here." She looked over Christine and nodded briefly.

"Please," she said. Something against her neck. It felt cool. Her eyelids began to droop. They grew heavier. She released the hold she had on the nurse, fell back against the biobed. She drifted off into a state of complete unconsciousness, fully sedated.


Lieutenant Christine Decharmes
Chief Counselor, USS Shanghai


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