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Meeting Early

Posted on Mon Oct 7th, 2019 @ 7:41pm by Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Staff Sergeant Kyle Walken

Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: USS Shanghai, New Anchorage System
Timeline: After the Battle of New Anchorage


New Anchorage Station, Landing Bay

Sun dusted herself off as she moved back towards her shuttle, catching the very end of the descent of a couple of crew shuttles being sent down to the surface for transfers. With her past, she quickly recognized the style of shuttle and the images on its side. Those might just be her new marines. She waved on another officer, who went ahead and moved over to the Type Nine shuttle waiting on the pad for her, and she took up a position near the landing zone. Near enough that her time as a pilot was clear to anyone with experience. The noise, the wind, it was her element. She loved it, and watched as the shuttle settled down. It was a good excuse to at least say thank you to the new blood coming to the region.

Walken wasn't shocked at all that the second he was transferred from the 22nd he would already have his boots on the ground. He stepped off the transport ahead of the other marines, "Alright you know the drill fall in formation and await orders." He spoke over the other marines as they followed him down the ramp. Kyle stopped for a second he noticed a redshirt navy officer near the shuttles but couldn't make out her rank. He shook his head before placing himself ready of the front of the newly assign marines.

Having heard him, Sun just watched until the marines lined up. She wondered what they had been able to do, how much they had read up on their newest mission. She thought to herself for a moment, carefully watching the marines. It was nice to be able to watch without them being immediately aware of who she was, maybe. Her eyes fell on the sergeant, and she walked over. She had to take a moment to make sure she didn't slip back into her own marine didn't come rushing back. It had been years since she wore bars, but around marines it was hard not to wish she still did. "Welcome to New Anchorage station. Last point in Raeyan before dark space. And who am I addressing?" She spoke. Normally, she would have been more prepared - but this came at an odd time for her. For once, she may have actually needed to know.

Kyle looked at the redshirt again, she was addressing him. He wasn't truly expecting this but he figured it would be disrespectful to not answer. "Staff Sergeant Kyle Walken..." there was a pause he had to get used to the new position. "Scout and Sniper leader, who might you be?" He asked honestly curiosity was getting the best of the young Sergeant as he looked the Navy personnel up and down trying to figure her out. "I don't suppose you know where the Marine CO is, I'm sure a lot of these marines would like to get their official assignments."

She gave a nod. She gave a smile and kept to herself how happy she was that the fleet was listening. Exploring dangerous territory, she needed Recon. "I don't, off the top of my head. I can track her down for you." She said with a light glance over him. "I suppose I should introduce myself," She gave a quick bow, "Captain Sun Mei Xiang, Commanding Officer, USS Shanghai. If you're Scout Sniper for the LAR, that would be with us." She added as she raised up.

"Attention!" Walken announced as all of the marines were now at attention, he was not expecting the navy officer to be the Captain of the ship they had all been attached to. "You are correct Captain." He answered short and sweet. His eyes were locked on her's now, "I won't lie you had us at a slight disadvantage there Ma'am."

"I prefer it that way," She smirked, "As you were, marines. This isn't official, just lucky happenstance." She paused and slipped into an at-ease stance, "I always like to introduce myself to marines when they come aboard, and I was just heading back to Shanghai. My career started with the Corps, so, you'll have to get used to seeing me around. And expect to get used more than most fleet captains will. Being without my padds though, I don't have much information. Have you been briefed at all on our missions? Or what you'll be doing out here?"

Kyle and the rest of the marines were soon at-ease, "Marine turned Navy? Don't see that often, I'm actually happy to hear that Ma'am. Having a former Marine as the Captain of the ship is a nice thought, I don't mind you showing up Captain." The young man answered as he took in the surroundings, "Sorry we did not get a proper briefing before we arrived, we were quickly shuttled off to reinforce you that is the most of what we were told."

"Yes, that's on purpose." Mei said with a nod, "So, from here on out your mission is classified. It'll show up on your records as forecon, deep space exploration. The USS Shanghai-A was shifted in time from 2391 due to an aggressive, militant collection of species calling themselves the Protectorate. These species use chroniton based weapons, and have a shoot first mentality. We have about 5000 people stranded out of time, most civilians. The colony itself is of strategic importance to the region as well, with a store of untapped Dilithium that could fuel the fleet and outer colonies for a generation or more." She paused for a moment, "We're exploring the region still as well. There are species and scientific mysteries that even get my mind racing... We took an LAR deployment with us, knowing there would be dangers. But we have needed extra military support on nearly every mission, so we had to rush reinforcements." She paused, "Any questions?"

"No need to worries, this wouldn't be the first time I've been part of classified situations." Walken fell silent for a bit it wasn't long ago back on the Gorn front they had discovered the mass grave. "Well, I will give you my everything Captain. I have no questions, do you have any questions for me?"

"Not currently. I'll let you get settled in. Let me know when you're team will be using the training fascilities for PT. Old habits die hard, and I have a tendency to try to sneak in some early morning PT before or after the marines do so." She said with a nod, "Otherwise, noth," She stopped suddenly, and snapped her fingers. "Oh, open door policy. I use that religiously, even with enlisted. If I am free, you are welcome to reach out to me. Anytime. Otherwise, nothing else to add."

"You are welcome to join us whenever you want for PT Ma'am." Kyle laughes softly. "Roger that, alright you heard the Captain and know our mission! Break off into your squads and assist where needed!" The marines began to scatter. Walken gave a nod to the Captain before he began to walk away as well.



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