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After Action Reports

Posted on Thu Oct 3rd, 2019 @ 1:44am by Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Lieutenant Commander James Barnes & Lieutenant Calvin Kennedy & Lieutenant Commander Wale Scholl Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander Christine Descharmes & Lieutenant Aurelia de Luna & Lieutenant JG Isabelle Veran PhD & Ensign Jane Sinclair & Ensign Iria Taltos & Staff Sergeant Kyle Walken & Rana Jennar

Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: USS Shanghai, Observation Lounge - New Anchorage System
Timeline: 0820 - Two Days after the Battle of New Anchorage

USS Shanghai, Observation Lounge, Twenty Minutes in the Meeting

"Alright, so to recap," Mei said from her seat at the head of the table. "The USS Warspite is crippled. We have an ETA of three more days until the USS Gagarin gets here to take up station protecting the Station. As soon as they're here, they can take over. Warspite is going to be put into a high orbit until a tug can arrive to pull it back to the nearest Starbase. We have repairs going on through most decks, so we'll be working around people. For the most part, we're okay - but some repairs will need to wait until we get back to Seppala. We have a large number of injuries, but relatively few that are mortal, and luckily our security team and marines were able to get the boarders under control quickly. So. You all did excellently." She paused, "Reinforcements were dropped off from the nearest stations yesterday to help as they can, along with some transfers that were scheduled being pushed forward. Try to integrate fast. In addition, we have one new soul I'm not sure what to do with yet, but is neither reinforcement or expected. Otherwise, we're stuck here for a few days, so make the most of it. Those of you time-shifted, stay away from Warspite crew as best you can, but New Anchorage is fair game - given they are part of the Initiative and were briefed. The rest of you are free to travel as you wish." She took a deep breath and leaned forward, taking a deep sip of her coffee. "Any other business we need to discuss before we break for normal shifts - at least those of us on Alpha?"

"Should I go brief the Warspite senior staff?" Kachiko asked with a faintly wheezy voice. Karsel'lyn reached over and touched Kachiko's hand, "Kachiko, don't push yourself." The Marine shook her head, "I'm probably the only person in the sector with the clearance to discuss temporal matters. They need to be told to forget that we were here and warned of the ramifications if they don't."

"As someone who has been stabbed in the chest, just rest," Mei let out a little sigh, "New Anchorage has an assigned Temporal Agent, just like Seppala - in case we did something like this. They can handle it." Sun said quietly. "And Scholl did a good job keeping them in the dark after beaming them on."

"Thank you, Captain," said Scholl. Praise from a commanding officer was never something to ignore.

"Luckily, Captain, my stabbing wasn't nearly as bad as your own," Kachiko remarked."As for the Warspite itself, I am going over regardless to remove the existence of us from its sensor logs. Which is standard procedure for incidents like this. I imagine that we're going to get a tongue lashing from the Tee Eye Agent soon enough."

Karsel'lyn looked up, "We lost one Valkyrie to an errant disruptor from that Neghvar, Captain. The plane guard runabout picked the crew up mid-battle. Their crew pod ejected safely and they're resting and recovering in their quarters for now. We'll need to replicate another frame back at Seppala. The Block 45 specs don't exist yet in this timeline."

"We need to make sure we recover every piece of debris," pointed out Scholl. "If New Anchorage recovers even a part of it, it won't take them long to figure out something's wrong."

Karsel'lyn nodded, " I have recovery teams sweeping the vicinity of the ship's loss. Anything too small to recover is being vaporized."

"Good. Make sure to have each pilot keep records. We'll go over the masses and information and make sure that we have everything accounted for. As best as possible." Mei nodded, "Make sure to get Matsuko and Scholl those records as soon as possible. We have just a few days."

"As much as I would like to give my crews a long bit of leave, I am going to keep full patrols up, in case more of these Klingon separatists come knocking," Lyn looked up at Sun.

Isabelle had only been let out of Sickbay on the premise that she wouldn't overdo it, the Klingon blade that had struck her had narrowly missed doing her symbiont serious harm. As it was the Veran symbiont was still recovering from the shock of the damage done to Isabelle so they were both recovering. She was resting in a seat going over reports on a PADD. "The Counselling department is up to its ears in requests for appointments Captain. We'll provide you with a report when we can." She massaged her temples, something felt oddly strange but she couldn't put her finger on what it was.

Walken stepped into the Observation Lounge, it felt odd for him. A new ship so many unfamiliar faces other than his sister and Iria who had transferred from the Hawaii with him. That wasn't what felt odd to him but why was he requested here? An enlisted Sergeant being needed in a navy meeting was strange at least. Kyle stood at attention and waited for the reason as to why he was here.

"The Shanghai has sustained quite a bit of damage," Hisa said, not bothering to look up at all from her PADD. "The major repairs are well under way but Engineering is still working around the clock in order to finish ahead of schedule." There was a brief pause when she finally glanced up and held up the PADD. "The damage report in order of priority, the expected timelines for each and parts needed as well as what's been completed." She set the device on the table and instinctively rubbed her eyes, the lack of sleep evident. The Engineering department had sustained some injuries among its crew due to the Klingons and as such everyone including her, were pulling off double shifts.

"Hisa," Kachiko spoke softly, noticing the arrival of the Staff Sergeant. "The Marines aboard will supplement your people with our Artificiers where needed. The Company didn't have much to do on this outing so their need for leave is lesser than your people."

Then the small Lieutenant Colonel's eyes turned to the newly arrived Kyle Walken, "Walken, find a seat, please."

"Great," Hisa said wryly and glanced over to Kachiko. "Let's hope they can pull double shifts as well. I haven't had to work like this since I served on the Relentless."

"Understood Ma'am." Walken walked towards the closest seat and sat down.

"They will do as needed, Hisa," Kachiko nodded. "I will also be assigning a rotating shift of a Squad or two to supplement Security and give Security time off."

"Captain, we successfully recovered our computer files from the Klingon warship, and I was able to download some theirs while we were aboard. My people are working on analyzing the data now," James reported, appearing somewhat distracted and uneasy in his chair. "If possible, request permission to report to sickbay, ma'am."

"Good, keep me up to date. Updates in the morning." Mei gave a slight nod towards the door. "Otherwise, go. Do what you need to do."

"I'd like to be up and ready to move back to Golovin as soon as the Gagarin arrives," Mei spoke softly. "I feel like the more people we keep out of your way, the better. New Anchorage isn't much of a vacation, but at least it isn't being stuck on a damaged ship during repairs." She twisted to Veran, "Oh, and Lieutenant Veran - given Miss Descharmes injuries and condition, you are acting Chief Counselor until further notice. Sometime after this meeting, you and I will go over the specifics."

“Acting Chief...err, Yes Ma’am” Isabelle looked shocked but she was ready to take on the challenge.

Jane, who had been spending the meeting quiet so far, was spurned to raise her voice. “Wait, what happened to Christine? What injuries and condition?” She was worried for her friend.

Isabelle looked at Jane as she asked her questions, she was obviously quite concerned about Christine. “Christine sustained injuries during the fight with the Klingons. I’m afraid I don’t know much about the full extent of those injuries but when I left Sickbay she was recovering.” Isabelle offered Jane a smile.

Iria had been quiet as the meeting went through discussion on the situation. She had barely managed to not show her friend Kyle Walken her more signature cheeky smile but with the mood in the room serious and folks talking about recovering from various injuries she kept her expression cool. She was quietly amused at the range of height of those I the room though from the White haired officer who appeared to share her own 4'11" stature, some where 5'2" and others were 5'5 and up to 6'2" Iria glanced at the PaDD of her notes from her going over the areas that needed the most TLC from damage control. She would wait for a better moment before she voiced her findings.

"Captain," spoke up Scholl, "I think this may be a good time to bring up the damage that was done to subspace in the area. Due to the extensive use of Warp microjumps and quantum torpedoes, there is a thirty-five percent degree of probability of a subspace rift forming in the area within the next year, given the previous rate of Warp traffic along this corridor. I would recommend avoiding Warp speeds within a radius of ten AU's of New Anchorage, for the next six months, to allow the subspace matrix to recover."

Kachiko looked at the Acting Counseling Chief, "Miss Sinclair, I was in the biobed next to Christine. Her wounds were significant, but nothing she won't recover from, from my experiences."

Karsel'lyn chimed in after her half-sister, "If the Doc okays it, Miss Veran, you should head below after the meeting and consult with her. It will give you the opportunity to check in on her progress. I bet she'd like the company stopping in. No one likes Sickbay." The small green combat pilot scrunched up her face over- dramatically."After talking to the Captain, of course."

“If the Captain approves then I’ll do that.” Isabelle smiled warmly at both Kachiko and Karsel’lyn.

Aurelia listened to the discussion going on around her, and couldn't help but feel her mind wander. She'd joined the crew just in time for this latest engagement, and had yet to really demonstrate any usefulness in a manner she was used to. But how could she? The Klingons they'd encountered hadn't seemed particularly interested in negotiations, and indeed, the unique nature of the Shanghai and its role in this sector made her job of conducting any sort of diplomatic business to be problematic, at best.

The chief diplomatic officer did not really want to discuss her role in the recent battle. It was... embarrassing. With no official duties once the red alert had been sounded, she'd fallen back on one of her auxiliary roles, which was basic first aid. She'd been on her way to report to a triage zone when the Klingons started boarding the ship. She never made it there, and had instead spent much of the time... hiding. In a Jeffries' Tube. She wanted to say she'd been unarmed, and that she didn't know the ship's layout well enough to find an alternate route or locate a weapons locker. Normally Aurelia wouldn't have hesitated. She was an experienced Starfleet officer. But now she had more to live for than just her career. She'd been married twice before, but this time it felt different. It was different. She couldn't explain it yet though.

Aurelia felt guilty dwelling on her personal life while her colleagues discussed injuries and other matters of import, including the all the work that needed to be done. She tried to look as involved as she could without actually having anything important to say.

Jane gave a polite smile and nod to Kachiko for her reassurance about Christine. Satisfied, Jane gave her own report. "Sublight propulsion has been strained, but repairs are underway. My staff are helping engineering and ops where necessary. I also have shuttles ferrying aid where necessary. I've made a point to assign non-displaced pilots for these flights, so they can go anywhere without incident. While I'd prefer to be with them, you need me more on the bridge I think." She looked to Lyn. "Commander, if you can spare a few 2389 bodies, my department would appreciate it."

Lyn shook her head, "All of my pilots are time displaced. We're likely the only department with no 2389 officers." Then she smiled, "Though I am not 2389, I have more knowledge about what not to do or say. I can easily assist myself. Unfortunately, my runabout is not aboard as I left it behind with the Captain and my daughter."

“Captain.” Lieutenant Kennedy addressed his attention to Suns end of the table. “We had no eyes in this boarding. As you know, the sensor clusters had become disabled.” He punched some keys into his PADD allowing the main viewer screen to highlight the spotty records of the event.

“I am working on a new sensor system that piggybacks on ultraviolet sensory fluxes. At least if our sensors are damaged in the future, onboard photo-sensory fluxes would give us some tracks.”

What Lieutenant Kennedy was proposing as the Security Department Chief, was a way to track intruders when sensors are disabled or damaged. Some secondary type of backup system requiring a different node of process would be optimal for the USS Shanghai.

"I helped work out a way to track Klingons specifically in the past," Kachiko remarked."Klingons run four to five degrees Celsius higher than anyone in the Federation save for Vulcans and the occasional Orion and we used infrared sensors to differentiate them from the crew."

Lieutenant Kennedy nodded. “Sounds applicable.” Kachiko’s comment was helpful.

"Our internal sensors already cover both infrared and ultraviolet ranges," pointed out Scholl. "We could always install a redundancy for the sensors' power grid, but then that would involve completely reconfiguring the ship's power distribution matrix, which might be a nightmare for Engineering."

"It's a shame there isn't a way to incorporate a similar sensor system, that works like the my senses do." Isabelle was simply throwing the thought that was going through her head into the air. "Either that or train those with suitable abilities to be a part of search teams."

“Captain,” Calvin addressed from a security point of view. “Beyond alternative suggestions; Security has no practical proposals for upgrading the sensors. I need to take part in Engineering and Sciences for studies on multiple scenarios, conditions on the holodeck.”

Cal took a drink from his stainless steel silver mug, the steam rising above his forehead as he took a sip of it. The caffination always got his Cortisol going in the morning, or afternoon meetings. His silver wrist chronometer showed time to be going by fast. There were lots to do!

Isabelle frowned as she again felt something was off but she couldn't put her finger on what it was. She shrugged it off and looked towards Calvin. "May I join you on the holodeck Lieutenant?"

“Of course Doctor Veran.” Calvin had replied curtly. He did not want everyone to get excited. Talk of a new sensor cluster would have been boring on his old vessels he served.

Hisa shot a glance, and a not-so-friendly one down the table at the Chief of Security. "You mind not tapping into the power grid while we're trying to make the repairs? Upgrading sensors are the least of my priorities right now. And if you need to do something or pull some of the crew that are trying to do their jobs to get this ship back up and running, there needs to be a work order."

Calvin recognised Hisa's comment as passive-aggressive. He nodded calm and relaxed in return. “Security follows all inter-departmental communications and event protocols.” He had wanted to tell her to take a pill.

"I have no objections to any of that so far," Mei said quietly with a nod. "Arrange what you need to do. As always, you are all doing excellently. Keep it up. If you need anything in doing that, don't be afraid to reach out to me. My commbadge is always on," Sun said with a sip of her coffee. "Otherwise, I think this has been a good meeting, and I won't keep you all any longer. Feel free to ask anything else, but if you are done with up dates, feel free to consider yourself dismissed."

Isabelle rose from her seat to leave but before she did she turned to Mei. “Captain, it might just be my imagination but something” She shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know what it is but when I figure it out I’ll let you know.”

"Keep me up to date," Sun replied quietly, perhaps belying the fact that she had felt something similar, but she wasn't confident enough to say that outloud.

Scholl rose from his seat and headed back to his station on the Bridge. There was a lot to follow up on.

Walken rose to his feet, "Thanks for the inclusion in this meeting Captain, with your permission I would like to set up a rotating shift of Marine patrols at the sensitive areas of the ship." They had been plenty of talk internal security so he figured he would offer something up to her at least.

The meeting was over, thank goodness. She quickly stood, grabbed her PADD off the table, and bolted. The sooner she left the less time for idle chit-chat after.

Kachiko rose as well, much slower than usual. She briefly touched the back of the quiet Limmi's head, lightly stroking the woman's hair, before moving out the hatch.

After everyone else left the compartment, Karsel'lyn smiled as she leaned down over the seated Captain, darker green lips meeting Mei's, "I... I don't know what to say, but our friends on the planet really did a number on me. My arm and hand are working better than before they got hurt. One of the Dragon pilots went down with what looks like space sickness. I think it might be from the micro jumps."

"So I took his place on the flight and I am happy to say that my arm is better than it's ever been," Lyn sat her butt down on the edge of the table in front of the seated Captain. "Thank you for working with the little ones on the planet, love. But... were Cai and Hiroko okay? I heard that I collapsed in front of them?"

"They were fine," She gave a smile, "Or, as fine as can be expected. They'd be happy to see you...," She waved a hand over to her. "Well, up and moving. Probably wouldn't enjoy the firefighting as much." She said, "After we get settled, how about we do something together. Relax while we have a minute?"

"I know the perfect place, down in the colony," Lyn grinned."Good food, lovely beds and a lot of peace and quiet so we can rest in private."



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