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Back to Normal?

Posted on Sat Oct 5th, 2019 @ 10:56pm by Ensign Jiang Ying Yue & Ensign Emma Walken M.D.

Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: current


Jiang let out a deep sigh. The battle was over. It was the first one she had ever experienced outside the holodeck. It was definitely something she hoped she wouldn't have to face again for some time. Plus the away mission, which she was definitely not going to volunteer for one again. Ever. So with things slowly settling down over the last couple of days, she was back to her normal routine which included shifts in sickbay. She did enjoy working, even if the only reason she volunteered as a nurse was so she could work with good-looking Docter Anvers. Which didn't work, she never got the coveted Alpha shift. She may be an Ensign but Counseling was her primary department and thus over here she was the lower end of the food chain. She was also constantly getting bored and needed something to engage her mind. She shook her head, clearing it and studied the array of hyposprays on the tray before her. And these late shifts were quiet. Well, quieter.

"That's it," she said out loud and shoved the tray away from her, nearly scattering it. "I have been looking at this for the last hour and now I'm starting to see double. Sort these, replicate more of those ones. Stupid inventory." Jiang stood with her hands on her hips. "I'm taking a break," she said to the empty pharmacology room. She was answered with silence and let out another sigh.

She crossed the somewhat empty to the replicator, ordering herself a light roast latte with vanilla and plunked herself down in the waiting area. At least the chairs were comfy.

Emma was still getting used to the layout of the shift but overall the sickbay wasn't much different than the one on the Hawaii. Looking at a terminal she had been spending her free time when patients were not around to study up on patient records and physicals that were coming up. She had always been one to love the late shift, in her very short time as a Star Fleet doctor she hasn't had to really treat anyone. Mostly just helping those with minor pains or sleeping issues. She noticed movement and looked to see the nurse who had been doing inventory was in the waiting area with a latte in hand, the vanilla scent was drawing Emma in.

She walked into the waiting area and smiled, she had seen Ensign Jiang Ying Yue a few times since her transfer but never talked to her. Emma knocks gently as she leans against the wall, Emma was no counselor but even she could tell something was upsetting the nurse. "How are you doing?"

Ying simply turned her head and looked up, making no move to return to her duties. "I'm so damn tired," she answered. She followed it up with an even more pronounced slouch down into the chair. She had her arms on the arm rest, one hand held the coffee cup which balanced precariously. She let out a sigh. "I think I counted and replicated more medication than I have ever seen in my life. But I don't get to decide what I want to do. I'm volunteering. And we used a lot during the battle. For triage here and for the Warspite crew that had beamed over." She studied her for a bit, noting the single pip. "You're new." She admitted that she hadn't paid attention to any other doctor that currently served on the Shanghai. "When did you transfer?"

She suddenly remembered that she had manners and sat back up, pointing to a seat next to her. "Want to take a break with me?"

"Yes, I only just got here recently with my brother," Emma answered as she walks into the room and takes a seat next to the Ensign. "Emma Walken." She introduced herself and extended her hand to the woman next to her now. "If you need some help with inventory or replication you can ask me unless someone needs my help I could assist you. Extra hands lessen the workload."

"That is the greatest single most thing I have ever heard," Jiang said and gave her a smile, returning her handshake. "I might take you up on that." She took a sip of her coffee. "So should I call you Doctor Walken? Or Emma? And please just call me YiYi. Or Yi. It's a nickname from back home. Jiang's my family name. It's a tradition in Asia. And it's nice you got to come all the way out here with your brother. I'm an only child myself. And I bet your next question is: does she always talk this much." She laughed and gave a shake of her short dark hair. "The answer is yes."

Emma laughed softly at the reaction of Ying Yue, "Just Emma is fine." She makes sure that she is sitting up straight focusing her attention on the other Ensign. "I guess you could say that, before I arrived on the first ship, I had received a message that the Wyoming was lost with all hands. I was en route to the ship when they found him. Kyle and a few others had survived but were taken, prisoner. Thankfully they saved him."

After the cliff notes of her story Emma placed a hand to her chin. "You don't talk that much and even if you do I don't see a problem with that."

"Oh good," Yi said, smiling. "You're probably the first person who's told me that. Mostly it's just a nervous habit, really." She took another long mouthful, this time consuming nearly a third of the beverage. "What happened with the Wyoming? If you don't mind my asking."

"No reason to be nervous." Emma smiled, "That question would be better answered by my brother or Ensign Iria Taltos." She wasn't hiding anything but she never learned herself what had happened to the Wyoming only knowing that it was destroyed. What about you? What's your story?"

"My story?" Yi laughed. "In my line of work, I'm usually the one asking for details. I'm a junior counselor. But you probably figured that out from the records. I do spend a lot of time in here." She sighed. "If only because I was hoping to run into Doctor Anvers but he always scheduled me for these late shifts. Probably because I needed to be in Counseling. Do you know where he went? Doesn't matter, I guess. He could never take a hint." She shook her head again. "Anyway. Where was I? Oh yeah, my story. I grew up in Chengdu in China. Not that far from where Captain Sun lived in Nanhai actually. I'm only child. Both my parents are still there. A lot of freedom growing up. Joined Starfleet when I was 18, promised my parents I would keep in touch and failed horribly at that. And I graduated just like a couple of months ago.Went through major tests because of whatever before they sent me out here."

Jiang sighed. "And if your friend and your brother never told you what happened to the Wyoming, then I doubt they would tell me. That's okay, I don't really need to know. So." She finished off her now warm coffee and set it on the table in front of her. "Where did you grow up? I actually haven't been to much places. Both off-world and right home on Earth."

Emma was silent as she listened to Ying Yue's full story, "When was the last time you talked to your family?" This piqued her curiosity as to why she wouldn't keep in touch. "No, it wasn't that they hide it, I just never asked them what happened on board. that is why I said it would be better to ask one of them what happened."

"Well then," she answered, chuckling. "You will just have to introduce me to your brother then." Jiang shook her head and shrugged. "And as for my family, it's not that I don't want to, I just forget. And I haven't spoken to them since I came out here. They were at graduation and then I shipped out here right after." She let out a sigh and slowly stirred from her laid back position. "I guess break time is probably over. You been to The Bund yet? Shanghai's lounge. Maybe we can hang out there next time and not in sickbay. You can bring your brother and your friend."

She stood and stretched, letting a yawn escape her mouth. "And does your offer still stand with the inventory help? If I sit any longer, I will most definitely fall asleep."

"Hmm, maybe a quick hello to them is in order then." Emma laughed as she stood up, "I suppose you are right we should get back to work. No, I haven't been there yet, I'm sure those two will like to meet you as well." She was about to walk away but stopped, once she heard her last question. "Of course my offer stands."


Ensign Jiang Ying Yue
Counselor/Nurse, USS Shanghai

Ensign Emma Walken, M.D
Medical Officer, USS Shanghai


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