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Time well spent

Posted on Wed Oct 9th, 2019 @ 2:23pm by Lieutenant JG Isabelle Veran PhD & Lieutenant Calvin Kennedy

Mission: Between the Pages
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Evening before "Ruptures Begin"


Isabelle looked towards Calvin their meeting over she wondered if he'd like to spend some time together. "Lieutenant...Calvin, would you like to spend some time here in the holodeck with me for a little while? I could use the distraction and I'd like to get to know you better too."

"Get to know me better?" Calvin turned, confused.

"Yes" Isabelle smiled warmly. "As in on a more personal level."

Kennedy leaned forward, reaching around her back and slender shoulders, his hand feeling up Isabelle's warm soft skin. This was wrong, he was security and this were another officer.

He swallowed, his collected mind focused inside on how he had wanted to get to know Veran better. His interior felt like Cal were on fire.

"What did you want again?" He leaned inward focused on Verans eyes and fixated on her exotic spots. Cal bit at the lower portion of his lip.

She could see that Calvin was struggling on how exactly to start a personal relationship. "I said I want to get to know you on a more...personal level." Her eyes met his as she leaned forward and gently kissed him, letting it linger for a few moments before breaking the kiss again. "Does that answer your question?"

Kennedy did not need to reply. He leaned in to place his lips to Isabelles, kissing her with sheer passion and release.

Isabelle returned Cal's kiss with an equal passion, running her fingers through his hair as she did so. As their lips finally parted she smiled the biggest smile yet.

A moment later Cal looked at Isabelle. He then addressed the Holodeck computer. “Computer. Secure arch, initiate arc force, implement. Code Nine-Nine Delta Chelsea Eric 02191984.”

= Archway Secure. Arc Force Active = The Holodeck computer replied and reported to Cal.

Zipping down the back of Isabelle's soft silky dress revealed her silky clean and smooth skin. Calvin leaned forward and planted kisses to Isabelle's body. She were a Greek sun goddess, and Calvin felt like her Greek guard.

“Isabelle.” He blushed a bit, Kennedy's crotch having gained a life of its own. Cal letting his nose guide up Verans pale-skinned neck, slender as Calvin bit at her neck grazing his sharp teeth, pearl white.

"Yes Cal..." Isabelle encouraged Calvin as her fingers trailed to his shirt buttons and one by one opened them to reveal his chest. Her fingers ran gently across his skin. "You spots go all the way down my body." She let her dress slowly drop off either shoulder revealing lacy under garments. "You can explore me all you want."

He nodded back, almost overwhelmed, but appreciative look. As he didn't smile, only his mind exploded inside.

Isabelle was enjoying Calvin's touch, they'd become friends since her stabbing and this was another step forward in their relationship. "I want this Cal...very much!" She kissed him with a fiery passion showing him just how much she wanted what was happening between them.

Calvin examined Isabelle's body, his eyes active scanners on her form, her figure, her poise and smile. Her eyes and grin of her lips. They had been through a tough moment in time on the Shanghai during the boarding. Cal felt guilt deep down that he had not checked the Klingon to see if he was dead.

His passion for her all bound wound up like a knot. A pit in his stomach, beneath his muscle. His chest flexing and expressing pent up sexual urge. Kennedy tearing her lacy underwear, Isabelle in her corset.

Scooping her into his arms and leading her to their holographic bed, Cal toppled Veran on the white duvet covered, soft bed. Grunting as he leaned atop of Isabelle, lining his self up like the Football linebacker he used to be… Only to use that skill lining up perfect and stealthy, Kennedy plants his self into Isabelle…

In the heat of the moment there was one important thing that Isabelle had forgotten, lying on her beside table next to the calendar she kept of her monthly cycles was her contraceptive hypo and the ring on that very day highlighted the high point of that cycle which just happened to be this night. She normally never missed her hypo but not being in her Quarters it had completely slipped her mind.

Isabelle closed her eyes and let the feeling and emotion of the moment wash over her, she hadn’t been expecting this to happen between Cal and herself but now that it was she was more than willing to let it continue. Her hands gently trailed his body as he made love to her encouraging him onward, the passion of the moment was one she was completely lost in as she kissed him with all the passion she had.

Calvin had strong emotions flooding this bachelor. He had loved the feeling of being inside of Isabelle. He continued at pace, a steady and exerted thrusting stride, as he took Isabelle making her his.

Exerting his long and tensile musculature, flexing bow and thrusting motions, Calvin gasped in his thrusts into Isabelle, at the same time kissing her naked chest.

Isabelle ran her fingers through Cal’s hair and along his body, they hadn’t known each other long but she was willing to be his. Not just now but for as long as he wanted her to be his and she made it known in the way she encouraged his love making...

~ Sometime Later ~

Isabelle lay in Cal’s arms, resting gently on his chest her head on his shoulder. Both their bodies were covered in a fine layer of perspiration. Isabelle smiled as she lifted her head to brush her hair out of the way, giving Cal a gentle loving kiss. “Are you sure you’re alright with this?”

A half smile had begun to form on Cal while laying there after having had sex. He had felt comforted with Isabelle. She treated him well, and she always gave him this feeling that she had wanted more than that of a colleague.

“I find this efficiently satisfying.” He replied, his own eyes searching into Isabelle's desiring blues.

Isabelle smiled as she looked into his eyes just as lovingly.

“How do you feel about this?” He paused before awkwardly adding “Us!” Calvin was someone who mostly stayed bachelor through his career; never did he ever have a long term relationship or seek one. The only reason he was thinking this way was because he was not getting any younger in life, and he was still in his physical prime.

"I think 'Us' sounds very, very appealing!" She gently trailed her fingers back and forth across his chest. "We haven't known each other long Cal and I know practically nothing about you but..." She grinned as she leant forward pausing just short of their lips meeting. "I'm looking forward to learning a whole lot more!"

Kennedy laid back relaxed into the pillow. He breathed in and out slowly, relaxed. He collected his thoughts after and let his hand linger along Amelia naked with him in the bed.

"So tell me more about you!" She rolled onto her back and propped her head up on a pillow. "What are your plans for the future?"

“I do not know. I want kids. I want to be a Father.” He shrugged. He looked at Amelia and slowly glanced at her. Amelia would seem like a good Mother.

“What is your near future?” Kennedy had asked in return. He pivoted his head towards Amelia. He wanted to know.

"In my near future..." She turned to face him propping her head up on one arm running her fingers over his skin. "Hopefully lots more time like this with you!" She grinned. "As for further into the future I'd like to have children, get married and live a happy life with the man I love not necessarily in that order!" She grinned. "I've always wanted to have children."

Kennedy listened quietly to his self. He muddled looking at his fingers.

" you believe in love at first sight?" She gave him a curious look. "The reason I ask is because I think I'm starting to." She gently stroked his face as she looked into his eyes.

He did not smile. Calvin released his stress, a more comforted state. Feeling Isabelle's fingers gently lacing across his broad strong cheekbones on his face.

He had goose bumps form from her touch.

"So where would you like to go from here?" Isabelle leaned towards him her lips mere centimetres from Cal's. "I'd get to...spend a whole lot more..." She kissed him. "Time with you.

Calvin grunted into the kiss. He was someone who were sedate to finding actual sexual relationships. The many he has had, was one time, one nighters and they were satisfying and did the job. Now, this seemed to be something different at least from Isabelle's perspective.

He opened his eyes from the wet, warm, pressed and moistened kiss. He breathed inward and slowly letting a smile form. "Why don't we take it as it goes from here. Let's hang out.... See what becomes of us together?" He asked Veran.

"I'd like that" Isabelle smiled. "I'd like that very much indeed."


Lieutenant (jg) Isabelle Veran
Acting Chief Counsellor


Lt. Calvin Kennedy,
Chief of Security, USS Shanghai


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