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Letters from Golovin

Posted on Sat Oct 5th, 2019 @ 1:37am by Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi & Reiko Bayushi

Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: Quarters, USS Shanghai

Kachiko was taking a much-needed nap.

Unfortunately, the small Marine was laying fitfully in her bed in the small junior officers quarters she used when off aboard the Shanghai. Normally, she would have much larger quarters than the studio-style cabin she was in now, but without Reiko along, she didn't feel it was appropriate. Which made her increasingly grateful that the girl had the opportunity to grow up through her important teenaged years in a small safe and stable environment around girls her own age.

Then her desk computer display lit up and chimed with an incoming message.

Kachiko rose and pulled a light cotton robe on over her unclothed form, gingerly as her rib muscles were crying out with sharp pangs of hurt.

Sitting slowly, she touched the screen and it shifted to the sweet young face of little Reiko. Smiling, "Reiko-chan? What is it?"

"Hi mom!" the girl chirped with her usual happy demeanor. "I wanted to see how you're doing."

"I'm... a little bit hurt. I will tell you when we get back," Kachiko sighed."We will be here a couple of days, if not a week. We're waiting for another ship to relieve us, sweetie. Is everything okay there?"

"Yup! Delilah has been good. Hiroko and Cai have been here with me, too," Reiko shrugged."Oh and we got a new neighbor!"

With that, a tiny blue figure hovered up next to the video image of Reiko's face, which appeared as a woman with blue and transparent rapidly flapping butterfly wings. "Hello, ma'am, I'm Maie." the hovering woman squeaked."My partner and I lived by this lake in our time pocket. We are looking to build a new home alongside the lake again, about.."

The fae-like woman glanced at Reiko, whom said, "About two hundred feet from our house, Mom."

Kachiko smiled, "Maie, I have no qualms with having you and your family as neighbors. I welcome it. I desire to know more about your people as I know Reiko certainly does."

"I imagine that the United Federation of Planets certainly will be interested in you and your people, especially as it's the Federation settling the planet," Kachiko remarked."We are thankful that you and your people invited us to remain on the world and share in the bountiful resources."

"However, dear, I am a Marine... a soldier. I am not a diplomat and do not speak for Starfleet or the United Federation of Planets. I will refer this to our Diplomatic Officer, and you'll likely see them after we return," Kachiko yawned."Apologies. I was wounded in combat a couple of days ago and am still recovering and having trouble sleeping. I must let you ladies go to go get back to resting. Be good, Reiko-chan. I love you, doll."

"Love you, Mom!" Reiko chirped again.



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