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Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

Posted on Wed Nov 13th, 2019 @ 2:53am by Lieutenant Lisa Jones

Mission: The Time That is Given Us
Location: New Anchorage
Timeline: Current

One moment Lisa had her rifle out and was blasting away like the world was coming to an end. Her platoon was lined up beside her packed into a line so tight you could walk across their heads with out having to strain. The line was exploding with red bolts from the phaser rifles. Then something happened. She was alone and the area was quiet. A final bolt erupted from her phaser but then she stopped firing. She stood up slowly and looked around. Things were different.

Jones tapped her combadge fearful and confused, "Lieutenant Jones to Sergeant Ghi, come in." The woman waited patiently for some kind of response. Nothing, there was nothing. The com air was silent, frightfully quiet. Jones started to feel a sense of dread and panic. She took a few steps forward as if that would some how clear the air and give her a better signal. She then tapped her badge again.

"Sergeant Ghi, this is Lieutenant Jones, do you read me", the sense of panic in her voice was hard to hide at this point as she waited again for a reply that would never come? She slung her rifle on her shoulder and pulled out her tricorder. Scanning for her teams combadges, she slowly began to spin in place. Her heart sank into her stomach when she completed her 360 degree spin with no success. She feel to her knees feeling like some how she had failed.

"Lieutenant Jones", she began as the woman tapped her combadge again, "to any Maco or Star Fleet Officer, please reply."

"This is Petty Officer Drake of the USS Shanghai", the voice replied almost causing Jones to have a heart attack, "How can we be assistance Lieutenant?"

"I... I need a transport, please. I... seem to have lost my unit and my ride", Jones admitted embarrassingly.

"Understood Lieutenant. We seem to be picking up various stragglers. When you arrive report to the Captain. Shanghai out."

Soon Jones was engulfed in a bright shimmering light then she was standing in the familiar area of a transporter pad. She surrendered her rifle and phaser to the transporter officer then headed off to meet the captain.


First Lieutenant Lisa Jones
Marine Detachment Commander
USS Shanghai


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