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The Hidden Gym

Posted on Sun Feb 16th, 2020 @ 6:58pm by Lieutenant Gavin Ross & Commander Christine Descharmes

Mission: At the Hour of Sanctification
Location: Shanghai, Gym
Timeline: Current


Lieutenant Ross was surprised to find the ship's gym finally. There was no mention in the leading directory, yet when he asked the computer for directions, he had no problems.

Entering the gym there were not many people around, being late at night. Gavin enjoyed working out during nights as he had more time for vacant machines.

“Striking.” Ross smiled to himself. “Tall blonde, my god, where have you been all this time?” He stopped to check out the sole female in the room working out. The only being in the whole large complex. “Computer, who is in the Gym right now.”

“Lieutenant Gavin J. Ross. Chief Medical Officer, USS Shanghai. Lieutenant Commander Christine G. Descharmes. Second Officer, USS Shanghai.” The computer replied in the usual monotone.

Just wearing a watered-down pair of black shorts and white plain tee-shirt, Gavin smiled as he stepped up to the treadmill beside Descharmes. She looked to be engrossed in her workout.

Gavin turned her way to notice her; he smiled. “Lieutenant. Good time for a work out isn’t it?” He gestured to the empty room — the sound of federation pop music and ventilation systems humming in the background.

She glanced up. Strange, she hadn't heard anyone enter. Or approach for that matter. Christine looked over at him, head tilted to one side as she looked him up and down. Her eyes never lingered in one place for more than a few seconds as her eyes wandered over his body. "Hello," she said, the corners of her lips upturned into a slight smile. "Hmm. I don't think I've met you yet." She slowed down her pace a bit.

“You haven't met me yet. Nope.” He didn’t bother to engage his music system with his library from his quarters. It was a virtual link, yet he would instead stare at Descharmes. He didn’t know her name or last name.

“I have a habit. I usually read every bio in the system available. Yet, I haven't met your bio.”

Ross couldn’t help his own eyes checking her out, flowing up her body. Seeing how to fit and figured the woman was. He couldn’t even match her age, as a doctor that was saying something.

“So, you like recreation?” He paused. He shook his head. Re-start Gavin. He didn’t want to become too enamored in the spot to scare her away. “I’m Gavin. Doctor, USS Shanghai.” He introduced himself. “You haven't come in for your… physical yet.” He added, again not wanting to sound too creepy, yet it probably ended sounding as such.

She slowed down her pace further, turning her upper body towards him. A smile remained on her face as she continued to eye him. "You sound disappointed, Doctor."

“Resoundingly.” He nodded his head with a bright grin. He was jogging a moderate pace, but enough to keep up conversation comfortably — just a light jog which led him to Descharmes.

“There is no putting it off. You need one.” He shrugged. “You were lucky until this point. “Sick Bay has been a total bitch fest. New record system, Starfleet down my back on system updates.”

"Hmm. I think I'd prefer it if you chased me down," Christine said and gave him a quick wink. She resumed a moderate walking pace. "That's where the fun is, isn't it?"

“I don’t choose to chase, Lieutenant Commander, I choose to take.” He shrugged. His music playlist, only he could hear, through the hypersonic algorithms straight to his brain cortex for processing. This way there was no need for miniature devices that damaged hearing, long since ago.

"Is that so?" she asked and glanced over at him, the corners of her lips upturned into a playful smile. Christine stopped her machine and looked at him curiously, a look of amusement crossed her face in the form of a smile.

"And, Gavin," she said as she now turned fully towards him. "What are you going to take from me?" She crossed her arms and bent forward, leaning on the side rail of the machine and giving the doctor a view down the front of her low-cut shirt.

Gavin watched the gratuitous gesture from Christine. He nearly was startled unfocused a few seconds on the tread, regaining his stride along. “That there, you work out that way?” He laughed “Definitely a turn on.” He flirted.

Gavin looked at his wristwatch. “Would you want to get a drink after. It’s late.” He looked around the empty room. He eyed Christine’s long curled hair, demurred composure. She was a regular noir femme fatale.

"Hmm, I guess it is late, isn't it?" she replied, straightening her posture. Christine gave him a quick look, another smirk forming on her face. "So the lounge, then?" She raised an eyebrow. "Or did you have something else in mind?"

"Let's meet for a drink in my quarters." He paused his treadmill. He looked at the showers grabbing his towel and drying his forehead. "I'll have a drink ready for you if you choose to slip into something more. Informal." He eyed Descharmes with a glint of a wolf.

He could tell she enjoyed the chase, just as much as he enjoyed the game.
"Hope to see you, Lt. Commander." He turned and went to change in the showers.

[Ross' Quarters]

A short time later, Christine found herself outside of the Chief Medical Officer's quarters. She had opted to change into a skirt and a blouse, covered with a jacket. Honestly, it was all that seemed to be in the closet for some reason. And this visit was more out of curiosity than anything else, really. She leaned against the doorframe and pressed the chime.

In his quarters, Dr. Rosss was pouring a glass of bourbon on rocks in two large tumblers. He set the music in his quarters to Jazz on low.

"Initiate Candle Stick program." Gavin had the computer create virtual lighting of candlelight effects in the room. Could be considered cheesy, but none the less the orange flicker glows on the port windows danced.

"Welcome." Dr. Ross eyed Lieutenant Commander Descharmes up and down. Christine was sporting a small tight mini skirt with a low cut blouse. Gavin took her hand and gestured for her to come in.

The doors closing, as Gavin had kissed the top of Christine's hand. "Just when I think I've seen all your beauty, you shock me again." He spoke in a low tone, a tone that was inspecting her.

"I don't think I gave you permission to kiss me, Doctor," she said with a raised eyebrow, withdrawing her hand and stepping past him into the room. She paused just a couple of steps in and took a look around the room. After a quick survey, she turned back to him, hands on her hips. A hint of a smile appeared on the corners of her lips. "So tell me, is it always like this?"

“Why not tonight, the moon is full. And I’m feeling alright.” He moved closer and looked around. “What you mean this kitsch. I should have known. You’d be above that sort of thing.”

"So," she said, a smile still on her face. "You'd think I would be above this?" Christine gestured with one hand towards the interior of the room. "I mean the music, the candlelight aura."

“So. Tell me. What are your interests in Starfleet? A woman like you, you act as though you are above…” He looked around the Starfleet drab décor. “This!” He took a drink from his double bourbon on rocks in a tumbler. Handing Descharmes hers.

"Well then, Doctor," Christine said, taking the glass and taking a sip. "Might I suggest an atmosphere that doesn't imply that you're expecting something?"

“I don’t expect anything. I expect company and bourbon to share conversation and beauty in the same room as a Woman as you Christine.” He eyed her as a prize.

"Oh, " she said and raised an eyebrow, eying him over the rim the glass as she took another sip. "I think you are. So tell me then, what would you do for me in return?"

"Tsk. Tsk." He shook his head. "I want you and nothing more. Simple. What will I do for you? Nothing but get you off hard, and hard again." He paused. "What I want, and what you want in return are equal and mutually beneficial." He took a drink, as he slowly crossed his leg relaxed.

He eyed Descharmes. Just to be talking and forming some sort of whatever conversation they have, were something Gavin didn't want to end.

"Oh, you're a bold one," she said, shaking her head lightly. She took another, longer gulp and finished off the beverage. "Tell me, do you always proposition your women like this?"

"Well, it was an enjoyment to me in the least." He sharply smirked. "Shall I see you to your door?" He had asked Christine.

"If you so desire, but I can see myself out," Christine responded. She set the empty glass on the coffee table. He had seated himself and so she approached him, bending over and placing a hand around the back of his neck. She leaned in, placing her mouth close to his ear and whispering, "You are going to have to earn whatever it is that you want from me. Until then, good night, Doctor." She kissed his cheek before she headed to the door, giving him a backward glance over one shoulder just before she stepped through the door.


Lieutenant Commander Christine Descharmes
Second Officer, USS Shanghai


Lieutenant Gavin Ross
Chief Medical Officer, USS Shanghai


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