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Marine Rescue - Part 2

Posted on Sun Feb 16th, 2020 @ 12:13pm by Lieutenant Commander Wale Scholl Ph.D. & Lieutenant Gavin Ross

Mission: At the Hour of Sanctification
Location: Shune Bay
Timeline: Immediately following Marine Rescue - Part 1

Wale looked back out at the open water, trying in vain to catch a glimpse of the animal he and Ross had just rescued. He knew, though, that the creature would keep a very low profile for the next several hours, as it recovered.

"Come on," he said to Ross, leading the way back to his cabin and walked up the steps to the balcony. "You're not on duty, let me get you a beer to celebrate our rescue."

"A beer sounds great about now." He replied. He looked around the shoreline from the deck of the cabin. The silky white dunes were drifting over the seagrass. The sound of air being brushed powerfully at your face.

"Wow." Ross walked in, holding on to his shirt and clothes in a ball at his waist. "Dude, you got a pair of pants I can use?" He was a bit embarrassed. This was getting better!

Wale stopped in his tracks and looked around, dumbfounded. All put together, he'd spent less than one hour in his cabin since he'd been granted its use by the Golovin leadership. Other than the furniture it had come with, there was nothing inside.

"Sorry," he said. "I really haven't had any opportunity to bring anything in yet, including clothes." He waved the issue aside as completely trivial. He'd never been one to shy away from his body, and the fact that he was standing there naked with Ross had barely entered his mind. "You really should get out of those wet shorts though, you'll catch a death chill. Just let them dry on the bannister there, we've got maybe a couple of hours of sunlight left."

He reached inside the cabin and fetched a cold beer from the refrigeration unit, and handed one to Ross after twisting the cap off.

“Thanks man, I appreciate it.” Gavin smiled. He gave a clinked cheer to Scholl.

Ross then went to drape his wet shirt and clothes over the banister, making sure that the moisture didn’t wreck the beautiful hardwood.

“Nice place here you have Wale.” Gavin took a drink and walked around. “You had this unit granted to you by the Golovin leaders?” He asked curiously.

Wale nodded, taking a sip of beer. "Just before we left for New Anchorage," he confirmed. "I told them about my background in oceanography, and asked for a waterside cabin. And when I moved in I saw that there's a lot of work to do here," he added, nodding toward the window that opened out over Shune Bay, and the clear view they had of the crashed Andorian cruiser.

“That’s terrible.” Gavin could only squint from where he was to be able to see the immense metal cruiser, an environmental burden to the Bay.

“Oceanographer.” Wale surprised Ross. “So, the Golvin colony believes you can help them, reclamation this… this mess? This is from a war?” He asked confused. He felt foolish. He hadn’t kept up with the happenings of the Shanghai before he had arrived.

"I don't know all the details," replied Wale, stepping closer to the window and looking out at the cruiser. "I think the cruiser was involved in the battle that resulted in the Shanghai's temporal displacement. The ship crashed here, and it's been contaminating the Bay ever since."

Gavin sat down at one of the seats. He was wet and clean. He didn’t seem to care, as Wale was welcoming. “So what do you think will happen? Do you make a recommendation that sticks?” Gavin understood that the government of the colony was sporadic at best.

"I'm working on a plan to restore the Bay's habitat," explained Wale. "Removing that ship, cleaning up the toxic spill, and restoring the Bay to its natural state."

Gavin took a drink and enjoyed the alcohol. “Nice beer.” He looked for the label.

“So tell me man, you have any chicks in here? Anyone in here yet?” He looked the room around, standard bachelor styling, authentic and laid back yet classic. He didn’t know if Wale was into women or men, the possibilities in the Federation were eccentric at best!

"I got the cabin just a few hours before the Shanghai left orbit and ended up at New Anchorage," replied Wale. "You're actually the first to see it. Which, I guess explains why everything looks so.... drab," he added, his eyes going over the bland furniture and sparse décor, to which he hadn't had any opportunity to add his own personal touch.

He latched on to the underlying question to Ross's inquiry. "But if what you really want to ask is if I'm seeing anyone on a serious basis, then the answer is no. I don't believe in that kind of attachment, I think everyone should be able to come and go as they please."

Ross nodded. He was interested. He didn’t wear his sexuality on his sleeve; however, when the time struck, he was bisexual. For all he had known, this wasn’t one of those times. Just with the whole taking off their clothes thing, that was odd for him. As a Medical Doctor, it arose his inquiring mind.

“So tell me, how do you enjoy life on the Shanghai?” He took another swig of the beer and finishing the bottle. He took Scholl’s bottle for him and set them in the replication unit near the kitchen.

Something in Ross's eyes made Wale suddenly feel a bit self-conscious, and he wished there was something here to cover himself with - which was a very rare occurrence, since he usually paid so little care to such matters. But his recent promotion to Sciences Division Chief meant that everyone wearing blue fell under his command. As Chief Medical Officer, Ross was his direct subordinate.

"I love the Shanghai," replied Wale, trying to keep the sudden sexual tension out of his voice. "I never thought I'd be posted on a ship equipped with such bleeding-edge technology. I get to play with the tools that were still on the drawing board at my last posting."

Ross watched as Scholl looked to be turning a bit coy, a bit nervous. Ross walked up to him and smiled. “You know we can have sex if you want? Will it make this easier?” He was turned on the moment he met the sea creature and Scholl.

"I assume you have all your shots." Gruffed Ross, gesturing for Scholl to get comfortable over on the bed.

"Gavin, I think you may have misread the situation," Wale spoke out, keeping his voice calm and steady. Under other circumstances, he might have been tempted, but his status as Ross's immediate superior officer gave him enough pause to fully consider things.

Doctor Ross smiled. He eyed the man who was carefree and free spirited. “Of Course,” He nodded. “I was truly out of line.”

“I’d best be getting back up to the ship." He turned to look for his clothes that he had taken off. "I will take these, and put them on out side." He gestured.

Wale nodded. "Thanks for your help back there," he said, with a nod toward the Bay, where the sun was slowly slipping below the horizon.


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